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Top 5 Symptoms of Depression

COVID has changed many of us in ways we cannot imagine. Some of us think they have simply formed bad habit but we are just coping

Depression discourages you from seeking out treatment.

The top five symptoms of depression are the worst things that you can do if you have this mental condition. If you do not know what depression is, then it is also called a major depressive episode. What happens in these episodes is that you may have all of the symptoms of depression, and you might not be having a depressive episode. Other people experience depression, and they do not ever have any symptoms. That is why some think that it does not exist.

If you don't take care of yourself, these top five signs of depression are the worst things you can do. If you do not get professional medical care for yourself, you will never discover that you have this mental illness. You need to get help before it is too late. Unfortunately, if you are like most people with these symptoms, you are probably not getting the help you need.

Top 5 Symptoms

The first symptom is losing interest in everything that you once loved to do. This means that you don't find pleasure in anything. You feel like you are a burden to your family and friends. You do not feel good about yourself. When you enter the bedroom, you might not want to get out of bed.

The second symptom is not eating. You eat less than you used to. This could be because of the foods you are now avoiding or simply because you do not like their taste. For example, you might find you no longer enjoy any meals that you are cooking at home anymore.

The third symptom is not sleeping. You might tell yourself that you need to sleep more, but you cannot seem to get to sleep. If you are in school, keep up with your grades, or even just hanging out with friends, you could lose interest in those activities. If you do not sleep, you will not concentrate properly on any task that you are undertaking. You will become tired and lethargic.

The fourth symptom is no longer interested in sex. If you have always had an interest in sex, this may be difficult for you to admit. You may feel that your partner no longer understands you anymore or is bored with having you around. You may even think that you are unattractive.

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The fifth symptom is feeling tired all of the time. It feels as though you barely have enough energy to get through the day. You may find that you have lost interest in exercise or other physical activities. If you are having trouble accomplishing simple tasks you used to achieve easily, you may wonder if you can perform them at all.
There are many different types of depression. Each one manifests differently in various people. The symptoms listed here are only a few of the many that may be experienced. Depression is a disease that can be managed with the right amount of attention and treatment. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should make an appointment with a physician. Allow your physician to properly diagnosis you, which is the first step to recovery.

There are treatments for most of the symptoms. For example, if you are suffering from severe depression, medication may be prescribed for you to take. Which helps to alleviate some of the symptoms, but it will not make them go away completely. Alternative therapies may also be recommended. Talking with your physician about your condition and possible treatments will help you feel better.

You do not have to live with the conditions that are listed above. There are treatments available for almost every type of mental illness that exists. You may need to talk to a physician about what treatment options are available to you.
Do not let these symptoms of depression discourage you from seeking out treatment. If you suffer from any of the symptoms, you may be suffering from depression. There is help out there for those who seek it. Your doctor will be able to diagnose you and offer the proper treatment properly. Remember that overcoming depression can be easily done if you know-how.

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