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Top Ten Weight Loss Exercises

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Top ten weight loss exercises

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take in each day, and when it comes to exercise, burning fat is really important to consider. You may know that the best way to do this is with cardiovascular exercises like running or swimming, but weight-bearing exercises are also good for burning fat because they will help keep your metabolic rate going throughout the day! Here are 10 of the best exercises to lose weight and strengthen your entire body at the same time.


1) Cardio

Cardio workouts burn calories and get your heart rate up, which is great for fat loss. The more intensely you exercise, the more calories you'll burn in a shorter period of time. If you're just starting out, try to do some kind of cardio at least three times a week for about 20 minutes at a time. To lose weight quickly and safely, take on high-intensity interval training (HIIT) twice a week instead—it's more intense than steady-state cardio (but doesn't produce as much muscle soreness), says Adams. Start with an aerobic activity like running or cycling—you can even sprint indoors on a treadmill—and work up from there. Be sure to gradually add each HIIT session over two to three weeks. Here are 10 Sneaky Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Diet [5].

2) Abs

While it’s always a good idea to do core exercises, doing them regularly won’t make much of a difference if you have love handles. (That’s where your obliques come in.) To lose weight and tone your torso, do crunches or planks (or both) several times a week; don’t overdo it, or you could hurt your back. If you have access to a fitness studio, give them all a try—when one gets too easy, move on to another! One we like is called Pilates; they also offer group classes with weights and other equipment so that you don't need any of your own gear. And since exercise produces endorphins that make us feel great, you might find yourself looking forward to working out. Next thing you know, fitness first will be part of your daily mantra—instead of stressing about getting there!

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3) Arms

Exercising with weight-lifting, resistance bands or your own body weight will tone your arms. One exercise you can do is called an arm burner, which involves raising one arm at a time over your head as high as you can without it locking back. Lower it back down and then repeat with each arm until you’ve done them all. This will help raise your heart rate and burn more calories in less time. To complement strength training, consider joining a fitness studio like Fitness First or hiring a personal trainer to ensure that you are doing each exercise correctly and maximizing your results!

4) Legs

The leg muscles are very large and are used for standing, walking, running, jumping and cycling. Strengthening exercises for legs include squats, lunges and leg press. Cardio exercises for legs include cycling and jogging. Lunges: Lunges can help you tone your thighs, buttocks and calves at once. To do a lunge from a standing position with no weights or resistance bands hold your arms straight out in front of you (A). Lunge forward so that one foot is placed in front of the other while keeping your back straight (B). Return to starting position (A) before switching feet (C) until you have completed all repetitions.

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5) Chest

The Chest Is One Of The Best Muscles To Work Out If You Want To Lose Weight. It’s Also A Great Muscle Group To Shape Your Body And Make Your Butt Look Shaped. Here Are The Top 10 Chest Workouts For Women: 1. Squats – Always Start Off By Doing Squats! These Should Be Done First When Warming Up Or After Doing Other Parts Of Your Body. 2. Bench Press – This Is A Basic, But Good Exercise That Will Help Tone Your Chest, While Not Taking Long Or Making You Put All Of Your Strength Into It. 3. Lunges – Lunges Are Another Fitness Studio Favorite Because They Allow You To Do Them Just About Anywhere And Are Good For Both Upper And Lower Body At The Same Time! 4. Push-Ups – Push-Ups Are An Important Part Of Any Workout Plan And Can Be Easily Added To Your Routine In Many Different Ways. 5. Flys – Flys (Also Known As Pec Decks) Are Much Like Pec Decks In That They May Seem Ridiculous... Until You Try Them And Feel How Effective They Really Are! 6.

6) Back

Whether you’re a gym rat or just getting back into an exercise routine, chances are you’ve got your eye on improving one area of your body: your booty. Strong glutes can improve posture and help with everyday movement like running and climbing stairs, so even if you don’t work out in a fitness studio or belong to a fitness first, it makes sense that you would try to do all that you can to tone them up. Here are some of our favorite exercises for targeting different parts of your booty, no matter where they fall on your body. Back Extension – Using either a single weight bench or multiple weight benches (more of these), lie down face-up and position yourself over an appropriately weighted barbell; hold onto dumbbells if necessary, as well. Lift yourself off of your feet by extending at your waist until you feel a good burn; be sure not to lift too high! Continue holding for 30 seconds before lowering yourself back down slowly to rest. Repeat 4 times for about 1 minute total, doing one set per day for optimal results.

7) Buttocks

Performing glute exercises, like squats and lunges, will help strengthen your glutes. Strong glutes not only help you look great in jeans but they can also improve your health. Strong glutes support a healthy spine and keep your body functioning properly. The best way to do these exercises is using weights or resistance bands; however, if neither of those are available you can also do bodyweight squats and lunges. These are some of our favorite lower-body butt exercises: Lunges – Lunges are one of our favorite lower-body butt exercises for several reasons.

8) Balance/stability

Stabilizing your body improves balance, efficiency, and posture. This makes you feel better and keeps you from getting injured. Find a place to stand on one foot or a small platform (like a yoga block or step) that’s about an inch high. You can also try side-to-side balancing exercises like lifting your leg out of a chair while keeping it straight and looking down at it. Another great idea: Place your arms in front of you with elbows bent 90 degrees and raise them up without moving your upper arms or torso. Hold for five seconds, lower, rest for five seconds then repeat three times before moving on to another exercise; after doing all of them once go back through them once more before resting again.

9) Core training

When you exercise your body, your core (your abs and lower back) is in constant use. When it’s not, it actually becomes weak from disuse. That’s why if you stop exercising for several weeks or months and then start again, your core will be much weaker than before. But a strong core won’t just help you look good in a swimsuit—it actually protects you from injury and makes exercise easier on all of your other muscles. So if you want a rock-solid set of abs, put them at the top of your fitness agenda by doing exercises like planks and crunches. They’re easy to do anywhere, and they force your core muscles to constantly work against gravity so that they stay firm. Plus, research shows that people who do core training more often are at significantly lower risk for back pain. As bonus incentive: They also report feeling less fatigued overall because their bodies can handle longer workouts better than when they had less developed cores.

10) Workout routine planning

It can be difficult for some people to manage their diet and exercise, so in order to make your life easier, schedule a fitness first workout routine. Schedule around your other tasks so that you always have time for yourself. People who do not take care of themselves physically find it harder to deal with their daily lives and end up skipping out on all of their tasks because they don’t feel good. Make sure you make time for yourself. By taking care of yourself, you will accomplish more each day than if you did not work out regularly. If you cannot afford a gym membership then there are plenty of free apps available online that offer at home workouts. Don’t fall victim to just sitting at home though; find an outdoor activity like running or hiking through nature trails! Make physical health a top priority!

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