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In a Pit like a Bear


Before entering my cell
I had to get naked
And what a sinister voice Ululates
Guillaume what has become of you

Lazarus entering the tomb
Instead of leaving it as he said
Farewell Farewell singing round
O my years o young girls.


No I don't feel there anymore
I'm the fifteenth of the

The sun filters through
The windows
Its rays make on my verses
The clowns

And dance on the paper I'm
to someone stamping the


In a pit like a bear
Every morning I walk
Turning turn always turning
The sky is blue like a chain
In a pit like a bear
Every morning I walk

In the cell next door
We make the fountain flow
With the keys that he clinks
Let the jailer come and go
In the cell next door We make the fountain

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How bored I am between these bare walls
And painted in pale colors
A fly on the paper with minute steps Runs
through my uneven lines

What will become of me oh God who knows my pain
You who gave it to me
Take pity on my tearless eyes my pallor
The sound of my chained chair

And turn these poor hearts beating in the prison
The Love that accompanies me
Take pity above all on my feeble reason
And this despair that overcomes it.


Slowly pass the hours
like a funeral passes

You will cry the hour when you cry
Which will pass too quickly
As all the hours pass.


I listen the noises of the city
And prisoner without horizon
I see nothing but a hostile sky
And the bare walls of my prison

The day is going away here is a
lamp burning in the prison
We are alone in my cell
Beautiful clarity Dear reason.

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