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Trump's positive Covid-19 test


US President Donald Trump announced that he was infected with the Coronavirus today, Friday, with the Corona virus, in light of the suffering of a devastating health disaster in his country and also the turbulent election season.

Mr Trump is not the first world leader to be injured. Both British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have contracted the infection - leading to the strange link between three populist politicians whose countries have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic.

At 74, Mr. Trump is older and more vulnerable than either of these two men. The news that a US president was infected with a deadly virus has had global repercussions that go beyond what would be produced by any other world leader. Financial markets fell in Asia and fluctuated in Europe and the United States, before stabilizing after the disclosure of negative test results of Vice President Mike Pence.

For allies and adversaries alike, there was a sense of shock when they woke up to the news on Friday - even after three and a half years in which many believed they had lost the trauma of anything related to the head of his words and deeds regularly shook the international system.

From Mr Johnson to Russian President Vladimir Putin to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a group of foreign leaders have expressed their concerns, sending out wishes for Mr Trump for a recovery, as well as for First Lady Melania Trump, who is also injured.

"I hope they both recover quickly from the Coronavirus," Johnson said on Twitter, without mentioning his own bout with Covid-19, which sent him to the intensive care unit where he later said, "either way."

Mr. Putin, who has taken extraordinary precautions to protect himself during the pandemic, told Mr. Trump via telegram, "I am sure that your underlying vitality, good spirits and optimism will help you deal with this dangerous virus."


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