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Top 5 Benefits of Angelite

Anne Marie Carr is a writer and teacher who has researched and has an interest in crystal healing and herbalism.

Bold and Blue

This beautiful, light blue stone is commonly found with white, vein like detailing and sometimes red spots.

This beautiful, light blue stone is commonly found with white, vein like detailing and sometimes red spots.

Awareness Stone

Angelite, as its name suggest is said to be a crystal that can be used to gain contact with other realms. This stone is unique in that it is formed when years of citrine have been compressed. The beautiful, blue color of the stone is very typical, although sometimes there may be some spots of red mixed in as well. It usually comes in the shape of veined looking "wings", which is part of where the name "Angelite" comes from. It is common in countries such as Britain, Germany, Mexico, and even Poland.

1. Telepathic Communication

One of the main attributes of this stone is its supposed ability to communicate with another realm, as well as telepathic communication. When using this stone as a form of communicating with another realm, many have reported feeling out of body experiences or sensations in which they felt a connection with a higher being. What is unique about this stone is while it may help you reach this stage, it will also keep you grounded in reality. This is why many crystal healers tend to use this stone when helping others, as it can heighten awareness and senses but also serve as a protection to the person.

Telepathic Communication

It has been said that Angelite can help promote telepathic communication between two people.

It has been said that Angelite can help promote telepathic communication between two people.

2. Opening Up

Because this stone is associated with communication, this is also a great stone to use if you are having trouble opening up about something or having communication issues with a loved one. It can help you to speak the truth while also being more accepting and willing to listen to others. If you feel like you are having an issue with someone, this may be a good stone to have around when you confront your loved one. It will enhance the communication between you while also facilitating a level of respect and understanding within each other.

3. Enhancing Skills

There are certain things that the attributes of this stone are good at bringing out. For instance, Angelite can help one have a better understanding of astrology, mathematics, as well as telepathic contact between people. The shape of the stone itself suggests a unique geometry found in nature that may help the person using it to better understand the applications of math and sacred geometry around them. It also contributes to a better sense of awareness in the environment, which is why it is seen to be helpful with telepathic communication.

Throat Chakra Healing

Angelite is most commonly associated with the throat chakra.

Angelite is most commonly associated with the throat chakra.

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4. A Stone of Compassion

Key to the attributes of Angelite includes the idea of compassion. Because this is such a great stone for communication, it goes without saying that Angelite will have a great impact on your ability to show and receive compassion with those around you. Promoting healing and spiritual enlightenment, this stone will give you a great sense of peace when used properly. As you have more of an awareness of the world around you and heightened senses, you will feel an overwhelming sense of oneness and compassion to those things around you.

5. Physical Healing

As a blue stone, Angelite can commonly be associated with the throat chakra as well as the third eye chakra. Used at the throat, it can help to alleviate inflammation as well as helping to fix any thyroid issues you may have. This healing stone can also be used to repair tissue and blood vessels in the body, promoting a more unified body to work equally and balanced. It has also been seen as useful to promote weight control, and has also been used to help cool and heal sunburns.


Angelite is a beautiful, other-worldly stone with so many benefits to its users. The deep amount of aid in communication, healing, and a higher sense of being make this stone one of the best to help stimulate the throat and third eye chakras. The tranquility and calm you will feel just incorporating Angelite into your life may help you get through tough situations with grace and understanding, and heighten your awareness to the world around you. Overall, this is a great stone to have in your collection or even just have around you in your home in your day to day life.


I certify that I am not a doctor and none of these ideas should be used to treat conditions alone. It is recommended that you always seek the help and advice of a medical doctor if you are dealing with medical issues. Crystal healing is beneficial, but should not be used as a replacement for any kind of treatment you are receiving from a doctor.

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