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Top 10 Addiction Recovery Playlist

Mark Choat found that music helped him through addiction recovery. Here's his top 10 playlist.


Music Is Instrumental in My Life

Music is an instrumental piece of my addiction recovery, and I use it as a type of therapy to treat my addiction. Even though I am not able to play a lick of guitar, I am able to connect these song lyrics to my soul. My passion for music has existed since the day I was born, and it continues to this day.

Everyone deals with stress and some degree of anxiety, but people with anxiety disorders, like myself, have to manage those things more delicately. I use music as one of my "medications" to calm my nerves and reduce my anxiety. Since I have been facing addiction, music became a coping strategy I use to relax and connect to positivity around me, or positivity I create myself. I listen to music every morning when I wake up, while at work, and when I get home. Music especially gives me inspiration when I am writing my blogs and eBooks about mental health and addiction.

Top 10 Playlist of Addiction Recovery

In looking at the thousand-plus songs I have on itunes and other media programs, I had a difficult time narrowing my list down to only 10, so I added two extra bonus songs to the list. Some of the artists you may have never heard of, but I encourage you to listen to all of the songs on my playlist, because I know at least one song will inspire you.

Top 10 Songs of Addiction Recovery:

  1. Hope One Mile - GB Leighton
  2. High Cost of Living - Jaimie Johnson
  3. The Low Road - Martin Zellar
  4. Matchbox 20 - Bent
  5. Through the Fire - Brandon Jenkins
  6. Wine into Water - T Graham Brown
  7. Going Through Changes - Eminem
  8. Better than I Used to Be - Tim McGraw
  9. Great Day to be Alive - Travis Tritt
  10. I Get What I Need - Collin Raye
  11. My Sacrifice - Scott Strapp
  12. Back to Good - Matchbox 20

1. Hope One Mile - G.B. Leighton

2. High Cost of Living - Jamey Johnson

3. The Low Road - Martin Zellar

4. Bent - Matchbox 20

5. Through the Fire - Brandon Jenkins

6. Wine Into Water - T. Graham Brown

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7. Going Through Changes - Eminem

8. Better Than I Used to Be - Tim McGraw

9. It's a Great Day to Be Alive - Travis Tritt

10. I Get What I Need - Collin Raye

11. My Sacrifice - Scott Strapp

12. Back 2 Good - Matchbox 20

My Passion for Music

Music will always be a passion of mine, and I hope you are able to connect to at least one song I have placed in this article. Many of these singers are in addiction recovery of some sort, and I could have added at least 50 more songs to this playlist.

There are several types of therapies that treat addiction. Meditation and music therapy are two elements that some treatment centers use to provide strategies to calm the mind while in addiction recovery. I encourage you to at least research music therapy techniques, as it may be another tool you can add to your recovery "toolbox."

Without music, I would be a lost soul, looking for another escape from the daily grind. With music, I am able to approach my emotions with more positivity and inspiration.

Music and Stress

Music and Addiction Recovery

What Are You Interested In?

My passions and interests grew when I became alive again, by living in addiction recovery. When I was drinking, alcohol was all I thought about. I would do all of the daily activities, such as go to work, coach my son's little league team, attend sporting events—but all I was thinking about was having my next drink. My soul became alive again when I put the bottle down and started living free from alcohol.

Are you ready to feel alive again?

I'm sure you know by now that music is a top priority and passion of mine. What kinds of things are you passionate about that help you in addiction recovery? If you're not in recovery, what kind of things would you like to start being more passionate about, and actually doing?

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Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on December 05, 2016:

I celebrate with you for the progress you've made. Sure music is an energizer and it is good that you have discovered its healing power. Best to you going forward.

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