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Treatment for Arthritis - 8 Best Tips to reduce Pain and Inflammation

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One of six people in America suffers from Arthritis. Pain and inflammation of arthritis is the most common found among people with ages of forties, especially for women. People tend to ignore arthritis until it getting painful. You should know how to do treatment for arthritis, otherwise it will getting worse slowly. That’s why arthritis symptom becomes serious problem for people above forties.

Arthritis is joint inflammation

Arthritis is joint inflammation

What is Athristis?

Arthritis is joint inflammation which caused of cartilage breakdown. Cartilage is protection of joints that make us move easily. Decreasing of cartilage amount will result in pain bones rub. Joints and bone will swell and stiffness and painful. Before doing arthritis treatment, you should go to hospital immediately to check it out because there are hundred types of arthritis.

Understanding the arthritis types will help you to determine what kind of treatment you needed. Be aware, arthritis is different with osteoporosis symptom. But if you suffer osteoporosis too, you should know how to do osteoporosis treatment.

Treatment for arthritis in this articles is a tips for people who already known about his arthritis type. This is tips to help you recover soon from painful arthritis. You can do all of this tips by yourself mostly at home, and some at field and swimming pool.

Exercise and Yoga Treatment

Exercise will increase your body joints flexibilities, bolster the capacity of blood to deliver nutrients for bones, and good metabolism. You should exercise like walking or swimming every day. Water exercise is great arthritis treatment because walking 30 minutes in water is equal to walking two hours (120 minutes) in the field. You can try low-impact aerobic. Yoga is effective to relaxing muscles and increasing blood circulation. Yoga also affected to your body efficiency to absorb Arthritis medicines.

Rest and Nap

Nap or rest will give recovering chance for your body. You should sleep on hard mattress or hot water mattress. Do not use pillow because it stretched your neck joint. When you sleep, if you suffer arthritis at pelvis or knee, it should straight (do not bending your pelvis or knee). You should sleep on recumbent position and put small pillow under your joint knee to avoid stiffness.

Lose Weight Treatment

Overweight will cause stress on bones and joints. Overweight also resulted the inflammation and painful on joints. People with ideal weight are easier to recover from arthritis. Research has found that obese people with arthritis made significant progress on treatment while he also gain significant lose weight. It is better you try how to lose weight with Japanese diet. Treatments for arthritis usually combine with diet and lose weight.

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Diet and Fast Treatment

Arthritis rheumatoid usually associated with food allergy symptom, especially tomato, potato, paprika, and tobacco. You can do elimination diet of food allergy until you found which is your food allergen. Fasting and avoid vegetable will reducing arthritis rheumatoid symptom. One day in a week, do fasting and only consume vegetable juice like celery, cabbage, and carrot juice.

Child also need treatment of arthritis

Child also need treatment of arthritis

Vitamin C

Research has found that arthritis rheumatoid will cause vitamin deficient especially vitamin C. Vitamin deficiency will worsen your arthritis symptom. Consuming high doses of vitamin C will reduced and eliminate arthritis symptom. You can do arthritis treatment by consuming 500 mg vitamin C several times in a day.

Fish and Omega-3

Consuming fish oil that contain Omega-3 will reduce painful and joint inflammation. Fish oil is rich with vitamin D and A. Vitamin D is good for bone, and A is help to reduce swelling. For arthritis treatment, a spoon fish oil is enough for a day. Otherwise, you should avoid cooking oil which contains Omega-6 that worse your arthritis. Decrease using olive oil, freed food, corn oil, canola oil, and dressing.

Cooper Bracelet

Some people believe that wear cooper bracelet has reduced his arthritis painful, but some people did not. Make a decision for yourself. From my point of view, it is a positive hypnotherapy treatment. Self-healing with positive thinking and hypnotherapy has great impact on cancer, arthritis, and other disease; and some combine with medical therapy.

Home Remedy Treatment for Arthritis

Here some tips about treatment for arthritis that you can do at home:

  • Compress hot water. Reduce arthritis inflammation and painful by cushion heater or compress with hot water.
  • Hot mud. Bathing with hot mud also good to reduce toxic and reduce pain.
  • Cold water. In other side, if you walking too far, you can reduce arthritis inflammation by cold water compress. Put compress into inflammation for 15-20 minutes; remove it for 10-15 minutes, repeated the compress again.
  • Ointment. Put ointment into painful joints to make you sleep well.
  • Herbal remedies. Herbal like juniper oil also reduce swelling. Grind juniper oil and sandalwood and wrap it with cloth and compress into pain jolt.
  • Cinnamon taken with honey and herb will reduce severe arthritis.

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