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Tulsi as an Immune Booster

She's aspiring Forensic Science student. This article is prepared to give everyone a short glimpse of how to boost their Immunity Power.

Tulsi as an aromatic herb


Lockdown and Immunity

We all know the current situation that the entire World is going through due to Covid – 19 or Coronavirus which has been declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization and while the countries are grappling with imminent dangers that this virus poses to humanity, there are few key measures that, we all as an independent individual can take to fight this pandemic a bit.

Due to this, even lockdown was declared in almost of the countries around the world; also with a crucial mention of hygiene standards like washing our hands frequently, using an alcohol sanitizer to disinfect our hands, wearing a mask to cover our nose and mouth, to avoid touching our facial parts, etc. and I hope, you all are strictly following this! But why am I focusing on all these aspects? You might be thinking, what this all has to do with the mentioned title! The reason is the improvement of our Immunity. Because there are also certain methods to boost our Immunity which is “paramount at this juncture” to fight with this crisis.

Doctors consultancy, proper intake of medications is must but, what can cure a patient on a faster rate is their mental health and their Immunity power to tackle such illnesses. Throughout this time, we all have been listening this, individuals with certain pre-existing illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, cardio vascular disease, respiratory issues are at a higher risk of having Covid-19 complications, and also aggravates with age due to the general Immunity that reduces as we get older. Being the younger generation, we need to robust our Immunity as the virus can result within us as a minor infection. There are several such measures we can undertake to boost our Immunity like to sleep for 7-8 hours, stay hydrated (8 – 10 glasses of water), follow an exercise routine regularly, destress yourself as these are testing times for us to stay at homes for longer period and improvement of our diet as the food plays a vital role in determining our overall health and Immunity. And with additional to all this, there are several herbs and shrubs which help in boosting Immunity.

So here we have, Tulsi (the queen of herbs) which is very useful due to its remarkable healing properties. Tulsi in Indian culture, has got great importance. It's the sacred plant which symbolises purity and dearer to the Lord Vishnu. Tulsi got its name from one of Lord Krishna’s eternal consorts, Tulasi Devi and every Hindu house has this plant in its courtyard as it is believed to promote longevity and life long happiness. According to the ancient texts Tulsi is glorified as the one who helps in bringing people closer to the divine. Belonging from the basil family Lamiaceae (tribe ocimeae); assumed to be originated in North Central India which now grows throughout the Eastern World Tropics.

Tulsi as the Taste of Tea

Tulsi is the member of the mint family closely related to Ocimum basilicum which we all are familiar with its common name as culinary basil, but it is differentiated by its medicinal properties and some physical characteristics. It’s been harvested for use in Ayurvedic treatments for 5,000 years and has a strong aroma and a flavour that can range from peppery to astringent and is often combined with black, green or white tea leaves or in an herbal blend with other health – promoting ingredients such as turmeric and ginger, etc. which signifies a little idea about its help in boosting our Immunity. One of the easiest way to consume Tulsi is to brew an herbal tea.

Ingredients: Main segment - Fresh Tulsi leaves, water, Jaggery (sugar, if jaggery isn’t available), Cloves, Ginger. Additional segment – Black pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamom, honey


  • Take 1 cup of water in a vessel (which you use daily to make tea in). Add Tulsi leaves (fresh or dried, even Tulsi powder can be used), then put crushed jaggery into it as a sweetening agent (this will lower its bitter taste and if jaggery not available sugar can be used)
  • For herbal blend and as other health – promoting agents, add 1 clove, 2 to 3 small pieces of dry or wet ginger.
  • As an additional segment one can even add 2 to 3 black pepper, small piece of cinnamon, cardamom, etc. due to its healing properties, as good for health.
  • Boil the whole mixture for next 8 to 10 minutes until all flavours get added into the water.
  • Once you observe a brownish colour, wow! You are ready to enjoy it. Strain the mixture, add honey if desired and here is an Immune Booster healthy tea ready to drink.
  • Note – It’s not a black tea, as none of the tea leaves or tea powder is being used.

A glimpse of Tulsi tea


Health Benefits

  • So, why are we looking upon this herbal use? And the reason is, Tulsi has got the great medicinal value and has been used for centuries to cure symptoms of various diseases and ailments and its power as an adaptogen gets the most noticed in modern times, as it has got efficacy as an anti-inflammatory, anxiety treatment, and antioxidant. It helps to relieve symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, colds, congestion, coughs, flu, sinusitis, sore throat, and similar ailments. If you are sick with sinuses, then inhale the steam from a freshly made cup of tea before you drink it.
  • For all those, suffering from blood pressure and stress, regular consumption of Tulsi lowers it down by regulating cortisol levels, reducing the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other related diseases. We all often face headaches and anxiety but this tea helps to relieve this for some.
  • Due to such busy lifestyle, most of us have got habitual to some irregular food habits which has resulted in indigestion. But Tulsi can be used to treat this and also intestinal parasites, ulcers, vomiting, gastric disorders, stomach or menstrual cramps and also reduces pain from kidney stones and help to prevent them. It reduces inflammation and relieves the joint pain associated with arthritis. If someone has irregulating sugar levels but loves to eat sweet, no worries, you can still continue to do so, only if you continue drinking Tulsi tea on regular basis as it helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels. It may also improve your metabolism and promote the efficient processing of carbohydrates and fats. It may also kill damaging bacteria in the mouth, resulting in cleaner teeth and fresher breath. It can also alleviate acne, slow the effects of aging, and relieve the itch or sting of bug bites.
  • The major benefit of drinking Tulsi tea is, it's caffeine free and can be safely consumed up to six times a day. However, tea producers often combine Tulsi with black, green or white tea leaves, so if you want to avoid caffeine then do check the package carefully.

Side effects

  • Although, every good thing has its other side and same the Tulsi plant has. It may decrease fertility in men and women, so if anyone is hoping to conceive should refrain from consuming large quantities of Tulsi. It’s also recommended for women while breastfeeding should avoid Tulsi tea.
  • Any sudden change in our daily routine always shows some of the other side effects on us; and in the same manner some people might experience nausea or diarrhoea when they first add Tulsi tea to their diet, so it’s advised them to start with smaller quantities and then increase your consumption over time. Also for patients who are about to undergo any surgery, doctors generally tell them to avoid Tulsi before and after surgery for at least two weeks, as it may also slow down blood clotting in their body wounds. If you’re being treated with medications for any chronic or acute condition, it’s best to confer your doctor as Tulsi may interfere with pharmaceutical drug s.


Many medicinal practitioners use Tulsi as a powerful adaptogen herb (an herb that reduces stress and increase energy). With some of the side effects, Tulsi tea has often got so many of the health benefits which can definitely help every human to modulate their Immune system and focus on healthy lifestyle practices.


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This is a nice article and reminds me of the time when I visited Bhutan at least 6 times

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Halemane Muralikrishna from South India on June 15, 2020:

Well conceived article on sacred basil. It is a traditionally acclaimed shrub of aromatic principles useful to mankind. The amazing fact is that it is stable for three to four days after harvest without harmful effect, conserving its quality. Nice writing with hard work in compiling information, Ms Aher Sanchita Santosh.

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