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Top 9 Clinically Proven Weight loss Tips


Most of the people across the world have a weight problem. In daily life, we always lots of high calories food like burger, pizza, ice cream, soft drinks, fried food, etc. These food are high in calories, they directly on our weight. These type of food increases our weight very fastly. We always think we stop eating these type of thing, but we can’t because of our taste. Today I tell you to top 9 clinically proven weight loss tips. These tips help you to maintain your weight or health.

There is no problem, If you can’t stop eating fast food, but you can avoid eating more. When we eat any food in the limit, It never harms our body, But if we eat more than our capacity, then it harms our body and also increases our weight.

So the Top 9 Clinically proven weight loss tips are:

1. Eat more Proteins and Vegetables

Eating more proteins and vegetables help you with weight loss. You can add more vegetable to your favourite food. This helps you in weight loss and it good for your health.

If you love to eat food like burger, pizza, etc, Then you can add vegetables in your fast food. This also helps you to eat less fast food. Eating more vegetable helps you in boosting your metabolism. To make vegetables tastier you add your favourite masala recipes.

2. Drink Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the meals for weight loss. Green tea helps you to boost your metabolism. If you drink green tea daily then it helps you in weight loss and it also saves from you lots of diseases like cancer, headache, stomach problems, etc.

Green tea helps you in weight loss, it helps your body to increases its digestion speed. Green helps you to burn lots of calories. Green tea gives lots of benefits to your body.

3. Get Good sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors in weight gain. If you do not get proper sleep, it can cause weight gain. Proper sleep helps you in weight loss. It is clinically proven that good sleeper tends to eat fewer calories. Good sleep also improves your Concentration.

We always think that while sleeping we do not do anything, but in actual when we are sleeping our body perform lots of functions, which helps us in weight loss. Good sleep helps you in weight loss and it also good for your health.

4. Eat weight loss friendly food

If you eat healthy food like vegetables, whole eggs, salmon, etc, it helps you in weight and is also very good for your health. These type of food provide you with thousand of benefits. It saves you from lots of diseases. Try to eat more fibre foods, it is good for your health.

If you like non-veg. You can also eat Roasted or Tandori chicken. It is high in protein and it also helps you in weight loss.

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5. Eat slowly

Most of the people eat their food quickly and carelessly. It can cause weight gain. If we eat our food slowly and chew it properly then it helps you in weight loss. This is clinically proven that eating food slowly, helps you in boosting your metabolism.

Try to eat in small plates. In a fact, it seems that most people gain their weight because they eat their food quickly or carelessly.

6. Avoid Fried Food

The main reason for weight gain is eating fried food. In daily life, most of the people eat fried food daily, it causes weight gain. If we eat fried food in limit then it helps our weight loss. Each and every food can increases our weight, but if eat that food in the limit, then it good for our health and it also helps us in weight loss.

We can also lose our weight by eating fried food, but if we eat that food in the limit, Not every day.

7. Avoid sugar drinks

Sugar is the main factor of weight gain. If you want to lose your weight, you should avoid sugary drinks like Coke, Pepsi, Milk Badam (added sugar), etc. Eating sugar also cause lots of health problems.

If you love to drink soft drinks, you can eat calories or sugar-free drink. But not drink more. They also contain a small amount of sugar.

8. Drink water before a meal

Drinking more water helps you in weight loss. Always drink water before your meal, it helps you to eat less food and it also helpful for your body. Avoid to drink water after meal, Drink water after a short period of time. Because if you drink water immediately, it causes your digestion system to take more time to digest.

Also, try to eat more lemon water, it is very helpful in weight loss.

9. Make a plan for your meal

Always make a proper plan for your meal. It helps you in weight loss. Always notice that, If you eat without a plan, you eat more, and it cause weight gain. When you are making a plan you can add high proteins food or vegetables in your food chart, It is good for your health and weight loss.

Also, try to avoid overeating, always eat according to your meal plan.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Rachit Jindal

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