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Torn Ligament in my Ankle


My Torn Ligament

Take a look at the picture to the right, now imagine that awkward angle happening while going down the stairs. That is pretty much what happened to me about 3 and a half weeks ago. I am still getting swelling and have a bruise under my foot, in the arch. Not to mention the bruising around the joint in the ankle. 

When it originally happened I decided to call an ambulance as I thought there might be a break. I was advised that there was not likely any break but it could be a torn ligament. The advice was that there would be a long wait at the hospital and if there was no break there would be little they could do and then I would have to make my way home on a foot that could not take any weight. The advice was that I should give it a few days and if it was not healing then go to the hospital, I could call for another ambulance if need be.

I took the advice given and stayed home, kept off the foot as much as I could and waited to see if it would heal. There was very little healing after three days and as I had family visiting with a car I asked if they would take me to the hospital. It was very helpful having a ride both to the hospital but also to get back home after. The hospital x-rayed my ankle and found no break. I was told that I had probably torn the ligament but that they did not have the technology to asses the damage to the ligament. 

I went home with no more information then I could have found online, and I have found much more online since. After a week had passed I could just about walk and so had to walk to the doctors office (family with a car was back home by then) so that I could get a doctors note for work. The doctor took one look at my ankle and wrote me a note for two weeks (taking me up to the work holidays, no pay over the holiday this year for me). I think the walking brought out the bruise and swelling worse then I had seen it before. 

My faith in the medical system has not been strengthened by this experience but I have been educating myself instead. I would like to share what I have learned with you since it seems likely to me that you may well be in a similar situation to my own.

How to tell the difference between a broken ankle and a sprain

As I shared above that one look by the paramedics from the ambulance indicated that there was no break and proved to be right after having an x-ray. A torn ligament can be exceptionally painful and can take a long time to heal, the paramedics even said that a torn ligament can take longer to heal then a break.

One of the signs that I had not broken a bone was the minimal motion I had in my toes and other joints. Swelling and general pain made movement difficult but possible, immediately after the fall I had much more of a range of motion actually.

The next sign that I had not suffered a break was the lack of bruising. I got pretty swollen but did not have much by way of bruising for over a week. If memory serves I was told that the ice should bring out the bruises that would indicate a break. Ice will also not cool the area if there is a break, to the touch the area can still be warm or hot after ice has been applied.

Pain is not always the best indicator as sometimes people can break a bone and not actually feel the sort of pain associated with a break. If you do have excruciating and constant pain chances are you have a break. If the pain is reactionary there can still be a chance that you have a fracture.

A funny looking angle will usually be an indication of a break. The thing about a break is that it is possible to miss if there is little pain involved, stories of people suffering a broken bone and not realizing it for a few days are quite common. If for any reason you suspect you may have a break getting yourself to a hospital where they can x-ray it is a must. You may want to call a family member or friend about a ride home when you are finished.

The 3 Grades of Sprains

The first is a grade 1 sprain or a mild sprain. With this injury there is some stretching and some damage to the fibers of the ligament.

The second is a grade 2 sprain or moderate sprain. This injury involves a partial tearing of the ligament. With this injury there can be an abnormal looseness or laxity of the joint,

The last is a grade 3 sprain or sever sprain. This injury involves the complete tear of the ligament there is gross instability in the joint.

If you think you have a Torn Ligament

If you think you have torn a ligament your first action should be rest, ice, compression and elevation or R.I.C.E. Ice will help reduce swelling and should be applied in 10 to 15 minute cycles. Keeping ice on an ankle or knee or anywhere else may cause cold injuries and I have even been advised to alternate ice and heat such as a hot water bottle. The reason for using the heat is to draw the blood to the wound since a wound needs blood to heal. I think the reason this is not medically advised is because of the swelling problem and I would only suggest it because it is the method I used as my foot got very icy and cold very quickly (I suspect it was not getting good circulation and the warmth felt good). Keep your foot rested and elevated and as you feel comfortable with it remove wrappings when inactive as you want to allow blood circulation.

As you are healing you will want to stretch and move the joint as this will keep the area from getting stiff and weak with inactivity. If your tear is a bad one and heals slowly you may want to sign up here at Hub Pages as it has kept me occupied and kept me from going stir crazy! On a serious note if your injury is a bad one you will need patience and to give it lots of rest and the chance to heal.

The best site I found when researching


Janaina on September 17, 2014:

Thanks for this post! Very helpful!

Paul on August 04, 2014:


I sprained my left ankle last May playing 5 a side all my weight went over on my ankle it wasn't a tackle. I have had two X-rays and physio to try and strength my ankle. I have tried the rubber bands and wobble board. I am back playing footie but my ankle still seems weak and when I turn it in I get a sharp pain under my ankle cap also when I press it in hard. Do u think I may have a hairline fracture or is it just the ligament still healing. I'm also doing heal calf raises and I'm up to 35 a day.



charlotte on April 03, 2014:

I have done my ligements in my ankle 2 weeks ago but its very itchy and sore can you help please

Pandora13 on May 12, 2013:

Hi. On Friday, during high jump at school, I landed funny on my right ankle. I think I landed with the ankle rolling out and when I got up, I thought nothing about it until I started walking around and putting pressure on it. I waited about 10 minutes until the pain started getting worse and I got ice put on it for 10-20 mins. I went back down to class and thought nothing about it again. Only the next day, I noticed bruising around the ankle bone and the soft skin near the heel. That same day, was the fete and I was walking around and running for the whole day. That night I was in soo much pain and put more ice on it. The following day I took a rest and my ankle was reasonably fine with only slight pain. Today at school, I have been walking on it and it has not stopped hurting. Last night it was also swollen and still had nasty purple bruises on my ankle bone. In the morning I strapped it with a bandage. It still hurts a lot and its been very painful.

Iam wondering what I've done to it and I don't want to go to the drs just in case my ankle isn't bad or serious. Plz help me because I've read your article and need more advise.

IK on May 05, 2013:

I sprained my ankle 5 days ago. no x-ray but straight to the physio. they said 4 days on crutches. I went back 2 days later and they said 1 week on crutches no weight bearing so that's 11 days on crutches altogether. I have bad swelling and my whole ankle is green and also up my ankle????

should I go see a doctor and get x-rays. and also when I did it I couldn't even bear the pain of letting an icepack sit on it.

KaisMom from Keizer, Oregon on September 27, 2012:

Hi Ryan:

Last January I broke my ankle in three places: tibia, fibula and talus. When I went in for surgery they also discovered I had a torn ligament. My bones healed in about 8 weeks, the ligament in ten weeks. But I gained some orthopedic knowledge in the process. My Doctor said a bad sprain can take up to a year to heal, so unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) it seems what you're going through is probably normal. So hang in there. I have a lot of hardware in my ankle which helps to keep it straight. But I still have pain after six months, which has led my doctor to the conclusion that I probably sprained my ankle as well. Once I was released to put weight on the foot, my ROM was really limited as well, but I have at least 95% ROM after seven months of diligent stretching, etc. I'm assuming you've seen a doctor, but if you haven't, and you can afford to, I would definitely recommend it.

I hope this helps!!

Ryan on September 26, 2012:


I sprained my ankle about 3 1/2 weeks back and I'm healing but it seems really slow... My 3 main ligaments (CFL , ATFL , PTFL) all seem fine but in the back of my foot to the left of the achilles tendon area is still a considerable amount of pain. I'm able to do ROM motions with my foot using my hands and it doesn't seem to hurt only when I try do ROM in that same area in the back of my foot... The interior side of my foot is sore but not really a lot of 'pain' per say just really sore.

The biggest thing though is my ROM moving my foot up myself , i can land my foot flat and push my foot up this way as i stretch down when im standing on it - no pain, but if i try to lift my foot up with my ankle , it's very tough - i get tender pain in the back of my foot where it's sore when I try. It's getting a lot better though but just want to make sure if this is normal for an ankle inversion sprain? When I try to move my foot up myself, i slowly can eventually , but i get shaking a bit when i try it and then shaking when i release the foot back down.

Is it very weakened muscles , ligaments healing?

KaisMom from Keizer, Oregon on March 24, 2012:

I will do that. Just an FYI, my doctor said a torn ligament heals much slower than a broken bone. I am glad to hear you have made such a good recovery. https://discover.hubpages.com/health/Broken-Ankles

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on March 24, 2012:

KaisMom, I would say my ankle recovered to about 99.9999%. When we last had a really bad cold snap I did find the ankle got somewhat tender and sore but it wasn't that bad. I just made sure to take it easy walking on slippery surfaces.

Your injury does sound pretty bad! Much worse then mine was. I didn't have broken bones as well, I imagine that really complicates matters. I will be sure to check out your hub and if you wanted you could leave a link here, might be helpful to readers who land here :)

KaisMom from Keizer, Oregon on March 23, 2012:

Hello Kirstenblog. I realize your injury occurred a couple of years ago, but I would love to know how well you healed. Recently (in January) I fractured my ankle, the tibia, fibula, and talus as well as tearing my ligament. I required surgery and now have a whole lot of hardware holding my ankle in place. Yes, it is a maddening recovery process. I have a checkup soon and I think I will be able to start weight-bearing on my foot. I found your hub very helpful. I too wrote a hub re: my broken bones if you are interested. Thank you for the info.

ABQLifer on January 23, 2012:

I went through hell 7 years ago with my left ankle when playing a softball game and I rolled it on a base. I heard a pop, it swelled up fierce, and turned purple in and around the back. Made it through the night but had to get it looked at. Xrays showed no signs of a fracture. Got referred to a specialist after making a visit to urgent care. Many appointments later, got an MRI, cortizone shots, and some PT sessions. I never regained full mobility, but learned to live with it. It took several months for the swelling to completely disappear and a full year before I could run, jump, or carry more than my body weight on it.

Fast forward to 1/21/12 and I am playing basketball...jumped up for a rebound and landed on someone's foot. My same left ankle explodes into pain and immediately begins to swell up. Two days later after RICE and no noticeable improvement, I go to urgent care. Just got back and the xrays show no signs of a fracture. Making an appointment to see a specialist tomorrow. Sigh...here we go all over again! At 35, I have officially retired from weekend sports

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on October 03, 2011:

Siobhan - Sorry to take so long to reply, the email notice of your comment got lost I think. Ouch! Your foot sounds really banged up! I can share your frustration, they really don't seem to know what to do with these soft tissue damage injuries. I felt sorry for myself for over a month while sitting on the couch with it elevated watching TV or working on the laptop! It was another month or more limping (not proper walking) and trying to get the strength back so I didn't go down on it again. It was a total nightmare! I wish you all the best!

Siobhan on September 26, 2011:

I fell over on my ankle 7 days ago at my dance class. I heard a popping sound, which was followed by the most excruciating pain. My ankle swelled up immediately - it actually looked like an aliens limb! I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and xrayed (which really hurt as i had to place my foot in four different positions on the table). They told me that "there were no obvious breaks but to come back in 5 days once the swelling has gone down to make sure". My ankle was bandaged and I was given crutches. I stayed off it all week, iced it and kept it elevated. I was given no painkillers so stuck with paracetamol and nurofen. I went back on friday - foot still very very swollen, tender and extremely bruised. They removed the bandage, took my crutches and told me to walk. No second xray, and they hardly touched my ankle. They have refered me to physio.

It's been 2 days now. I spend the weekend with it elevated again. I can walk, albeit lopsided. It's still so swollen I can't get my trainer on my foot. I'm so frustrated!

The worst thing is is that they didn't tell me what was wrong. I asked them if it was torn ligaments and they told me that they don't know.

:( feeling rather sorry for myself!

micoz from C on September 24, 2011:

just have one wish. Wish us all can heal over completely soon.

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on September 24, 2011:

bechelli - Have you had a doctor look at your foot yet? If not that is the first thing I would suggest, especially if there is any bruising or swelling visible. You can also try wearing a brace or one of those tube bandages to support the ankle when you have to be on your feet a lot. At least then the joint is getting support since it sounds like it needs the chance to recover again.

bechelli on September 23, 2011:

i tore my ligaments in my foot when i was in the 4th grade by sitting on the handle bars of my brothers bicycle and my foor got caught in the spokes of the wheel i am now 22 and a couple months ago i was in the store an went to grab a bottle of pinesol off a high shelf and it ended up fallin and landing on the foot where i had torn my ligaments ever since then my foot has hurt and is getting worse first it would just hurt when i woke up in the morning and walk on it now it hurts sometimes during the day any suggestions on what i should do i do a lot of walking since im in college

micoz from C on September 21, 2011:

Not much pain at the beginning, and was planning on having a baby soon, that's why did not do x-ray. Doc also said better not do MRI, which turned out to be a wrong suggestion. Besides doc said even if there is a fracture now , they can do nothing. I use red flower oil massage it at night, all the herbs I have been using are good for blood circulation.

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on September 21, 2011:

micoz - Ouch! I am not sure of all the potential injuries your foot could have had from being run over. I am surprised you didn't get it checked out with an x-ray when or shortly after it happened. I think its a possibility that a hair line fracture could have happened but without an x-ray its impossible to say for sure. My mother in law had a hair line fracture years and years ago that she didn't get treated, she didn't realize she had it, and to this day she gets sore ankles and generally has problems. I think it would be a good idea to get a proper x-ray, even this late on, because if there is something that can be done there might not be a lot of time to do it before it simply heals badly. That said, I can understand your not going to the hospital straight away, I hate going to the doctors and hospitals! My niece a few years ago whacked her ankle really badly and my MIL used a homeopathy remedy called arnica and I am still impressed with how my niece responded to it and will be trying it should I ever get a bad sudden trauma like being hit or half run over but it seems it needs to be taken right away, at the point the injury first occurs.

micoz from C on September 21, 2011:

My story differs a bit.

Wheel rolled on my right ankle while I was getting off the car in May. Not run over it completely. I felt much pressure from the wheel. Screamed and car backed. Iced afterwards,swell starts slowly and bruise. I rested the next day. it got much better on the 3rd day.Not much pain.Though behind the ankle bone there is a hard zone,might be soft tissue gore. I walked slowly. Even had a biz trip to other city. But then it swell again and bruise bad ,much pain when press it. Went to 2 hospitals, doc not so much help. Said maybe soft tissue damage or ligament or achilles's tendon tear. Not sure if there is a break. I had herbal med applied and rest at home , got crutch online . STill not well after 40days, I started soaking my foot in hot herbal med every night which recommended by another doc. Worked well, the hard tissue softened. Now already 117 days(2808hrs), Although I can walk slowly. it still have twist feelings sometimes, and slight pain like sth.dragging in one point. Wonder when I can get a complete heal. Do u think I might have hairline break that I didn't realize? Now it is too late. Worried much.

micoz from C on September 21, 2011:

Hi, Christen, helpful info you have offered.

Feel happy for ur full recovery.

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on September 17, 2011:

sarah vensa - Sadly I cannot advise anything more then your doc is advising, take it easy on that foot. I know how stir crazy one can get being stuck and unable to even move about, the internet saw a lot of me when I was stuck :D

sarah vensa on September 16, 2011:

hi i did sprang my ankle on the 6/08/11 wen to the E.R at the Local Hospital and XR was taken, and was told there was not a broken, but an sprang ankle. I was send home to rest lift up my leg and see and Orthophedic Doc. 10 days later and told to wear a BOOT(?) and star walking by then I was using crutchers but to go to the toilet only I had spend most of those 10 days resting without stressing my injured ankle. As soon as I ahd the Boot fitted The nurse ask me to walk without using the crutches, I just could not, so I told her I wish to continue with the crutches. as per the description I still can not tell the degree of my injured neithr can the Docs. but I can tell that my foot looked horrible, big and like a rainbow adding the black colour,I did went back to work on the 29/08/11 since been almost on my foot tempted my to resume my household duties when no one was around thougth at work I'm told what to do and spend 3/4 of the day sitting with my leg "up" under my bench my only problem is that still wearing that boot; which is giving me a lot of suppot; but I forget to remove the straps while sitting, and if I do i forget to strap it back and then auchh it hurts. Its been 6 weeks since I first injured my ankle and still does not look good specially around it is sweell and black and it feels so thigth if I want to semi rotate it. I do not know what to do. I been refered to my local Doct. and he just look at my foot and ask me to be patient he was not agree with me going back to work other than that is nothing he can do. I'm still wearing the boot and resting as much as I can but I'm getting bit depressing. Any sugestions? Thanks for listenning.:(

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on September 13, 2011:

Grace - Oh man, the itch your having, I had that! With my foot still swollen and bruised with purple toes it was really weird, and kinda drove me nuts! I was so careful when I did scratch it, was as gentle as I could be, almost was using a feather to scratch with just to be as gentle as possible! I was told by my doc that I could take something like benydral for the itching, I think she said that any anti-histamine (what she could prescribe or what I could just buy over the counter) should help. I did not in the end try it because I hate taking pills and with the other pills I was taking I thought it wasn't worth it. If you do try it and it helps I would love to know :)

sarah nolan on September 12, 2011:

it is sore

Me on September 11, 2011:

Hi Grace, Just wanted to let you know that when I did my ankle (torn ligs and muscles)I heard a loud pop sound too, not nice. My ankle also began to itch generally where the bruising was.

Also Kirsten, went back to physio after my month off and he said we will see how I progress over the next couple of weeks. If I don't improve he will send me to specialist for possible op on damaged cartilage.

Grace on September 11, 2011:

Hurt my ankle at volleyball 3 weeks ago.. Had a X-ray but had to wait 14 days to have another as they couldn't rule out a break due to swelling.. But now know there is no break, just torn ligaments ( I agree, worse then a break) have had a plaster back slab and crutchers since I did it. Btw when I hurt it I did hear a popping sound which was scary! I'm allowed to take the plaster off to shower now but have noticed the bruising is getting worse but also that my ankle is getting itchy... Any help or information you can provide? Ty

Allen on September 07, 2011:

I broke my ankle on Jan;25;2011 on the job I wnet to the doctor and he told me that I had to be out for 4to6 weeks I was out for 11 weeks and I am still going on with the pain today its ben 8 months and now the doctor is saying that it is torn ligaments. I still have pain

hope to walk soon on September 02, 2011:

yes it is frustrating Kirsten, seems like no one listening to me, i was talking to the specialist, telling him everything and he just walks out of office..im like ok was i done talking??? i told him i was the muscles or ligiments, it didn't feel like the bone..its going on 5mths now, and my friend broke her leg 3mth ago, her cast off, she walking around..i cant walk very far, if i go shopping i have to use wheelchair. im 41old female...im goin to make another appt with my dr..see if sum1 can help me...are tell me sumthing..thanks for listening Kirsten :)

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on September 02, 2011:

hope to walk soon - You must feel so frustrated! I know I would be in your situation. I am surprised they haven't considered a torn ligament or other tissue damage, it wouldn't show in an x-ray and seems the most likely reason for your pain. At least if they were considering it as the problem you could have some sort of answer for what's wrong (even i it is a vague diagnosis).

Me on August 31, 2011:

Thanks Kirsten. I'll be seeing the physio again next week to start strengthening exercises so I'll see what he says. Soft tissue damage is hard to diagnose and deal with. You cant always see it like a fracture in an x-ray and everyone is different and reacts and heals in different ways. I'll check in again after my physio appointment to let you know how things go.

hope to walk soon on August 31, 2011:

well i went specialist today,for ct scan results.. he said my foot wasn't broken. i told him i cant walk on it yet, i asked what is wrong with my foot..he said "i dont know?" he told me to go back when the pain stops, then he will examine my foot...well still no answers yet, he told me go back in a month if the pain stops.... so am i just a slow healer??? or i dont know what is wrong with my foot n calf muscles??? i know its not broken i told him..

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on August 30, 2011:

Me - It sounds like you did not ankle a lot of damage! You could be a slow healer but it could also just be the fact that it was so traumatically damaged (with muscles and catilage torn as well as sever ligaments, I would say that sounds REALLY bad) that it is going to take a VERY long time to heal completely. Are you still in touch with the doctors over this? I imagine they should be keeping an eye on how quickly its healing.

Me on August 30, 2011:

Hi, Nearly 6 months ago I hurt my ankle at netball. Several ligaments and muscles were torn and a tear in the cartilage at the front in ankle joint. Had MRI and was told it was only a small tear in cartilage and should heal by itself. Have had fairly intensive physio for the past 5 months. I have had break for the past month to rest it but it's not improving. I get pain at the front where the tear was/is and a lot of stiffness. Am I a slow healer or could there be a problem?

hope 2 walk soon on August 28, 2011:

hello, saw every1 sharing stories similar 2 mine, thought i would share as well,i have twisted my ankle before but never hurt this much... i was walking on grass and didn't see a dip in the grass and twisted my ankle very bad, i heard a pop are sumin and my ears felt liked i couldn't hear for a bit,took me awhile to get up, anyways i went to my dr and sent me for xrays at hospital, they said it wasn't broken and sent me home. i went to emergency a week later in a lot of pain, they took xrays and said it wasn't broken, dr said it might be a torn ligament and wrapped it and sent me home. i could not put any weight or walk on it yet. i elavated my foot, iced it, stayed off it. but was in a lot of pain. so i went back to dr 3mths later said i couldn't walk and i was in a lot of pain yet.they sent me specialist which took few weeks to book, he saw me for 5min said to get ct scan on my foot, that took 3 weeks to book, i finally went ct scan, have to wait a week for results now. just hope they find out what wrong its been over 4mths since this happened, im going crazy. but was reading a lot of the stories on here,very helpful, getting more answer then from the dr lol.. i have been doing the exercise to try move my leg more, it still hurts and i use crutches to get around. i will be so happy to walk again. i will keep you posted on results on the ct scan..wish me luck.

kelsey on August 26, 2011:

Thanks for your information 2 weeks ago i had a bad fall at work and still have brusing and swelling that wont go away even after them giving me ibprofen i can barely walk with out the crutches and now i need to start physical therapy, the worst part is that when i fractured my knee in 7 places it hurt a million times worse and when i dislocated my knee it was worse too. Being a medical assistant i try not to wonder if there treating me wrong.. hope your feeling better

Lenico1988 on August 14, 2011:

Thank you for the information I think I've torn a ligament in my ankle I did it about 2 weeks ago now. I did it when opening my front door my dog jumped at me in excitement an knocked me backwards of the door step, an I turned an twisted my ankle an cracked it of the step. It hurt it was like a sharp burning pain an it swelled up straight away I've been putting deep heat on it but some days it's better then I'll use my foot then it hurt again. :(

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on August 10, 2011:

min - You must feel so frustrated and the hoops you have to jump through to get the help you need. I hope you can get a specialist to have a look and do something. I can get so frustrated with the medical system sometimes! Gah!

mommy03 - OUCH!!!! It sounds like you did a really bad number on that ankle. I hope you can avoid surgery, maybe those casts will have helped protect it enough to do some significant healing, I have my fingers crossed for you!

mommy03 on August 08, 2011:

I stepped off a curb on June 23rd, and my ankle went completey sideways toward the inside. My foot swelled up immediately and I could not walk at all. I went to the ER and they did an xray and said it wasn't broken. I then went to an Orthepedic doctor and he said that I sprained it real bad and in a case like mine, he recommends a cast for 6 weeks. After 3 weeks in a cast, the doctor re-evaluated my ankle and put on another cast. I have 4 more days to go till I see my doctor again. For the past 6 weeks, my ankle swells unless I elevate it. It has been hurting on both sides and I still have problems walking. I'm afraid that I will have to have surgery on it.

min on August 01, 2011:

Sadly no. I have been trying to get a referral letter to see an Orthopedic Specialist but all I get was "Your ankle is fine" from the GP... Why I need a referral letter is due to the fact that the specialist feels that my ankle has recovered and need not be seen anymore. So in order to see a specialist, I have to be referred... that's how the system work in my country...

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on August 01, 2011:

min - sorry to hear that you are still having problems after so much time! Has your doctor kept an eye on that ankle over this time? I ask because it seems like they should be monitoring it and hopefully working out why its not healing properly :(

min on August 01, 2011:

I tore 2 out of 3 of my ankle ligaments almost 2 years ago.... The dr that sent me for mri advised that it is best if i dun go for ankle ligament recinstruction. Now I still feel a lot of pain on my ankle and also I am not able to resume doing what i like most i.e. running. Btw hope yr ankle has fully recicered.

chrisc88 on June 30, 2011:

The. Pain is much much worse today, at times I can't stand up on it so the fun begins in goin back to the hospital :( as for work there isn't any sit down jobs coz I'm a chef and 2moz I'm ment to be working 14hr shifts rushed around on my feet. Hope they sort something out this time coz there advice was poor lol far more help from you! Few ppl think it might be a small break or a fracture especially because of the pain.. Ill write back on here again once I no :( cheers for the advice again!!

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on June 30, 2011:

Chrisc88 - Your foot sure does sound like its in an awful state. The pain and swelling/bruising you describe sounds like the same symptoms I had with my torn ligaments. Did the doctors give you a diagnosis? If not, go back to them, don't let them brush you aside. A torn ligament is a lot harder for them to assess and with few treatments they do seem to take a dismissive attitude but the fact remains that if you aren't given proper care advice you can easily cause your foot further damage. They should have told you to stay off of the foot, given you a sick note (or its equivalent in your area of the world) so that the time off work shouldn't hurt your position with your employer. If the work problems remain even with a doctors permission to take the time off, would your employer allow you to do tasks where you can sit down? By wearing a brace on the ankle, getting any help with driving and such, and being allowed to do your work sat down, could at least minimise the chances of you over doing it and exacerbating and already serious injury. I hope you can get things worked out soon so that you can give that foot a break to heal! :)

chrisc88 on June 29, 2011:

A week ago today I was playing football and I went over on my ankle rly hard, I knew I had done something as it swelled up instantly.. Bout 2hours later I went to the hospital as my ankle was massive, they x-rayed my ankle to find no breaks or feactures and sent me on my way, I rested it and iced it and swelling has gone down and my ankle is extremly bruised.. I can't afford to b off work so after 5days off I have worked 2 shifts.. I has been uncomfatable to say the least but bareable.. But the pain is getting worse, and there is still swelling around my ankle bbut noware else, also have bruises arounds ankle, down my foot and across base of my toes, thing is I have now been getting intense stabbing pain in my ankle when foot is raised and even more painful wen I put foot on the floor.. Sometimes it happends sometimes it doesn't.. :/ not sure if I beleave x-rays and doctor.. How long should I have off work? And should I rly b driving on it? :(

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on May 31, 2011:

nicholas93 - It sounds like you have re-damaged or undone the healing your body had already done. Until an injury like this is completely healed its actually much easier to fall on your injured ankle which can put you back to square one so to speak. I was warned when I did my ankle in that until it was 100% healed that it was a weak point and falling/re-damaging it was very easy to do if not careful. Hopefully it wont have gone all the way back to square one in terms of healing but from your description it sounds like you might have put the healing right back :(

nicholas93 on May 31, 2011:

Hi again, rmb I tore a couple of my ankle ligaments four months ago? Well, I think I was well on my way to a full recovery until a couple of days ago when I went to play football and when I stretched to receive a pass, I felt a sharp pain in my left ankle and stopped playing immediately. After that it swelled up although the pain was minor. So it can't be a torn ligament again, can it?

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on May 07, 2011:

pinupgirl - From the sounds of it I am wondering if it has healed badly, and that is why you have persistent pain after so long (3 years is a long time for your foot to not heal, more likely it healed badly). I am not aware of any treatment for a badly healed ligament, in your shoes I would be asking the doctor to look at it again (and if I don't think he is taking it seriously, find another doc for a second opinion). I am not sure what more I can say except I hope there is something they can do to improve a badly healed ligament. :(

pinupgirl on May 06, 2011:


About three years ago my husband and I were hiking and I slipped and tore three ligaments in my ankle! I went to the doctor and he had me do exercises and of course I did RICE! He xrayed it and said it was torn! I still have pain daily and I still do my exercises faithfully, ice it and take ibuprofin when necessary! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on April 15, 2011:

Hi Mani - I am not sure how your comment got past my inbox but I am glad to have seen it at any rate! I did not do any official physiotherapy and just talked with my cousin and tried to do the alphabet with my foot the way he described, so as to move the ankle in as many ways as I could manage. It took a bit of patience and perseverance but it did pay off as I have no further problems now :)

Mani76 on April 14, 2011:

Hi Kristen. I went over on my ankle 5 weeks ago playing football, after a week I decided to go to A&E. I was told I had torn a couple of ligaments and put into a half cast. A week later the cast came off and I felt much better, but to my astonishment they stuck a full cast on which comes off in two days time. I'm guessing that rehab is going to play a big part!

I just wanted to know did you see a phisyo or did you just get the info from your cousin over the phone? By the way, this is a great post and I'm glad to hear you are better.

nicholas93 on March 06, 2011:

thanks a lot for getting back so quickly! =) really hope i can get back to playing football again soon, its been really frustrating for me the past few weeks, not being able to do so many things. anyway your advice is really helpful, thanks!

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on March 06, 2011:

nicholas93 - Ouch! It sounds like you did a real number of you ankle if they decided to put it in a cast! It does sound like you are healing pretty quickly but I would offer you a word of caution, if it feels 99% better, be careful anyway as it is much easier to re-injure it if its still healing. It is not really possible to say if you will be able to handle a lot of walking on this holiday like normal, you might want some sort of basic brace to support the joint, it might get swollen if it really is a lot of walking too. You are young enough you might just heal fast enough to get through your holiday fine but its not easy to say how long until you are playing football again. I guess take it one stage at a time and see how it goes on holiday, if its not too bad you might find your healing fast and are playing football again soon but take care on holiday so you don't go down on it again. I hope it works out OK for you on holiday! Have a great time :)

nicholas93 on March 06, 2011:

hi, nicholas here. i tore my ankle ligament about five weeks ago while playing football. i was really exhausted and when i blocked a shot i forgot to lock my ankle and as i was pretty near the impact was kinda huge and it made my ankle turn inwards. after that i could walk to a seat but that was it. it was really swollen and it was like there was a tennis ball on the outside of my foot. the thing i'm worried about is that i didn't ice it immediately or the days after. i was sent to a&e and was told that my leg had to be put in a below-knee cast the following week for 2 weeks. after the cast was removed my ankle felt really weak and i couldn't stand on it or i would get lots of pins and needles and some pain. on the fourth week i was off my crutches and walking with an ankle brace but after a long day of walking my leg would swell up when i got home and i had to wait till the next day for the swelling to subside. now its the fifth week and it isn't that swollen already but i have an overseas holiday in two weeks and there would be a lot of walking, what i need to know is whether i will be able to walk normally painfree for three consecutive days and when i can get back to playing football again. i'd really appreciate your help!

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on February 28, 2011:

zombiemonkey - I agree and think the video is good as a rule of thumb kind of thing. There are always exceptions to just about any rule, including the if you can move it it ain't broke rule. I think that is why in the end I had 2 x-rays done, just in case, because it wasn't healing and a break would have made sense. My mother in law broke a bone in her foot that never got treated (she didn't think it was broke) and years and years later that break healing poorly came back to give her real pain in her foot. I think its always best to go for the x-ray to rule out the broken bone thing before assuming its a torn ligament when the pain seems that bad. Doctors might know lots but they can still make mistakes and over look stuff.

zombiemonkey on February 27, 2011:

I have to disagree with the video.... I broke my right ankle badly 2 years ago and a cousin of mine said that if I could move it it wasn't broken. I WAS able to move it and it WAS broken!

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on February 26, 2011:

lollie - I sympathize with your frustration, not being able to move about normally is a real pain. It sounds like you are still pretty young (being in school still) so you should heal faster then I did. The problem is that until the ankle is completely healed the chances of doing it more damage means its just not worth pushing yourself to much.

lollie.... on February 25, 2011:

About a week ago I have torn my ligaments at school. I am currently in matric and iy is terrible to move between classes. I feel sad about what happened to my ankle because it is the athletics now and the winter sports are around the corner. I relly wish that my ankle would heal faster. I'm frustrated with the situation because I'm finding it hard to go by my normal rotine and going out with friends. I really want to be able to walk by monday...could that be possible?

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on February 15, 2011:

lahama - What a horrible way to get your self to the doctors! That must have hurt soooo much, yikes! I do hope the doctor gets to the root of the problem and gets you the best recovery plan. Since you are young your body should be able to heal completely. All the best!

lahama on February 14, 2011:

Well bad news... i was jumping on the couch, i leaped off it and landed on my ankle in almost the same position as it showed in the picture.... now it REALLY hurts... i should be into the doctor's office soon!

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on February 07, 2011:

Vikram - Good to hear your ankle is back to normal and you back enjoying some football!

Vikram on February 07, 2011:

hi again.....i had posted for advice 3 months ago after i had torn a ligament in my ankle when playing football...as it turns out, a doctor is basically helpless to speed your recovery up...all i did was eat healthy...light exercise...and 2months of rest 4 the ankle...my ankle is now fully fit and i can play football again with the same intensity as i did before...thanks for the advice Kristen

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on February 06, 2011:

keeley - Ouch! What you describe sounds like it involved both a broken bone and badly torn ligaments. If they are offering you surgery it must be serious. In your shoes I would be seriously considering taking the surgery. Living with what you describe is no way to live, in that sort of discomfort and pain. I know surgery itself does have risks so you are going to have to make your own decision on that score but I wish you all the best!

keeley on February 05, 2011:

Hi I broke my ankle at easter 2008 I broke a small bone in my ankle and have since been for mri scans and xrays and nothings been done, they said they can do surgery on my ligaments and tendons in my ankle as I could be sat down for minimum of 10 miniutes and ill get really bad cramp and can't feel tgthe ankle up to my knee and start getting shooting pains in my leg like ime been repeditly stabbed! Its a horrible feeling I just want to get it sorted I am 17 now neally 18 and I did this when I was 14 - 15 and causes me trouble all the time I can't even feel my foot half the time and its always crunches and the bones grind, also ankle and toes sometimes go blue purple colour . Can any1 help me. Thanks.

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on February 05, 2011:

lahama - I did not realise you were so young, figured mid teenager (tho you never really know online tho do you?). I am kind of surprised that your foot is still bothering you as we all tend to heal fastest when we are young, I broke my elbow when I was your age that healed fine, if I did the same now it would likely always be somewhat sore. I can understand wanting to take the bandages off, it can feel restrictive and suffocate the skin making it itchy. The bandages are a good idea when you are active tho, maybe take them off when you are chilling and not on your feet to much. If you can show your mom that you are making a serious effort to wear them then she may seriously consider taking you to the doctor when/if it still hurts (show her the seriousness you want her to show you, might work and is worth a try). Feel free to pop by anytime and let me know how you are getting on. :D

lahama on February 04, 2011:

hi kristen! ummm well i dont know if u were able to tell but i am a kid... am only 11..... so it'll probably be a while until i can make it to the doctors between school and stuff. My mom says to wear the bandage but i always wind up taking it off! then she says "keep it on but if it still hurts i will take you to the doctors." but i always forget to put it on! but thank you so much and i will post back to you once i have gotten to the doctors! :3

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on February 03, 2011:

robschwenck - The comments this hub has received amazed me! I think there is probably more in the comments then the hub itself LOL. Yup, my foot heal up just fine, a year on and I have absolutely no problem with it at all :D (perfect heal! Woo Hoo!)

robschwenck from Central New Jersey on February 02, 2011:

Hey Kirsten, great hub, very informative. I take it (without having read through *all* the comments) that your sprain healed without issue?

Shane on January 24, 2011:

Alright thank you. Iv decided to give my ankle some time to heal a few months or so. I'm not Gona step foot on another skateboard tell a few months have passed. hopfully by summer I can start skateing again. It sucks but I'll just have to re-learn a lot, when it comes to skating nd you take a long break from it... It is like learning all over again lol. "should be fun!" Ty for replying to my comment in such short time I appreciate the help.

elliott on January 24, 2011:

hi an MRI scan can show up a torn ligamens, just had one in the uk,(not sure where you are). ive torn a ligament and have two fractures not a lot of pain but wont be climbing again for 6 months, having an operation to alaign my ankle. hope this helps elliott

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on January 24, 2011:

Shane - It does not sound like a break but have you had an x-ray, it is a good idea just to be on the safe side. Chances are you did your ligaments a bit of damage, it sounds like you are healing BUT you do not want to fall on that ankle again! That will get you off that skateboard for awhile, perhaps you could try wearing a brace to support your ankle if you feel that you are able to skate but maybe a bit less? It does sound like your foot does have some strength to it and it might be a case that you really just want to be mindful of the weaker areas of the joint. The one thing to think about is that by taking it easy you have less risk for re-damaging it and it is under less strain so can heal faster. If you do go for an x-ray just to make sure, you can ask about wearing a brace for some of those activities you don't want to get out of the habit of practicing.

Shane on January 23, 2011:

From the time it happened tell a few days ago I did not skate on it. And I can run with litle pain. I did not get it looked at but my parents said it could take 6 months for it to fully heal and Can skate and do any tricks. I hope it doesn't take this long because I love to skate.

Shane on January 23, 2011:

I really don't no what I did to my ankle. I'm a skateboarder and I hurt my ankle 5 or more weeks ago. I thought it was just a sprain it could be more I'm not sure. But when it happened my ankle bent in an awkward position just like in the picture at the top of the page. It also poped like twice realy loud nd I felt it too. I cud walk on it the rest of that day but the next day I could not nor cud I the next few days. Well here I am 5-6 weeks later and I can skate. I just can't do any tricks wear I have to bend my ankle or flick it because it will really hurt the muscle Do u know how long it will heal and what's wrong with it?

oopsie! on January 23, 2011:


think i will ask the doctor, at the moment all i know is it wont move and that i have damaged both sides of my ankle and that i have torn the ligaments,thanks once again

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on January 23, 2011:

oopsie!- I am wondering if you had a complete tear. The ligaments in our joints like the ankle, are made up of fibers that can tear, a few might tear and the connections in the joint suffer, or you have the whole ligament tear completely. I wonder if this is why they decided to put you in a cast. You may want to ask the doc if they think it is a complete tear.

oopsie! on January 23, 2011:


been told i can put weight on it in the cast and to try and get used to walking on it, not really had any advice and not been fully told what's wrong with it just torn ligaments, i couldn't not move it cos it was painful it just didn't do anything when i tried may have to give the doctor another call or ask more questions at next hosp appointment - thanks for getting bk to me :)

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on January 23, 2011:

oopsie - The injury sounds quite a lot worse then mine was if you had it put in a cast and splints. I did have a point where I could not move my ankle at all, without lots of pain and I have healed completely. The problem is that what you describe sounds worse then what I had, meaning I really don't know the chances of a full recovery that will not give problems long term. I would, in your shoes, be sure to take to heart advice from the doctors as to when its ok to move it, put weight on it, etc. Has your doctor given you any advice?

oopsie! on January 23, 2011:


hi there,i have severely torn the ligaments in my ankle and am currently in cast (i needed splints inside the pot to hold my ankle in place as it was twisted out of place and i had no movement at all) i can now move my toes but when i had the pot changed could not move my ankle at all, my ankle is pretty numb and i can still feel things moving around inside it and its been 4 weeks sice i injured it, was there a time when you couldn't move your ankle at all? im a bit concerned at the mo that i wont get the movement or full movement bk?? cheers x

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on January 23, 2011:

lahama - I just read through the comments to find your previous ones. You were worried before that you might have had a hairline fracture and since you did not have an x-ray it was certainly a possibility, I take it you still have not had an x-ray for evidence of a fracture?

If it was a fracture there is a chance that it has not healed right, you really need to have that foot examined. I would not suggest you go running or anything where you could fall on that ankle until you have seen a doctor and had an x-ray. I know its not always easy to get to a doctor and if you need to you might want to take yourself to the hospital, they should be able to x-ray the foot then and there. I hope you can get that foot properly examined soon, I am worried that something has healed badly and could cause you problems for a long time to come. :(

lahama on January 22, 2011:

Hey Krisen, remember me? Umm we haven't been able to go to the doctor's office :(........... I have been wearing my bandage and it STILL huts!!!!!! No swelling,bruising just pain! And lately when I run it twists so easily and really hurts! My friends and I were running and just as I was slowing it felt like the muscle twisted and I almost fell to the ground! Then almost the rest of the day I was limping. After a while it stopped hurting but almost every time I run it twists and really hurts! Please help, and I can't go to the doctor's office anytime soon! :(

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on January 05, 2011:

Alex - If my injury is anything to go by your foot just needs time to heal completely (takes a long time, longer then if you broke it in some cases). With my foot I was half convinced that the doctors were talking BS and didn't know or care but after a few months like you, able to walk but not run or jump, I found that I could increasingly do more and more, until finally it felt completely healed. It took forever tho! Boy did it take a long time! I have started taking cod liver oil for my joints (I have naturally weak joints already) in the hopes of not having this type of injury again. I don't know how much it will help but I am willing to try as I would rather have decent joints in my old age :D

Alex on January 05, 2011:

I meant SURGERY instead of Injury on my Question.

Alex on January 05, 2011:

So it has been about a month and 2 weeks. And I still feel pain when I try to jump (jump shot in basketball) and the same injury happened to a professional Basketball player 2 days before my injury happened (November 23) and his out till March and he had surgery. So that means it might take me longer to heal since I didn't get injury?

I feel like I have a misplaced bone.. But if that was the case wouldn't I limp? I walk perfectly fine. But when it comes to moving my foot a certain way I'm still not able to do so and I still get pain.

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on December 20, 2010:

alex - I just, re-read your previous posts and wonder if you did have an x-ray when the injury happened? For some reason I thought I remembered you had but I may have assumed you had. If you have not had an x-ray, it would be good so that you know for sure the bones are all ok. If the ligament was completely torn that could account for the inability to do certain movements. My tear felt like a complete tear when I had it and my ankle just wouldn't go a certain way for some time. I would move as close to it as I could without pushing it, over time it got a little closer and a little closer until it finally could just about do all movements, and eventually could do all without issue. If you can rule out any sort of break with an x-ray then it does sound like a complete or almost complete tear to me.

alex on December 19, 2010:

Right now I'm not mentally stabled to get back on the court because I get flashbacks of what happened, so I'm not in the game like I have to. so right now I'm doing normal activity like walking, doing the alphabet with my foot and doing normal activities. I'm not anywhere close to running a full sprint in basketball and coach would get mad if I dont go up for a rebound which is my nightmare right now lol. I'm still worried tho.. I have pain in my ankle still.. And I can't make a complete circle. For some reason I feel like theirs a bone that's preventing it from doing the circle movement.. Or is just my torn ligament not being able to do that move yet??

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on December 18, 2010:

jfink - It sure does sound like a dislocation of the ligament based on what you describe. Good thing too if you are behind on the christmas shopping! :D

Just try to be careful with that foot and it probably is fine, of course if there is any re-occurrence of pain in the foot you will want to get it looked at at that point (I imagine that wont be a problem tho)

jfink on December 18, 2010:

Hello, a few days ago I was packing a lot of boxes and carrying a huge stack down the steps. Ironically this is about the same time my five and two year old decided to put all their toys on the bottom step. I have had several sprains in the past but something unique about this one. Instant swelling and pain of course and a little bruising. I rested but couldn't bear weight. I have a job that sometimes brings emergencies and not thinking, I took a huge step on the bad ankle like a running motion. The pop was huge, it almost echoed, but get this, the pain almost intantly stopped and the swelling when down to almost normal. Could I have had a dislocation? You mentioned in an earlier post about a ligament being out of place? I'm happy now I can finish m christmas shopping!! Just curious about this

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on December 16, 2010:

Alex - If you are using it to play basketball, because you think the ankle is almost healed then I do not think wearing an ankle brace would weaken it. The idea being that the ankle is supported while you play but during more normal activities its still getting movement and exercise so that it stays strong. I would however suggest that even with the brace on you let any coach and team members know that the injury is close but not quite healed, that you are playing so as to keep your skills up and let your ankle 'tell' you how it is doing and what it can handle.

Alex on December 15, 2010:

If I wore an ankle brace from now on.. Will my ankle get weak by using it every time I play basketball??

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on December 14, 2010:

Freddy21 - Wow, that sounds like one heck of an injury! I take it you are still in the cast? If there is any issue with you standing and putting weight on the foot while its in the cast your doctor should have told you to stay off it, even with the cast. In your shoes I would try to call the doc and get proper advice over the phone to be safe, I do imagine that while the cast is on they will say its OK to stand and function the way people do when in a foot cast, ie walking with crutches. I do expect that when the cast comes off you are likely going to have to do physiotherapy to build the strength back up before being able to stand and walk without risk of further injury. In theory with a cast on your foot it should be protected by the cast but in your place I would double and triple check with a doctor who has examined the foot or has access to the medical records from the doctor who did examine it. I just don't think you should take any chances as they do not usually put a torn ligament injury in a cast and that says to me your injury is quite bad. I really hope that you heal up completely and would love to hear what your doctors advice is on the standing on the foot question. :)

Freddy21 on December 13, 2010:

I recently suffered a really bad sprain where at first i thought it was dislocated because it popped out and i immediately popped it back in i went to the ER that night and they told me i had not dislocated it and after seeing a specialist they told me i had torn a ligament and put me in a full hard cast and told me to wait four weeks for the cast to be taken off how long should i wait before trying to put some weight on it?

yolanda yvette on December 12, 2010:

I tore a ligament once. Talk about pain. I don't go to the doctor for every little thing, but when I woke up with my right ankle swollen, hardly able to walk, I knew I had to get to the doctor.

X-rays didn't seem to reveal much. I got prescription and went home, advised to stay off of it. I was off work for a week ( I think ) and even had pain for weeks to come.

I had to wear an ankle support which really helped.

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on December 10, 2010:

Alex - Sadly I was not being sarcastic, I was able to get back to work and function mostly normally but for a full recovery, it took a couple of months to be back to full strength. I felt with my ankle that certain movements were harder to do then others was probably down to which ligaments and tendons are responsible for that movement. The weak and still recovering ligament struggled when having to do those movements. Torn and damaged ligaments are a pain in the, well ligament (sorry bad joke). It seems weird but it is true, a broken bone would have been easier to treat and heal(just what the paramedics told me).

Alex on December 10, 2010:

Are you being sarcastic with the whole "took ages" thing right? lol

also since my ankle feels like it's 100% when in reality it's not I jumped up to hit the roof completely forgetting my ankle is still injured and I got a sharp pain.. Wake up call that it still injured. So by walking and flexing it... How long do u think imma be out of playing basketball??

Also do you know why it's harder for me to move my ankle in a certain way??

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on December 09, 2010:

Alex - I had exactly the same! I could move the ankle joint one way fairly easily but not so well in other ways. I tended to try to do those harder to do motions, gently of course, as my physiotherapy. It took ages before the movement was completely normal, so even tho I could walk just fine I knew the injury still needed more care and careful treatment until that movement was back to normal. My cousin at the time was doing a residency for becoming a physiotherapist and over the phone agreed that what I was doing was the way to go, also over time it really did seem to work as my ankle is completely healed and is as strong as ever.

Alex on December 08, 2010:

Hey it's me again.. Good news but I got some concernes about my ankle. I can't completely do a circle with my ankle.. I can easily move it up and down but I can't do a completely full circle as I can with my other ankle. I still feel pain which I can understand since I tore my ligament. But I can't flex it as much as my other ankle.. Should I be concerned?... I really don't wanna go to the doctors and find out the have to break my ankle so they can fix it.

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on December 04, 2010:

Alex - Good news on the ankle! That pop sounds weird but probably did help, could be that a ligament or tendon was caught or moved and that got it back in place. I would say that from the sounds of it you are healing very well and you are right to take it easy. The advice I got was that until an injury like this is completely healed the chances of going down on it again are high and that is the one thing to worry about (just don't want that to happen). It does sound like so long as you take it easy it should heal up nicely, a little exercise like you have been doing should keep the joint healthy and strong so really that is the best thing you can do until it feels totally healed. Good stuff that its healing!

Alex on December 04, 2010:

Well today is the 4th of December.. And I can say I'm walking normal with some small pain but I can walk. I've done the alphabet and I was able to flex my ankle.also I put my ankle in a bucket of ice water and the next Thayer the swelling went down a lot. I have a blessing with my ankles healing fast but I'm taking it easy.. I still feel like any twist can set me back cause it's still weak. So now that it's been a week and a couple days into my injury.. My ankle isn't swollen or bruised but still have little pain. What can u say about my injury now?

funny thing that happened... I was walking around my room with a shoe on my injured ankle and I kinda hit the side of the door with my injured ankle and I felt and heard a small pop (a good pop) and my ankle felt much better and it had less stress on it... Idk if that's a good thing.. I'm guessing it is because if it was a bad pop I would probably have a cast on it or something.

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on November 28, 2010:

Alex - I did try to flex my ankle by 'writing' the alphabet with my foot and toes. I felt it was important to move it within the bounds of what I could without causing major pain (it was kinda a good pain if you know what I mean). When I absolutely had to walk, like going to the doctors for a sick note for work, I wrapped my foot up as much as my shoes would allow, it did help, that and taking it nice and slow. I also used walking sticks (this was last winter with icy sidewalks) that helped quite a bit. I can't say for sure how you will be on the 4th but I suspect if you take precautions for not falling on it again like a brace and enough time to walk slowly and take breaks you should be able to manage. You may also want to take anti-inflammatory pills as you could find it flares up after walking. I can sympathize with having to walk even tho it would be better not to, life just does not work out that way does it?! When you have done what it is you need to do you may want to do the RICE treatment again, help to reduce the inflammation that walking might cause. I hope things work out good for you on the 4th! All the best.

Alex on November 27, 2010:

Thank you so much for the info. Imma do the RICE TECHNIQUE. What I didn't do was.. I didn't put ice on my ankle till the 2nd day so I know it's gonna take longer to heal. I'm on my 3rd day I'm resting buy I'm also trying to flex it and give it some strength bcuz I have an important day on the 4rth of December that I can't miss.. If I put an ankle brace would I be able to walk?

kirstenblog (author) from London UK on November 27, 2010:

Alex - What you describe sounds very much like a torn ligament to me, without being able to see it I can't say for sure but it sure does sound like it. The good news is, it does not sound like a complete tear, if so the heal time should be faster. I will say this, if you have not had a doc have a look at it yet you should, it seems unlikely to be a break but without an x-ray it is not wise to rule it out completely (it is rare but people do suffer breaks and don't know it for years and the break never heals properly in that situation). Assuming it is a damaged/torn ligament you should not need surgery (that is pretty rare for non professional athletes). The advice given to me was to take it easy, keep any movement and exercise gentle so as not to further damage it and then just be patient, it takes time to heal and that can be frustrating but medically speaking there is not much they can do beyond saying to take it easy.

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