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Top 5 Benefits of Celestite

Anne Marie Carr is a writer and teacher who has researched and has an interest in crystal healing and herbalism.

Beautiful Blue


A Divine Stone

As its name suggests, Celestite is very well known for its divine purposes and uses within clairvoyance and the spiritual realms. This stone also vibrates at a very high energy, making it a good and soothing presence in the environment. Typically, Celestite can be found in places such as Britain, Egypt, and Mexico, but it is very expensive. The crystal itself is a beautiful blue hue usually found in large clusters.

1. Spiritual Awakening

Celestite can help you tap into the spiritual realm and is often used for purposes such as contacting higher realms. It is useful in heightening clairvoyance and enhancing psychic abilities. In addition, it has been reported that Celestite may also be able to help with dream recall and out of body experiences. This stone is highly sought after for these purposes for those that are interested in spiritual enlightenment, psychic powers, and astral travel.

Calming Effect

One of the most common traits of Celestite is its soothing and calming effects on the body and the environment.

One of the most common traits of Celestite is its soothing and calming effects on the body and the environment.

2. Peaceful and Soothing

Celestite is also seen as a soothing stone because its high vibrational energy can help to calm any environment. In addition, because this stone is so pure, it can also bring balance and peace to a person or to a space. Many have also thought this useful when dealing with particularly stressful situations, as the Celestite will work to improve communication and ease anxiety.

3. Mental Strength

The association with the divine also makes Celestite an ideal stone for strengthening the mind. It can enhance your communication, analysis, and creative skills. It works to bring balance to the mind, which can be useful when working on projects or in the workplace. Celestite is also commonly associated with the third eye chakra and can bring mental clarity and awareness to its users. You will feel more connected and open to the world around you.

4. Seeing The Truth

Another quality of Celestite that is often admired is the fact that it can help you see the truth in situations. It will clear out things that might make you blind to the truth, and therefore help settle conflicts in your everyday life. This idea of seeing the whole truth of a situation also brings you closer to the divine and enlightenment, so the benefit from Celestite is twofold.

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Enlightened Crystal


5. Physical Healing

Because Celestite is associated with the throat chakra and communication, it has also been said that physically this crystal can help to conditions of the throat. In addition, the purity of this stone makes it good to use for the elimination of toxins from the body, cleansing your physical self as well as your mental self. It has also been stated that Celestite may be able to treat conditions of the ears, eyes, and work to ease muscle tension in the body.


There are so many different uses for this beautiful and divine crystal, and it is easy to see why it is so expensive and sought after in the realm of crystal healing. The mental benefits of this stone also work with the physical benefits to create balance in your mind, your relationships, and your physical body. That being said, the best way to use this stone is to position it at the throat chakra or the third eye chakra. If you are looking to work on communication and resolve conflicts, place it on your throat chakra. If you are looking to achieve some spiritual enlightenment, place it on your third eye chakra. Another common use is to keep a cluster of Celestite in a room to heighten the positive vibrational energy in the room. However you use this wonderful crystal is totally up to you, and there are so many different applications for how to use Celestite in crystal healing.


I certify that I am not a doctor and none of these ideas should be used to treat conditions alone. It is recommended that you always seek the help and advice of a medical doctor if you are dealing with medical issues. Crystal healing is beneficial, but should not be used as a replacement for any kind of treatment you are receiving from a doctor.


Anne Marie Carr (author) from Richmond, VA on June 11, 2021:

Thank you! Yes crystal healing and herbalism are fascinating topics. I always love to learn new things and write about some of the things I've learned and read about.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on June 10, 2021:

Ann Marie Carr You have shared many informative and interesting hubs. I noticed that you have many well-researched hubs and this gives an opportunity learn from your work. Hope all is well with you

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