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Toothpaste on Burns Is a "Remedy"? Myths and Facts for Treating Burns!

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Aren't burns just the worst? We are going about on our normal day and OUCH! You just touched the iron, or a hot pan and great you have a burn. Serious burns need serious measures, so the doctor it is. But minor burns can be treated at home.

But to treat those burns you should know the right procedures, but there are many household remedies, like applying toothpaste or ice that can potentially cause more harm, than benefits. I'm here to create some awareness about those myths and guide you to the right and proven methods!

Myths Be Gone!

There are myths revolving around treating burns that we should get rid of our heads before giving the right tips.

"Getting these misconceptions out of your mind is important!"

Myth #1- Toothpaste

Applying toothpaste to your burns help it. When someone says it, it legit hurts! One of the worst method for "treating burns". The toothpaste does the opposite, by causing swelling to the burns and slowing your recovery process.

It is painful and untrue, so never apply toothpaste to your burns. Trust me, you will be better off without it.


Myth #2- Ice

Same goes for ice. It is more painful and not effective, and also causes swelling.

Research shows that it actually deepens the wound, so there you have it for applying ice to your burns!

Myth #3- Bandaging the Burn Without Treating It

This is just plain bad! Bandage does not have some amazing healing abilities. It's purpose is to keep infections away from the wound.

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But what if the infectious germs are not removed in the first place? They will thrive inside the bandage, and that minor burn can escalate into a serious infection.

The Proper Way!

Okay. Now you are cleansed of all those myths that can make the burn worse. Let us proceed to the treatment part.

Step 1- Cool your burn!

Burns are meant to be cooled down. Ice is not an option because it is too cold, what you really need is cool water. Normal water would work aswell, but cool water not freezing water, is the better alternative. Hot water is not advised, like please don't!

Make sure the water is running. Best to do it under 10 minutes after the burn and keep it there for a minute or two! Initially it may pain, because it is a fresh burn but the pain will become less.

Step 2- Apply cream!

Apply cream to help yourself with the burn. One of the most serious problems with burns is getting an infection, which can lead to disease or even have your burnt area amputated. So it is recommended to apply ointments on the burn after washing it.

Step 3- Bandage It!

Bandage it to cover it from germs or any other harmful external substances.


If the pain persists for a long time, feel free to check in with your doctor. Better safe, than sorry. Minor burns can be treated at home using this process. The main goal of this article was to get rid of all those myths which could turn that cute lil' burn into a serious matter.

Like always stay safe, and peace!

© 2022 Zohaib Abdullah

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