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Tukob's Holi


* Tukob's Holi *

* What did I burn on Holi and why? *
* Tukobarai says about it, *

* Poverty did not come near us. *
* Dahan was the fault of Holi॥ *
People burn cow dung and wood on Holi.
* "I burnt my 'faults' in Holi. And the result of burning the faults is that poverty and misery do not even come near me." *
No guilt, no poverty. So there is no misery in poverty.

* Let all happiness come, Lotangani. *
* Who is like this and look ahead? *
* "Sorrow does not come near, on the contrary, happiness lingers in front of me and says let us come. But I do not make them stand before my eyes." *
When the whole world is after happiness, Tukobarai drives away happiness. Because they have no desire for happiness, and the grief is already gone because of the burning of guilt.

* Amuchi Awadi Santsamagam | *
* आणिक तें नाम विठोबाचें॥ *
Why don't I expect happiness? So,
* "I like the company of saints and the name of Vithoba, that's all." *

* Ask for our service | *
* Who is the God of salvation? ॥ *
* "If I have to ask, I will not ask for happiness. I will only ask for 'companionship of saints and the name of Vithoba'. After this, I don't even want salvation.

* Tuka says God saved the stomach | *
* Who are we? ॥ *
* "I have stored Vitthal in my stomach.
Everything seems to be over. So I don't want salvation. Of course, there is no need for Vaikuntha after salvation.

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