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Traditional Diet Vs The New Diet & Nutrition Program.

I just came out of a meeting with a potential customer. She needed an exercise specialist to help her spend a few pounds on an upcoming event - her brother's wedding. You will be one of the bridesmaids and basically want to look beautiful that day.

These days, I don’t welcome new clients but there is something about this girl that makes me happy. You are healthy: for example, you exercise every day, both weight loss and cardio. Healthy eating, especially fruits and vegetables, as well as low-fat diets. He is basically a "complete book" but still has not benefited from the body he intends to receive.

I couldn’t bring myself to simply refer her to a different fitness professional, or send her on her way. I needed to ask -

"What if everything you understand about food is wrong?"

"What do you mean?" in response.

To cut this long story short, I found myself talking for an hour. In the following sections, I will share with you all what I told her about food and nutrition.

When it comes to food and what is best for you, there is a very good chance that everything you know is wrong.

First, let's look at traditional foods and compare them with modern foods.

Traditional food.

You follow the principle of 'energy in' versus 'energy out, which means that in order to lose weight you have to burn more energy than you have. Sounds reasonable? Think again.

It tells you that counting your calories and doing exercise that burns the same number of calories can help you lose that weight on the same day.

It teaches you the message that eating low calories is the only way to lose weight and health.

It puts a strong focus on eating more fruits, preparing salads, veggies, and “floating” fiber foods for example whole grain products

We strongly encourage you to eat during the day so that you can increase your Basal Metabolism Rate.

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One thing about traditional food all makes a lot of sense. New food? Check. Do you have less fat in the diet? Sounds wise. Burn more than imported? Well, that sounds like advice.

Here's where it's fun. The body is not a machine. Simple calculations do not affect the complex structures, for example, yourself. You can't just count the energy levels or limit body fat, and eat a lot of fresh, 'healthy' food and prepare yourself to look and feel amazing, without thinking about things like the following:

The role of the body's hormones in regulating your well-being and weight.

Effects of sleep cycles on waking up your metabolic process.

How changing seasons can control your heat or fat storage capacity?

That stress will make you sick, unhappy, and overweight, which traditional foods may add to this stress

And that is just the beginning.

What Does the New Food Really Mean?

That a healthy and balanced hormonal system can help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight. That traditional knowledge of food relies on occasional food From the standpoint of evolution, we have never been in a position to eat fruits, vegetables, and grains all year round, what can we be now?

That eating fatty foods and foods high in cholesterol is important for hormone function, thought processes, proper digestion, and burning of body fat.

That carbohydrate supplementation produces a vicious cycle in which the body constantly releases insulin, a blood-retaining hormone that can also lead to diabetes, weight problems, and cardiovascular disease.

Sleep and rest alone, if neglected, can lead to discomfort and stress no matter what you eat or how much exercise you have.

If this sounds like the first time you have ever heard of this new way of eating and eating healthy, then you may feel nervous.

Don't worry. I'm not asking you to just believe me. This is where this information comes from. However, I hope I have found your interest. Because if it involves building a body that not only looks good but also adds function and makes you feel truly incredible, old and tested techniques just don’t work. I bet that maybe this is the reason why you read this article. As a customer of mine, you also wonder why your diet plan doesn't work even though you follow it by heart.

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