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Top 5 Benefits of Apatite

Anne Marie Carr is a writer and teacher who has researched and has an interest in crystal healing and herbalism.

The most common form of Apatite is Blue Apatite.

The most common form of Apatite is Blue Apatite.

Many Varieties

Apatite is a crystal that is commonly found and comes in many different varieties. As such, each different color has specific uses and attributes associated with it. It can be yellow, green, gray, white, brown, purple, violet, or a reddish shade. Blue is the most common from and it can be found in areas such as Mexico, Russia and the United States. Overall, this crystal is known to be inspirational and connected to psychic abilities, past lives, and developing spiritual awakening.

1. Psychological Impacts

Since Apatite is very in tune with the spiritual and the psychic, it is also a very useful stone when it comes to psychological awareness. The crystal helps improve meditation, aids in communication, and improves self-expression. In addition, this stone helps you to become more open as well as more confident in social situations. You will have a new energy in this situations as well as better communication skills. It can also be helpful for use with people who are highly distracted, as this stone calms the mind and brings more of a focus and awareness to the task at hand.

2. Intellectual Spark

Apatite has been known to help aid with intellect, bringing creativity, energy, knowledge, and truth to any projects or ideas. If working with a group, this crystal can help to ease tension in the group dynamic and promote a more cooperative work environment. In addition, Apatite will help keep energy and momentum up in these situations since it works at combating emotional exhaustion. This makes it ideal for assistance and aid when working on a very long, tiring project.

Healing Bones

Physically, Apatite can help in healing and strengthening bones and cartilage in the body.

Physically, Apatite can help in healing and strengthening bones and cartilage in the body.

3. Physical Healing Properties

When it comes to physical healing, Apatite is very focused on bone healing and regeneration. It can help bring more calcium into the body, strengthening bones, teeth, cartilage, and even arthritis. If you have joint problems or issues, this is a good stone to use in crystal healing as it will work right at the source to help alleviate symptoms. In addition to this, Apatite has been known to help with hunger suppression and raising the metabolism in the body. This makes it an ideal stone to use if you struggle from hypertension or other related disorders.

4. Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite, which is the most common form, has a few specific attributes that can be beneficial to its users. For instance, the blue form is most commonly associated with spirituality and spiritual guidance, making it an ideal stone to meditate with. It can also help in public speaking and social situation, as this form of the stone focuses on the communication aspect of the crystal. This is also a good stone to have around if you are dealing with a lot of emotional issues, as it will help you to heal and move forward.

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Apatite provides energy to the body, mind, and spirit.

Apatite provides energy to the body, mind, and spirit.

Yellow Apatite

Another form of Apatite, yellow is considered a very rare form of this crystal. If you manage to get a hold of one, it can help you in a variety of different ways. This form is best used to stimulate the solar plexus chakra and also works to eliminate the body of any toxins. The bright, yellow color of this stone provides energy and warmth, helping you to take on tasks with a renewed and refreshed feeling, combatting any fatigue. Physically, yellow Apatite can work in healing the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. It also works well as an appetite suppressant.


As a crystal, Apatite works in a couple of different ways in crystal healing. It can help you gain a greater sense of spirituality and keep you in tune with your emotions. Apatite also provides energy and insight when it comes to social situations. Physically, it works to heal bones and organs as well as helping balance all aspects of the body. The additional attributes that blue and yellow bring to this crystal also make it a very sought after and useful type of crystal to have in your collection.


I certify that I am not a doctor and none of these ideas should be used to treat conditions alone. It is recommended that you always seek the help and advice of a medical doctor if you are dealing with medical issues. Crystal healing is beneficial, but should not be used as a replacement for any kind of treatment you are receiving from a doctor.

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