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Tourette or Nottofrette?

Keira is just a teenager, a lover and devoted friend of literature.

Every syndrome, or health problem, whether chronic or mild, comes wrapped within layers of mental difficulties and stressful days that seem to go on forever. The situation becomes even worse if the associated condition has already been stigmatized and decided by the society.

Knowing this, somewhere in the back of our minds, people still bad mouth the suffering. They fail to realize that as people already suffering on the inside, we don't need their sympathy (as most think), rather we would appreciate a decent human understanding that remains unspoken and bounded.

Children's Mental Health Matters,

Children's Mental Health Matters,

Tourette Syndrome

This is a condition that is characterized by irrepressible bodily movements or sounds and I'm sure anyone can understand this better at better places.

What I intend to do, is create awareness about certain catch phrases, that people with Tourette don't like being called. After all, it is our duty to respect our fellows, at the end of the night, we sleep under the same stars.

Stop doing that!

It is pretty obvious that the condition does not have a manual reset button, and pointing it out again and again is disrespectful to the person.

Imitating Tics

Remember 2010 when we'd watch imitations of Justin's music on YouTube, what were they called? That's right, mockery. Now you wouldn't want to make fun of person who knowingly suffers from something? If you're answer is not the same as mine, I have no idea which serial killer might live in your neighborhood.

Asking People Why They Aren't Swearing

Again an obvious thing, people suffering from the same problem aren't all the same, and although many of them have a swearing tic, all of them don't.
Speaking of obvious things, invalidating them by comparing them to your friends who might be suffering from the same condition is a big no, you're invalidating their stress and worry.

I Wish I Had Tourette's!

I know what it sounds like, and trust me, this is as common as they come. Suffering from a condition is not 'quirky' , and you're actually telling the person they don't deserve to be sad about their problem since you find it desirable! What the actual hell!

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I've never seen you doing any tics!

This one is pretty self explanatory, DON'T. DO. IT.

You'll get worse if you keep pretending to do them.

I understand some people have a habit of proving how they're more sad and distressed than all of the population, but trust me, if they were pretending, and could control it, they'd punch you at the exact moment.

Oh you have Tourette's? You should watch Dirty Filthy Love!

No, absolutely not. They are normal people who can watch anything they want, and some people are repulsed by representation, IT MIGHT EVEN BE DONE DISRESPECTFULLY?

OMG! Do it again!

Good lord, who in their right mind would willingly say something like that?


Don't do it, just ignore the person and let them be in peace. They don't need the extra pressure apart from the 'what are people thinking, are they looking at me?'


In the end, it's really easy to support people if you have the will. Just try to think in their shoes, it's not that hard.

Also, did any of you know Tourette's Awareness Month starts in mid May and lasts over a month? General knowledge is a bonus.

© 2021 Keira Anand

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