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Turbo Fire 5 Day Inferno Plan - What Results Can You Expect!

If you are looking for a high-intensity workout, Turbo Fire, created by Chalene Johnson might be the answer.

If you are looking for a high-intensity workout, Turbo Fire, created by Chalene Johnson might be the answer.


Back in February I made a big decision. I decided to become a BeachBody Coach. I wasn't doing it for the money. In fact, very much the opposite. I was doing it so I could purchase the Turbo Fire workout at a discount. It also appealed to me to encourage others to get into shape and live healthier lives, but my main motivation really was to get the DVDs. I figured after 2 rounds of P90X, this would be my next adventure and would be the push to get me to my goal weight. Who knows, once I get to goal, maybe the business aspect will take off by itself.

Needless to say, when my package first arrived I was pretty excited. I knew I wasn't going to be using it anytime soon since I was still in the middle of my second round of P90X. Especially since I was stubborn enough to finish, even though I really just wanted to drop everything and start Turbo Fire.

However, I did sneak a peak at a few of the workouts, figuring if I try them out, I will have an idea of what I was getting myself into when I officially started. Yet, I ran into problems. Several problems to be exact...

I got pretty sick after my trip to Wisconsin for my sister's wedding. While I didn't let that stop me, mid-March I ended up throwing my back out, forcing me to take a break from my rigourous workouts. Initially, I planned on starting Turbo Fire at the beginning of April (right after my bout with P90X). However, instead I added a kidney infection to the back pain. After several rounds of antibiotics and being out of commission for what seemed forever, I knew there was no way I could start such a hardcore workout program. I gave myself the month of April to get back on track.

Getting prepared to lose weight fast

The month of April consisted of what I considered "boring" workouts which were lacking in the intensity and burn I was used to. To make matters even worse, I had set a few goals and from being sick and I had been short on reaching them.

Yet, even though I remembered going through my package from BeachBody containing my TurboFire package, I remembered there was one program that really caught my attention - The Inferno Plan. After all, how could it not catch my attention. It promised that in a short 5 days I could possibly lose up to 10 pounds and 10 inches. And I wanted to know, how do you lose weight fast!

Now, of course, results will vary from person to person, but I had high hopes. And if I could lose the 10 pounds, I would hit my very goal I set when I first began my weight loss journey. So it was an easy decision. The last week of April, I was jumping into the Inferno Plan. Not only would it get me back into my intense workouts - but, if all went as planned, I would be in goal range by May 1st.

So the weekend before I started, I got ready. This was the easy part. I already had the workout equipment, I already had the DVDs, I already had the motivation! All I needed to do was get the food for the well laid out eating plan I was to follow. Yep - that was definitely the easy part!

The Workout Plan

Turbo Fire, created by Chalene Johnson, consists of 10 DVDs with 12 different workouts. During the 5 day Inferno Plan, you will experience insane core strengthing and cardio conditioning with 3 of the workouts. Each day, on top of the designated workout, she recommends the Stretch 10 class, to reduce soreness. The only equipment needed is workout clothes, a good pair of shoes, a towel and a water bottle. A heart rate monitor is also encouraged so you can track exactly how many calories you burned each day.

Day 1 - Fire 55 EZ

Day 2 - Fire 45 and HIIT 20

Day 3 - Fire 55 EZ

Day 4 - Fire 45 and HIIT 20

Day 5 - Fire 55 EZ

Day 1

Day 1 did not start off as planned....

Naturally, that always seems to be my luck. I was really looking forward to jumping into this program and getting it done. I even convinced my husband to do part of the plan with me. (A few of the workouts if they didn't interfer with work, and obviously he was eating the healthier dinners I would be preparing!) Yet, we slept through the alarm. Ok - we didn't sleep through. We hit snooze... several times.

When we did get up, I was struck by a coughing fit. Now this was nothing new. The day I finally got a clean bill of health, was the day the coughing started. It had been a week and a half already. Needless to say, I was exhausted because I wasn't getting a good night's sleep. My husband was exhausted because he got to listen to me cough all night long. He finally had enough.

So... off to the Urgent Care I went.

Now this already screwed up my day. Instead of starting with a workout, I was starting off sitting at the Urgent Care. But, to appease my husband, I went right away to get it over with. That is when I found out I had walking pneumonia. Just what I needed! But I wasn't giving up. I had already gotten all the food for the plan and I already had myself psyched up. Walking pneumonia or not, I was giving this my best shot!

I finally got home, my antibiotics and my inhaler in hand, and completed the first workout - Fire 55 EZ. Now don't be decieved. EZ does not mean this workout is easy. Normally this workout lasts about 55 minutes, but because I wasn't familiar with the routine, I choose the "New to Class" option. This meant my workout was 72 minutes long and 812 calories burned!

I was pretty proud of myself. Not only did I complete this insanely crazy workout, but I had also followed the eating program to a T. Until I got struck with a headache. When my husband called, it got worse. To make matters even better (because nothing in life is easy), he was having car problems with his tire. While he initially was just going to take it to the shop and get it fixed, he decided not to with an hour and a half wait. Yet I insisted. I could just drive along with him and we could drop his car off.

This is were the night went downhill. My migraine got worse. I got sick (and I no longer have the desire to eat salads....shudder), and instead of eating this completely healthy planned out dinner, I skipped.

But don't worry... I eventually got hungry and my headache eased up... once I ate that ice cream cone instead.

I guess Day 1 started off with a bang! 

Most kids would much rather have Dogs in a Sweater than salmon.

Most kids would much rather have Dogs in a Sweater than salmon.

Day 2 through 5

The rest of the days didn't really go as planned either. For the most part, I followed the plan. But, on Day 2, my daughter had her very first softball practice. Unfortunately, the practice was held over dinnertime and then it lasted longer than it should have. To top it off, the dinner menu was salmon. While I have no doubt in my mind that I could have prepared this when I got home, I knew my kids were starving and my husband wasn't home to eat the salmon with me. So, instead of torturing the kids with my healthy meal, I gave them Dogs in a Sweater instead, and I ate the meal from Monday's plan. Lucky for me, I got Fire 45 and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 20 in earlier in the day. There was no way I would have been able to done the workout after softball practice!

Day 3 and Day 4 weren't much better. On Day 3, the antibiotics made me sick. This pushed my workout until later in the evening. The best part of this was I got to witness my husband firsthand complete Fire 55 EZ. (He finally knows my pain!)

On day 4 I got my Fire 45 workout in, and since my husband was feeling so good after doing the workout Wednesday night, he wanted to join me for the HIIT 20 class. Yet, life interupted us again. So, the evening workout was cancelled.

This brings us to the final day - Day 5 - Friday. Today, I was going to Bring It! After all, while I had been working my butt off all week, I really wanted to see the results! So, to try to prove to the best of my ability that the Inferno Plan really did work, I worked out almost the entire day. Not only did I do the required Fire 55 EZ, I also did the HIIT 20 class that I skipped, I took a long walk with the kids, and squeezed in an additional workout later on. Overall, I burned 1600 calories. Some people may say I am nuts - but I just like to say I am motivated.

So, during this 5 day trial, I will say, I did all the workouts required. However, the eating was a little off. I slipped a few days and had ice cream. And if I remember correctly, my box of Swiss Cake Rolls disappeared as well. Ok - so I added my own variations into the diet. But what can i say, when I feel sick, my food weaknesses really show through!

Wanna be stronger?

We all want to feel stronger. Unfortunately, you have to work for it and it's not going to be easy!

We all want to feel stronger. Unfortunately, you have to work for it and it's not going to be easy!

How to track your results

If you want to check your results you are going to need to do a few things beforehand.

You will need: A camera, a tape measure, pad of paper and pen, and a scale (preferably one that also tracks body fat percentage.)

On Day 1, the first thing you need to do is take pictures. It is highly recommended you take pictures wearing something tight (or somewhat revealing) so you can actually see the differences.) For me, I choose one of my workout outfits. Others may decided to use a bikini or a swimsuit and some may just use their under clothes. Do what feels comfortable for you. Remember, these pictures are purely for your knowledge and do not need to be shared with others. (So please don't look too closely at mine!)

When taking the pictures you are going to need to be a model. This means you will need to take several shots. Take one from the front, one from the side and one from the back. Using a tripod comes in handy, otherwise ask someone you trust to take the pictures for you. While posing, you can put your hands on your hips, up like you are flexing, or just down at your sides. Or, if you want, you can do all the poses (and a few extras), so you really have something to look at and compare in the end.

Next, you are going to need a measuring tape. This is important and you are going to want to pay attention to were you are measuring so when you measure at the end of the 5 days, you can accurately see the results. While you can measure yourself, the most accurate measurements are when someone else does them.

Measurements to take:

Chest: For women - This is around the ribcage. For women, this measurement will be right underneath to breasts as high up without straining the tape measure.

Breast - Around the fullest part. Not a necessary measurement for men.

Waist: For women, this is 1 inch above the bellybutton. For men, this is at the bellybutton.

Hips: This is the fullest part of the hip area.

Arm: Measure both right and left side at the middle of the bicep.

Thigh: Measure both the right and left side at the fullest part.

Additional measurements - These measurements can also be taken for tracking.

Knees: Immediately above the knee

Calves: At the fullest part.

Forearms: At the fullest part

Bellybutton: Not necessary for men as this is the waist measurement, but a good additional measurement for women.

This measurements will be taken on day one, along with your weight, body fat percentage, and your pictures. You may also record your BMI if you choose. On day five, you will repeat the process and compare.

Can you really get results in just 5 days? Yes you can. However, this is an extreme program and is not recommended to be done back to back. What results can you get?

Can you really get results in just 5 days? Yes you can. However, this is an extreme program and is not recommended to be done back to back. What results can you get?

The Results are In

When it comes to Turbo Fire's Inferno Plan, you may think you have come across a magic pill. However, that is not the case. As in anytime a person is trying to lose weight, it will take lots of hardwork and dedication. However, the Inferno Plan does lay it out for you, giving you not only the workouts to do, but the eating plan as well. If you follow the plan, you should be successful.

Note: This week is intense and should note be repeated back to back. It is to jump your weight loss or shed a few pounds before the weekend. As with any workout, diet plan, or magic pill, results will vary. To stay within a healthy range, weight loss should be a steady pace of one to two pounds a week.

Can you see the difference

For me, I can't discount the numbers. I did have numbers that showed obvious results. In fact, during the short (ok - so they seemed long) 5 days, I lost a total of 2.4 pounds, 6 and 1/2 inches (9 inches if you include the additional measurements), and a .4% drop in body fat. Was it the 10 pounds and 10 inches I was promised in the book... No...

But the reality is I did see results. And that isn't too bad considering I spent most of the week sick and since I was struggling with walking pneumonia, I probably didn't have the most effective workouts. (It is difficult to workout when you struggle breathing!)

When it comes down to the numbers... the biggest change I saw was in the waist (especially the bellybutton area where I lost 2 inches) and the thighs. I can't complain - those are my problem spots. The other areas all lost a little bit, but added up to a nice number overall. So, while looking at the pictures, I don't know if I see the difference too much, but hey, give me a break - it really was only 5 days!

My thoughts on the program

For me, doing the Inferno Plan isn't a problem. After all, I am a stay at home mom. This means I have the ability to follow the meal plan and not worry about how I am going to pack this and take it to work. I also have the time to get the workouts done.

However, I found the eating plan difficult to stick with. While I try to watch what I put in my mouth, I want this to be a lifestyle change, and I have been working on my eating habits for the better part of the last year. Therefore I don't completely restrict the sweets from my diet. If I want ice cream - I have ice cream - just in moderation!

The workouts introduced in the five day plan are killer. You will definitely burn the calories and break a sweat. They also give you a good idea as to what TurboFire holds if you haven't done the whole program yet.

So that brings me to my point - Is the TurboFire Inferno Plan worth your time? Definitely. You may not see the results they show you in the book (but remember those are extreme!), but it will definitely teach you a lot about yourself and your willpower. For me, I believe that I can kick through any workout - I am just that stubborn and won't let anything drag me down. Now the eating, that is definitely my weakness. After all, who goes on a week worth of healthy eating and downs a box of Swiss Cake Rolls? (Shhhh... don't tell anybody!)

So overall, if you are trying to get ready for something big this weekend, I can't say you shouldn't have started your weight loss journey long before the 5 day requirement for the Inferno Plan. But, if you are serious about your health and weight loss journey, I can't deny that the Inferno Plan will push you to your limits!

Now the next question - Are you strong enough to make it through the five days?

Are you up to the challenge?

If you want to attempt this challenge yourself, feel free to contact me at my beachbody coach website by clicking here. When you have finished, I would love to hear about your results!


Heather on February 22, 2014:

Gotta give u props gurl! Can't fathom attempting this with an pneumonia! As for the doubters it works! Tomorrow is my day 5! I'm down 2.4 lbs & seeing more definition. Not following the meal plan but I'm using mfp app & eating as clean as possible & eating my healthy carbs only in the

AM. Before I started I had completed

30 days of insanity but was discouraged with the lbs gained. So I moved on and am looking forward to completing TF all the way. I am wondering do u think it's ok to do the Inferno plan once a month? It's so amazing, fun, motivating and the music is awesome!!!!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on March 21, 2013:

@tmouse1 - Thanks for the tip. I know I can get a little crazy when it comes to my workouts. I just love them. I do have the admit that I have been slacking lately though. I need to get back into it!

tmouse1 on February 26, 2013:

It sounds like you are really self-motivated - that's half the battle! I also love intense workouts, and I am a big fan of HIIT. I think it is the most addicitive form of exercise because of the incredible rush it provides. I'll be giving Insanity a try soon - I'm currently dealing with a stress fracture :(

I see others have warned you about working out while sick. If you just have a little cold a low intensity workout wont hurt you, in fact, it will help. But if you ever have severe chest congestion or pneumonia - do not do HIIT or any other strenuous workout- period! It's a fast track to a heart attack.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on January 18, 2013:

@Peggy W - Yeah - I actually got yelled at by the doctor for my obsessive workouts. When I get sick, that is usually my first question. Can I still work out. One doctor looked at me and said yes... and then you can continue to be sick too! Yeah - I am not as obsessive anymore! :)

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 16, 2013:

Your dedication to losing weight and getting healthy is admirable. At my age I think I will stick with our 24 hour gym routine and walking. Note of caution...when recovering from pneumonia or other serious illnesses, vigorous exercise is probably not what the doctor would order. :) You certainly had your share of setbacks!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on November 28, 2012:

@Kenja - I am glad I could inspire you to work out. It definitely is a good feeling!

Ken Taub from Long Island, NY on November 25, 2012:

How about salmon in a sweater, with some sweet teriyaki sauce? You made me want to work out today. Good, inspirational fun, Barb.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on June 23, 2012:

@run4rubios - currently I am in the middle of week five as well of the Turbo Fire program. In the first month I have actually gained weight but I feel sooooo much stronger than I ever have before. Definitely worth the effort and definitely feeling the changes. Glad to hear you are too! :)

run4rubios on June 20, 2012:

Great blog! I am on week five of Turbo Fire and loving it. Only down two pounds but getting tone and sleeping better among the many benefits gained which makes it worth the effort. I can see this program changing my life day by day.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on June 12, 2012:

@Brett - I am pretty amazed that I made it as well. However I am gonna have to try it again when I am 100% healthy and see if I can get a better change. I think not following the diet to the T really effected the changes.

Brett C from Asia on June 01, 2012:

Interesting time you had! :-s lol ... I'm impressed you completed it though. The fact that there is a noticeable difference after a five day workout is quite amazing. OK, maybe it isn't what they boast ... but to get any change after just 5 days is pretty impressive!

Shared, up, interesting and tweeted.

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 17, 2012:

@b. Malin - Thank you so much. It was definitely a lot of work... and it was a slow work in progress, but it will definitely be worth it in the long run. My husband is super proud of me... so much so that when I officially start the program in about a week - he is joining me! :)

b. Malin on May 16, 2012:

Well you go Girl, you go. I feel whatever it takes to keep in shape, I'm for it...As long as it's NOT overdone. Judging from the pictures Barbergirl, you look GREAT...Keep it up, your Family must be proud of you...BeachBody Coach!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 08, 2012:

@Daffy Duck - It sure is... now when you want to join me just let me know ;)

Daffy Duck from Cornelius, Oregon on May 07, 2012:

win money, discounts, free clothing, getting in shape. Son of a B****! That is pretty awesome!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 07, 2012:

@Daffy Duck - Technically yes and no... I get paid by doing the programs if someone buys them.... but that is because I am now a beach body coach. What can I say, I am a sucker for a discount and as a beach body coach I get a pretty decent one! :) I can also log in all my workouts and win money. And, on top of that, if I do a success story for each of the programs I complete, I get a free T-shirt as well! So, while technically I don't get paid, technically, I kind of do! :) But I wish it was big bucks.... get paid to workout... how awesome is that! LOL

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 06, 2012:

@kjrzeek1 - I am a big fan of BeachBody products. I think for anybody who is struggling they need to check them out, mainly because they outline these programs to work if you follow them. Not to mention it sure beats going to the gym on a regular basis and not seeing anything. Thanks for the kudos on the weight loss... I still have a bit more to go but I am a lot closer than I was before! :)

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 06, 2012:

@Hyphenbird - Thank you so much for noticing the changes... because I guess I was scrutinizing them way too much (well, and I am my worst critic) so I was a little disappointed when the changes weren't really obvious. But, I had a little talk with myself and I realized - it really was only five days and I have already come such a far way. So, little changes are better than none at all! :)

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 06, 2012:

@Kelleyward - I have heard that Insanity is insane... although maybe that is why it gets the name. I was thinking about trying insanity but I was more drawn to Turbo Fire. that is the one thing I love about BeachBody programs is there is enough of a vairety to please everybody! Good luck on your marathon... I am hoping to do a half one next year if I can ever figure out how to get running in with a small child! :)

Daffy Duck from Cornelius, Oregon on May 06, 2012:

You should see if the people who design/invent these plans would pay you to go through the programs and record your results. Why not? You're doing them anyway. See if you can get some extra cash.

kjrzeek1 from New Jersey, USA on May 04, 2012:

I love all the Teambeachbody products, they are a great company and just about everyting they promote works. Congrats on the weight loss!

Brenda Barnes from America-Broken But Still Beautiful on May 04, 2012:

As a photographer, I do see the differences in the before and after photographs. On the 2nd one, look at her throat and under her arm. Her thighs are more defined and her cheeks leaner. I am glad to see subtle differences that are doable rather than those 30 pound differences. This sounds like a great program. I will really consider it. I am so fat that I cannot stand myself! Thanks for the inspiration.

kelleyward on May 04, 2012:

I did p90x and insanity and saw turbo fire but after insanity I couldn't find anything more difficult to do outside of running a marathon. Thanks for sharing your experience with this. Your story is inspiring. Take care, Kelley

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 04, 2012:

@Real - Thank you so much. I was pretty stoked to get through this and I can't wait to actually start the TurbFire program for real. Hopefully by the end of summer I will be right where I want to ... and can eat a whole box of Swiss Cake Rolls without consequence ;) I am a firm believer that we need to show our kids what is good and what is bad. When my two year old talks about working out.... I know I have showed them the importance of moving our bodies! LOL

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on May 04, 2012:

Great job! I'm so proud of you - you're a shining example of a terrific mom and person who cares enough about themselves to be attentive to good health. I admire you for doing all the things I don't do and you're an excellent writer and photographer - look at you go with your bad self!!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 04, 2012:

@Myth - Yeah - mostly I see it on the shot for the side, but I lost 2 inches off my belly button and one from my waist so three of the inches came from right there! I have to admit, the eating was mostly followed but my mistakes came from skipping the snacks. I think my downfall is because I was naseous not eating enough. Odd as that sounds. The low calories are ok as long as you have the proper nutrients... which didn't happen for me because of the missing snacks (even if I substitued for ice cream! LOL) But I am happy with the results. I am pretty close to where I want to be right now... maybe another 10 pounds or so, so those last few pounds are going to be difficult and I am aware of that! :) Thanks for the support like always!

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 04, 2012:

@Ruchira - I saw you share it but didn't see a comment either and thought that was kind of odd! Thanks so much and I am glad that I can be of inspiration! So much so that your first comment took off for a run! ;)

mythicalstorm273 on May 04, 2012:

I can see a difference... especially on the one where you are turned sideways. To me... that is pretty impressive! Maybe it is not the miracle workout it suggests, but you got some wicked results anyway. 9 inches if you include all of the extra areas is an amazing accomplishment for a 5 day workout! The food I imagine is also high in nutrients to help keep your body healthy during the killer workouts. So the results would have probably been better if you would have managed to stick to the program exactly! Either way. Amazing job. You really are looking great and more confident with every update you give the world!!

Ruchira from United States on May 04, 2012:

hey...i thought I left an elaborate comment here...

anyway, to round things up BBG...great inspiration to all. in fact, after reading this hub, i literally got up from my chair and started to swing my legs back and forth.

your website is awesome. you are rocking and wishing you luck in your future endeavors as a BEACH body coach :) Cheers!

voted up and sharing it across

Stacy Harris (author) from Hemet, Ca on May 04, 2012:

@girlgonestrong - I don't see a significant difference in the pictures either... However, I didn't get it for the Inferno Plan - I got it for TurboFire. I did finish 2 rounds of P90x and those pictures show a significant difference... however, your talking 90 days(or 180 if you count the second round) and not 5 days. So, I can't say the BeachBody program doesn't work. If anything, it gets you in a good mindset. :) I know for me - I was looking for real results from real people and I couldnt' find any. So hopefully, if someone is searching for it like I was - they will come across this. :) Thanks for stopping by!

girlgonestrong from Plymouth, MI on May 04, 2012:

I don't really see a significant difference in the 5-day before/after pictures. Sometimes I think that Beachbody puts this stuff out there just because they know they have a customer base that will buy it.

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