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Motherhood Chronicles:Trying to Lose Weight When You Are a Mother

Charlene is a mom of 3 (1-angel) and she loves to share her motherhood journey



Being a mother is not always easy, but there are certain things that make it much harder. Things like not being able to sleep when the baby or special needs child does, working full time, and trying to stay home at the same time, and oh yes, let's not forget about trying to be thin. Even though I have been a mother for years, it is the last one on the list that really annoys me. A few months ago, I was looking at my profile on Facebook and saw an old picture when I was ten pounds (5 kg) lighter and thought 'wow!' and that time I actually thought I was fat. I've been trying to lose weight ever since that day but cannot seem to do it.

It seems like whenever I decide to eat healthily and exercise, something will happen to make me want to eat even more than normal or exercise less. Part of the reason, I think, is because you need all the energy you can get when taking care of children. But most likely it's because women who are moms never seem able to lose that extra weight that they put on during pregnancy. No matter how much they try, it just seems to stay there. Now, I am not saying people with kids should not try to lose weight – they should. But the struggle is really real and we all know it. Maybe we need to take more time to share some tips and tricks of our own on how to lose weight. That is the reason I write this article today because I know the struggle and I know it well.


How a busy work-from-home or stay-at-home mom can lose weight?

So, what does a struggling mother need to do in order to lose weight? Well, that is up to her. Do you want to eat healthily or exercise more? Both would be great but something has got to give. Now I know the struggle of trying to get kids ready for school while I'm still sleepy and looking like a zombie. Yesterday,I looked at the clock and it was 5:30 am and my first thought was 'oh no!', because as much as I love my kids, getting up early is not something I enjoy.

Well, the only way to make this work would be to go to bed earlier, but that is something hard for a mother who works full time or is constantly looking after the kids. They say that mothers do not get enough sleep, but I think they should also take into consideration how much time moms spend doing other things.

Another thing is to exercise at night when the kids are asleep or during naps (if you're lucky). Most of the fitness routines out there are for people without children and that is great. But how can one fit them into their daily routine? Either they would have to get up really early or stay up really late.


5 weight loss tips especially for mums

  • Find a workout routine that you can perform no matter how tired you are or what time of day it is. Personally, I enjoy walking on my treadmill while watching a movie or series.
  • Drink plenty of water, green tea, and other healthy beverages to keep yourself hydrated and feeling good.
  • Focus on your nutrition plan – make sure you eat the right amount of calories every day based on your goal.
  • Make sure that whatever you eat is healthy and nutritious for you and your kids too.
  • Find a workout buddy or join an online group – we all need some inspiration sometimes, no matter how tired we are!
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I hope that this article helped you understand the struggle of weight loss when you are a mother. It is not always easy to achieve your goals, but if it's important enough for you then nothing should stop you from trying. The tips I've provided in this post will be helpful in achieving your fitness and weight-loss goals as well as maintaining an active lifestyle while being a mom! If there are any other struggles or challenges that mothers have with weight loss that I did not mention here please let me know so I can help navigate them too if I can.

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Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on October 23, 2021:

Thanks so much Manjah:)

Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on October 23, 2021:

You're welcome Umesh and thanks for ready:)

manjah zakaria from marrakech on October 21, 2021:

good article, thanks, Charlene Gallant.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on October 21, 2021:

Good tips. Thanks for sharing.

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