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Top 10 Ways to Stop Smoking

Daily Top 10 is an advocate of health. Smoking is bad for your health so please consider these tips to stop smoking for good!


Smoking can entirely ruin your life. It can make you argumentative and irritable probably because of a subconscious knowledge of all the negative effects that this habit can bring upon. Studies also show a direct relationship of smoking to premature senility and brain damage.

Have you noticed most smokers are underweight? This is the effect of nicotine consuming most of their body’s fuel and energy. Smokers also lose their appetite and change any food’s natural flavor. If you decide to quit smoking, don’t forget to drop down your food intake or you’ll most likely end up suffering from weight problems.

But then again, it’s never easy to stop smoking because nicotine, one of the main compounds found in cigarettes, is highly addictive. Billions of smokers every day decide to quit but only a few thousands end up not smoking after a day while a few hundred successfully made it pass the crucial first week mark. To give you a better chance of success in dealing with this common but challenging dilemma, here is a list of the Top 10 Ways to Stop Smoking. Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments area if you think I missed a few points. Have a good read everyone!


There’s no better way to accomplish this task other than creating a list of reasons why you should end this unhealthy habit. However, make sure your reasons are straight to the point, based on emotions, and presently applicable. Saving yourself from the embarrassment of having a very bad smell from cigarette while taking the elevator, is a much effective motivator other than avoiding lung cancer, which you’ll eventually get after years of smoking.

Supporting your reasons with facts is also important. Browse the internet and look for a smoker’s personal experience. Dig dipper and determine what happened to him or her after being poisoned by nicotine for a couple of years. You’ll surely stumble upon financial and health-related reasons why millions decided to quit smoking and countless more are thinking about doing it. Tons of good information about effective ways to be free from nicotine addiction can also be found online so be sure to get the most out of them. Pick one that best fits your lifestyle and you’ll never go wrong.


An ingenious plan on how to quit smoking is just a part of the formula.Everything is worthless if you won’t even believe that it’s possible.You’ve spent both time and effort to formulate a good plan, so don’t waste it. Persevere and slowly walk towards your predetermined goals one step at a time. To avoid frustrations out of failure, come up with milestones that can be easily accomplished. Keep in mind that a slow but constant pace is far better than an abrupt change that will only lead to failure.

You are now embracing a new and healthier life so you must be excited about it. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and always be hopeful for a much better tomorrow.

Setting up rewards is a brilliant idea. If you spend at least $200 monthly for cigarette consumption, stop smoking for a month and spend the money on anything that you enjoy the most. It’s a win-win situation leaving you with no reason not to try it out. The road may not be easy but think of the reward and the endless possibilities that will open up once you successfully get rid of this bad habit.


Many include ending this bad habit on their New Year’s resolution and it’s not exactly a bad idea. Nonetheless, you’ll gain a higher success rate if you decide to quit smoking as often as possible. Why not do it every Monday or any day you deem lucky? Failure is eminent. In fact, successfully quitting any bad habit is not about achieving it in one try. Expect failures, accept them positively, and learn from them.

Quit smoking gradually. This approach is much effective and involves less stress. Smoking various brands is a good start. The difference in flavors and chemicals will eventually urge your body to dislike smoking. By smoking different brands of cigarettes, you can “de-automate” smoking and increase your chance to quit this awful habit once and for all.

Get rid of all Tobacco products and smoking paraphernalia in your home and work place. This may be very hard to achieve and almost impossible for those who already puffed thousands of cigarettes for years but it’s a goal worth aiming. You can keep one pack and deprive yourself from it. Do your best to resist the temptation for a week, a month, a year, and you’ll eventually quit smoking without even noticing it.

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Addiction to nicotine is a medical condition so you don’t need to solely carry the burden. Ask your doctor about nicotine replacement therapy. This involves patches, gums, sprays, and inhalers that can deliver nicotine to your body. Millions around the globe already tried this approach and most of them if not all enjoyed positive results afterwards. Prescription medications that can help you quit smoking are also available so ask your doctor as soon as possible.


Mints, sunflower seeds, coffee stirrers, and mints are proven effective cigarette substitutes so don’t forget to try them out.This is an effective way to slowly get rid of the psychological disturbances brought upon by smoking. After doing such kind of activity every day for years, it’s expected that your body is accustomed to it and will seek for it so using any of these substitutes is imperative. The first week is probably the most crucial stage so work hard to surpass it without lighting any cigarette. Here are some tips that are worth mentioning:

  • Distract yourself away from smoking. Get out and start a new hobby or sport. Indulging in physical activities like biking or hiking will not only bring out positive effects to your goal but also help improve your health in the process.
  • If you experience craving, exercise for 15 minutes. Brushing your teeth can also help.
  • Pain is a good weapon against nicotine craving. Slightly slap your leg or wrist enough to feel a bit of sting. It may not completely eliminate the craving but will surely lessen it to a manageable state.
  • Instead of smoking, drink a glass of water.

Forcing yourself to quit is a bad idea. Be aware of how you enjoy puffing and playing with a cigarette. This should be done at least a week before you totally stop the activity. By doing so, you’ll be more aware of the activity and come up with effective ways on how to deal with your future cravings.

  • Create mental notes of your smoking activity. Constantly imagine how you light a cigarette. With this approach, your mind can easily determine the requirements for you to start the habit again making them easier to avoid.
  • You should stay focused and never give in to the temptation despite suffering from side-effects like having a sour taste, weakened sense of smell, heightened temper, and many more. Once you survive the crucial first week, the rest will be relatively easier.

Temptation is really strong especially those who have been a smoker for so many years. Don’t be discouraged after breaking your focus and puffing a cigarette. Start all over again and determine the factors which led you to failure. Always remember that it’s not how perfect your journey is but how you standup from one disappointment to another.

  • To avoid repeating the same mistake, pinpoint locations, times, and other elements that triggered your urge to smoke. Come up with interesting activities that can serve as their alternatives.
  • Share the goal to your family, friends, and loved ones. You’ll definitely need their support since stopping this highly addictive bad habit is never easy.
  • Don’t forget to relax if you feel another craving is approaching. Take a couple of deep and slow breaths and clear your mind. It will eventually subside if you just stay relaxed and composed. Never panic since it might lead to stress and simply worsen the situation.

It’s imperative that you keep away from friends who smoke and are not positive about quitting. On the other hand, spend more time with non-smokers. Participate on their fun and exciting activities. You’ll eventually get forget about smoking without even noticing it. Always keep in mind that this should be a lifelong devotion of following a healthy lifestyle and not just quitting a bad habit.

Instead of expecting death and preparing for it while puffing almost a pack of cigarette a day, why not aim for a longer and happier life? It’s never too late. Even those who are already suffering from the drawbacks of cigarette smoking still have the chance to rewind everything back to when they were still perfectly healthy. Though a ton of effort and determination are required to pull it through, everything will surely turn out well if you have a determined heart and focused mind.


This battle is almost impossible to win without some backup. Your family above anybody else will definitely be excited with this change so share it with them. They can help get rid of your smoking paraphernalia and keep you reminded of your goals particularly at times when it seems the cravings are strong enough to breakdown your focus. Have fun with them and spend more time together. Instead of staying indoors this weekend, visit the nearest camping site and enjoy nature. You can also play sports like basketball, baseball, and tennis with your kids. These activities will not only distract you from smoking but also improve your family’s relationship with one another.

If ever another member of the family is also addicted to nicotine, encourage him or her to walk the pat towards a healthier lifestyle with you. Share your experience and thoughts with each other and face every challenging situation together. You can also join a help group composed of individuals who are dedicated in stopping their bad habit for good.


Experts claim that side stream smoking is a lot dangerous than the actual act. This only means family members who don’t smoke are in great danger if you continue this bad habit. Think of them as your inspiration. If you truly love and care for them, drop your selfish thoughts and persevere to stop smoking as soon as possible. A friend of mine successfully got rid of smoking after a year of agonizing experience. He shared that there was even a point when he almost lost his mind and dreamed about cigarettes every night. Despite the challenges, thoughts of compromising the health of his family encouraged him to continue the fight. Today, he is a proud father of three healthy teens and is now enjoying a much healthier body. The change in him is really evident. He is less moody and a glow of happiness and contentment can be observed on his honest smiles. I really hope every smoker out there who is interested about quitting the habit will enjoy the same success.


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John Paolo Magdaluyo from Philippine on March 08, 2013:

Great tips! people must learn it especially those who started smoking at younger age. anyway I hate the smell of it irritating

dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on February 23, 2013:

Thank you for appreciating my hubs Viva..Smoking is an addiction that has no meaning at all. My hate doesn't go to the smokers but the vice itself. Smoking should be banned worldwide as it slowly corrupts our healthy society.

VivaLaVina on February 23, 2013:

Oh, wow... I love every of your article very much. All of them are neat and tidy and easy to read and understand. Well, I do smoke, but only occassionally when I feel like it. Sometimes one cigarette in a few months. I do enjoy smoking, only when I'm in very deep thoughts. Other than that time, I simply refuse. I know I started smoking because I was curious about the temptation and addiction most smokers possessed; but anyhow, *knock hard on wood* I simply didn't get that temptation at all.

dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on December 26, 2012:


Skyler Parker from Idaho Falls, ID on December 26, 2012:

This is definitely a hub that I will pass on to people that I know want to quit smoking.

dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on December 20, 2012:

The temptation is really something. My uncle, a really strong man, even suffered from immense stress simply because of not smoking for a week. I'm really glad though since he was able to overcome it through sheer determination. I wish you all the best and thank you for reading my hub.

dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on December 20, 2012:

I'm really glad my hub is useful to you. Thank you and have a great day!

Lizvdw18 on December 20, 2012:

I have been a smoker for 4 years and what really stood out to me in this hub, was : Don’t be discouraged after breaking your focus and puffing a cigarette. Start all over again and determine the factors which led you to failure. " because once i "quit" or thought i had, i smoked another ciggerette after and just kinda gave up because of that one.

Danson Wachira from Nairobi, Kenya on December 20, 2012:

Hi Shin,

Although i have never been a smoker, the obvious mistake smokers make when quitting is to stop at once and not gradually. Very useful that you pointed about that here, i like the that part about reading other smoker’s personal experiences. One can gain useful tips and courage to quit smoking. This is a resourceful article, voted up, useful and shared.

safiq ali patel from United States Of America on December 18, 2012:

Very good topic for a hub. And also a hub that is very well laid out. good read and useful. Thank you.

dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on December 10, 2012:

Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead!

newusedcarssacram from Sacramento, CA, U.S.A on December 10, 2012:

Really helpful hub you have shared.

Thanks and voted up.

dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on December 10, 2012:

I'm glad my hub is helpful to you. Have a great day and God Bless!

Michelle Liew from Singapore on December 10, 2012:

It's not easy to quit smoking indeed, and thanks for sharing useful tips which will help those who are doing so now. I will be sharing!

dailytop10 (author) from Davao City on November 25, 2012:


Thank you for dropping by and appreciating my hub. Congratulations for overcoming it!

Have a blessed day Diana.

Diana L Pierce from Potter County, Pa. on November 25, 2012:

This is an interesting article. I quit smoking September 18th of this year after over thirty years of smoking a pack per day. The Chantix program I got from my doctor did the trick, but it wasn't easy. Chantix controls your mind far more than the nicotine does. Instead of taking the pills for twelve weeks, I only took them for five weeks because I had trouble sleeping which is one of many side effects. But I'm still not smoking. The biggest thing to remember in wanting to quit is WANTING TO QUIT is the only way you'll be successful. You will never quit if you don't want to bad enough.

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