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5 Things That Can Improve Your Mood.


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Quick look at bad mood

Firstly, let us try and properly define what does being in a bad mood really means. When someone is said to be in a bad mood, he can be described as being in a state of irritation or agitation for a period or time for whatever reason. No kidding, feeing down or being in a bad mood is one of the most tormenting feelings out there and it is one of the hardest to overcome. Strangely, sometimes these feelings can come upon you from out of no where or for no apparent reason.

Being constantly in a bad mood correlates with depression and mood disorders which are different conditions in a sense and they have even more dire effects. It can even cause severe ruptures in relationships with our loved ones or even cause you to be down on yourself . So with something that can be so detrimental, it must be handled in the right manner with responsibility and as soon as possible. When it comes to your mood, everyone has different triggers that will get them feeling this way and it all depends on what the person refers to as 'stress' in their life. But like every problem in the world, there is a resolution. Here are some things that you can do at any time that will improve your mood.


1.Drink water

Life is the ultimate phenomenon, and water is the ultimate sustainer of life. Water is definitely one of the most important compounds responsible for the thriving of life. It has many functions in nature and all of its unique uses and perks are still yet to be discovered. Water is intelligent and it is essential for all types of body functions and if you are reading this, you probably have about 70% water in your body right now. If you are a person who is that in tuned with yourself, you would probably know that drinking water in the morning after waking up and throughout the day has a profound impact on how you feel throughout the day and this has a significant effect on long-term health. A study by Colleen Munoz showed that the greater the water consumption, the better your mood. Tension, depression and confusion scores went down when water intake went up. This is a very good find, and it can potentially change your life. SO DRINK WATER! You don't necessarily have to drink 8 glasses per day as recommended by some doctors but rely on your intuition.


2. You need to breathe

Though we cannot see it, we pretty much cannot deny that it is there. We cannot deny it's importance nor it's existence. Just like water, air is one of the natural elements and it is one of the most vital tools needed for survival. However, we seem to take the air that we breath for granted all the time. The air we breathe is in all the right places that it needs to be and we could never even think of surviving without it. In mostly eastern traditions, breathing practices and mindful techniques that is specialized for binging the attention to the breath and the present have been found to correlate with boosting mood, boosting the immune system and many more health benefits.

These are practices that are ancient and have been preserved for hundreds of years and is still in use today. Even professional all around the word have found one after the other the same thing, that your breathing indeed has a powerful effect on the way you feel and affects every system in your body including the cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, lymph, immune, digestive and, of course, respiratory. So it is safe to say that the next time you feel stifled by your mood, just take in a few deep breaths and calm down, you will realize the change.


3. Get more Sleep.

Sleep is another vital thing. One of the most mysterious and hard to understand from this list. No one knows what is the real reason why everyone must sleep, but we surely feel the urge to when it is time for bed. Sleep is so important, that going without it for prolonged periods of time, you might lose your own sanity. You should already know that you are at peak performance when you have had a good night's sleep. Sleep deprivation though is common among quite a number of people in this day and age especially in teens. Sleep deprivation can cause long-term health issues and is not recommended by medical professionals.

So it is best that you catch up on as much sleep as you possibly can to develop and maintain a healthy brain. However this doesn't seem to be a priority in today's young generation and this is can be big problem. Research shows that sleeping is directly correlated with improving your mood. With that said, next time you are feeling down, whether it is for known reason or not, best you get some shut eye.



Yes! Everybody loves food, there's not much to say on that. But here is another thing, have you ever thought about how going long periods of times without eating would affect your body?

I bet you have, and I bet you already know some of the the good things it does to the human body due to its wide spread popularity via the internet over the past . In addition to mental clarity, fasting appears to boost the mood. Researchers have linked fasting to an increased level of vigilance and a better mood, feeling of well-being, and sometimes of euphoria.

This one would most likely be the last option from our list for your average Joe but it still remains open to anyone who dares to give this on a try.


5.Set and accomplish goals

One of the greatest pleasures known to man is self-accomplishment. It drives big business, countries ,your favorite sports team and many more. You can see this clearly in today's day how it pushes people to do more and more not for anyone else but themselves. Self accomplishment plays a key role in our overall mood and it also plays a big role self esteem. SO SET A GOAL! Even if it is as simple as waking up early in the morning and going for a run. You will feel a change in your mood as soon as you have accomplished a certain goal preset.

Conclusion text

There are many many ways to improve ones mood and these listed above are just a few. It is very important to try to figure out and keep track of what it is that caused you to be in this state and try to avoid it as this could be a very important tip. Remember to never down yourself and keep in mind that the down moments of your life are the moments that best define who you are.

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