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Tongue Posture and Orthotropics

Age 15-21 before and after

Age 15-21 before and after

Proper tongue posture, also known as "mewing" has been gaining popularity on the video sharing website Youtube.

Many Youtubers claim to have improved their jawline by adopting proper tongue posture and chewing hard food or gum to emulate the lifestyle of our ancestors who had straight teeth and wide mouths.

Mewing is not exactly the new kid on the block, it has been here for a long time and it's quite popular within the Incel community.

Mike Mew, the man behind Orthotropics and mewing claims that the soft modern diet and mouth breathing have caused some humans to develop narrow jaws and small mouths, which is the underlying problem of crooked teeth and limited space for teeth.

Individuals with well-developed face often have correct tongue posture and a hard food diet. the modern-day hunter gatherers are a good example of this:

A Mentawai woman with straight teeth and a wide palate.

A Mentawai woman with straight teeth and a wide palate.

But does it really work?

It won't make you a model in one night. It requires consistent correct tongue posture and years to see noticeable changes. Although if you are young, you might see changes faster than someone in their 20s.

Many people are sceptical of mewing and some even say that mewing gave them an overbite or made their face worse. Of course if you do it correctly you wont get these issues. Tongue on the roof of the mouth is the natural position and shouldn't cause any problems.

So how do you "Mew"?

You place your entire tongue on the roof of your mouth and breathe through your nose and keep your lips together. Teeth should be slightly touching.

The posterior third of tongue should rest on your soft palate, this is essential for palate expansion and maxilla development.


The tongue is a very strong muscle, it has the power to shape our faces if used correctly.

Genetics do play a role on how your face looks like and the size of your jaw but environment and other things such as posture and nutrition also matter as well.

If you grew up in a dusty area with nose allergies, chances are you mouth breath when you sleep and that's not good for optimal facial development.

I'm not saying everyone would be a model if they had proper tongue posture but small things like this are extremely important for growth and everyone should know the negative effects of mouth breathing and forward neck posture.

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