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Top 4 Tips to Be More Productive in and out of Work

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Do you feel overwhelmed when you have a lot to complete on your plate? Does your brain freeze when you find not a single task complete? Do you often see that before your day ends, there were many items left? I know, I can deeply understand this feeling. Because I have gone through this several times. It is frustrating to start your day with several emails in the inbox. And in the times like now, where people are working from home, it is not easy. Managing office along with your house and kids can be overwhelming at times.

But is there a way to get past such situations with ease? What do you often do when you fall at such spots? Do you just let it go thinking you can’t get it all done? Or do you pick all the jobs at once but end up not completing even a single one?
It isn’t easy to manage everything at once. Sometimes it is okay to go with the flow for the tasks which depend on unforeseen circumstances, which you cannot control. However, things that need your attention and are dependent on you must be completed with honesty and on time.

So, without wasting any further time. I will share a few tips that I practice daily. These tips help me become more productive and be better at work or home.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Plan your day: The first thing that you should take care of is to plan your day. The first thing you should follow after waking up in the morning, remember to list down your tasks either in a notebook or your phone. And as the day forwards, try to track your activities and move towards achieving your ultimate goals. Planning your day and building an idea about things you want to need to do in a day will keep you excited and motivated. Thus, helping you to increase your productivity and get the results you truly desire. Also, a few days might not go as planned due to emergencies peeping through your day. However, in situations like these, never let yourself down. Also, whenever you get a chance, bounce back to planning and strategizing your day.
  2. Set smaller goals and prioritize: There can be days when a day is heavy and overloaded with work, meetings, challenges at home. Then the best thing to do is breaking down those larger tasks into smaller chunks. This activity will make your life a bit easier. And you will learn not to see the big problems at hand but look at the larger picture through smaller lenses. Also, after you have completed the above, you must prioritize your tasks. E.g., in A meeting scheduled in the next 2 hours. You must have all the items, decks, your speech ready. And by following these simple ways, you will end up with everything or many tasks off your plate. This activity will help increase productivity and would also keep you motivated through the overwhelming path.
  3. Learn to take breaks: No matter how stuck you are at work, never forget to take breaks and relax for some time. Getting away from your workstation even for those 5 minutes would help you focus better and gain a better perspective about the remaining work. Maybe a quick walk, or just peeping outside the window, would boost your brain and even help in concentrating later.
  4. Take proper sleep: No matter how awful your workday is, make sure to sleep on time. A deep sleep of between 6-8 hours is called a night of healthy sleep. So try to relax your body and mind by providing it the proper rest. This will keep you charged for the next day.


I have used these tips and tricks in both my personal and professional life. And so, with all confidence, I can share that if you follow them religiously, you will succeed. I assure you will be amazed by the perks. And would end up working better and more both in and out of the office.

I know that not every day will be perfectly productive. But don’t bother yourself enough. Instead, try to re-energize yourself by implementing these tips.

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I hope you find this article helpful, and in case you do, please drop a comment below. I would love to read your comments. Also, if you have any further suggestions on what I should write about next, do let me know.

Till then, have a good day. Bye!


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