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Top 5 Benefits of Calcite

Anne Marie Carr is a writer and teacher who has researched and has an interest in crystal healing and herbalism.

Powerful Crystal

Calcite is a powerful crystal that comes in many different forms.

Calcite is a powerful crystal that comes in many different forms.

Powerful Healing

Something that is particularly great about calcite is in addition to the generic benefits that all types of calcite have, there are many variations that you can use as well that contain special benefits in crystal healing. Some of the color variations include green, yellow, orange, pink, gray, and red. It is most commonly found in areas such as the United States, Britain, Czech Republic, and Brazil. However you plan to use calcite, you can choose a color variety of this stone to suit your needs in crystal healing and chakra meditation.

1. Cleanser

Calcite works as a good cleanser in different environments, dispelling negative energies all around. It can also work to clear negative or unwanted energies from your own body, and will also boost your energy levels when placed in your environment. This makes calcite a great stone to have in the home or around the home in spaces that you would want clean, positive energy.

Getting Rid of Negativity


2. Spirituality

Calcite has also been known to be a spiritual stone that heightens your sensitivity to the spiritual world, allowing for heightened awareness as well as out of body experiences. It is also linked to improved psychic abilities, which makes this a useful stone for psychic readers and those interested in the spiritual aspects of crystal healing.

3. Mental Impacts

Calcite can have a significant impact on the mind, reducing stress and creating a better sense of calm. It also helps to clear away negative emotions and boost your memory. It strengthens the mind and emotions within so that you feel more confident and secure with yourself. If you feel like you are worried about a test or something you need to study for, calcite is an ideal stone to have around because of its impacts on the mind.

4. Physical Healing

Calcite has been associated with being a cleanser, so it is not surprise that this can also be true for the physical healing aspects of this stone. It can work to clear impurities from the bodies and organs. Calcite is also associate with bone health, as the name suggest. It can help to heal bones, reduce calcification, and strengthen joints and bones. Those that struggle with arthritis or similar conditions may benefit from the unique healing characteristics of this stone.

Spiritual Benefits

Calcite is said to be able to enhance psychic abilities.

Calcite is said to be able to enhance psychic abilities.

5. Variations of Calcite

There are many different variations of calcite that have additional benefits to users in crystal healing. Below is a list of each type and some of the added benefits of using that particular variety of the crystal:

Black Calcite: Can be used to help with memory. Good stone to use if experiencing trauma or stressful situations as it alleviates stress and depression.

Blue Calcite: Relaxation stone that is good for soothing the body and mind from anxieties, can also help with communication. Commonly associated with the throat chakra.

Clear Calcite: Powerful detoxifying and antiseptic qualities, cleanses and aligns the chakras

Gold Calcite: Associated with the crown chakra. Good for meditation and reaching higher mental planes of existence.

Green Calcite: A balancing energy that heals the mind. Works to stimulate the immune system and fight off bacterial infections.

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Optical Calcite: Associated with healing the eyes and enhancing vision.

Orange Calcite: Energizing stone, works particularly well with lower chakras.

Pink Calcite: Associated with the heart chakra. Works on helping to forgive others and heal from fear and grief associated with relationships and the past.

Red Calcite: Associated with the heart chakra. Brings energy and healing to the emotions.

Rhomboid Calcite: Eliminates "noise" and chatter within your mind. Brings forth mental clarity and stillness.

Yellow Calcite: Associated with the crown and solar plexus chakras. Can help to enhance spirituality and is a great aid for meditation.


Generally speaking, calcite is a stone of cleansing, healing, and spirituality. It can help to rid the environment and the body of negative emotions and energies. It helps the mind heal from past emotional stresses. It also can help you reach a higher plane of existence if you are interested in developing spirituality and psychic abilities. The variations of this stone also make it so important to study up on all of the many things that calcite can offer into your life. However you plan to use calcite, you will be glad you looked into all of the benefits this unique stone contains.


I certify that I am not a doctor and none of these ideas should be used to treat conditions alone. It is recommended that you always seek the help and advice of a medical doctor if you are dealing with medical issues. Crystal healing is beneficial, but should not be used as a replacement for any kind of treatment you are receiving from a doctor.


Anne Marie Carr (author) from Richmond, VA on June 11, 2021:

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Anne Marie Carr (author) from Richmond, VA on June 11, 2021:

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