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Tire Dragging

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What is tire dragging?

I know, I know, Tire dragging. It sounds silly doesn't it? Tire dragging is one of the BEST ways you can lose abdominal weight while walking, or running. Tire dragging is also an amazing way to train hard to tone areas such as the glutes (your butt!) or the abdominal and stomach muscles. Tire dragging is a safe, and low impact way to train for running long distances or just to lose weight and quite honestly, look pretty badass while you're doing it too!

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- Tire dragging is a lot more effective than just plain old "running". (Tire dragging is lower impact, so for people who can't actually run for long periods of time, or who have bad knees or other disorders, tire dragging is perfect, and is a better work out anyway!)

- Tire dragging trains the performer to run using the abdominal, or the midsection of the body. (This will allow you to run from your center, or your core, even if you aren't dragging a tire, and are just running or walking.)

- Tire dragging requires the performer to run in an up-right manner. (The bodies airways are more open when running or walking in an upright position, which allows better breathing when performing the activity, and also forces the body to adapt to a better posture.)

- Tire dragging forces the body to use muscles that don't normally get used. (Abdominal and the Buttocks for example, so get that sexy, toned body going in no time flat!)

- Tire dragging strengthens your legs, and improves your balance. (Due to tire dragging forcing the performer to run or walk from their midsection, it promotes a stronger balance and foundation with your feet to the ground. Tire dragging also strengthens your knees, and ankles due to the weight of the resistance from the tire, this conditions the body and strengthens the hard to train muscles without an extreme amount of strain.)

- Tire dragging simulates that of a hill or stair run. (Hills, stairs and other inclined surfaces are a great way to get into shape when running or walking, tire dragging simulates such an environment, so if you live in a flat place like myself, then this is the way to go for environment conditioning, and harder exercises without having to go very far!)


Tire Dragging : Benefits

There are many benefits to dragging a tire. The work out was designed to condition runners for longer sprint durations. However, tire dragging (and other tire-involved exercises such as tire flipping or throwing) are used to increase strength, and stamina while being performed. Tire dragging creates resistance on the runner / walker that is dragging the tire. Unlike a weight vest, where you are adding weight to the exercise, resistance forces the body to not only increase the utilization on the usual muscles when running or walking, it awakens and forces the body to use muscles that you normally don't use while performing the usual exercise. In turn, you tone yourself further, while burning more calories due to the output of energy required to perform the exercise.


Tire Dragging : How to?

How to drag a tire? I know, it sounds like a pretty silly question, However, its not just as simple as grabbing some rope and dragging it along. The most effective way to tire drag is to first, and obviously the most important part. Is to find a tire that you don't mind dragging for miles (and, no, that doesn't mean grab the spare tire from the trunk of your car every time and expect that you'll never need to use it.)

You'll need a few things;

- A harness (To attach the tire to)

- A tire (To drag, of course!)

Depending on the type of workout or the results in which you are planning on gaining from tire dragging, there are different locations you can drag at.

If possible, for less resistance when tire dragging, a gravel road is best. The pebbles and small rocks act as guides / little wheels for the tire. So you will feel less resistance on this type of surface. If you are going for power, and strength, then grab a Larger tire and head to your nearest gravel road!

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An easier accessible terrain is a sidewalk, or cement surface. The cement, because of its smooth nature, allows for more resistance than a gravel road, but due to the rubber of the tire, it will grab onto the surface more and create even more resistance. This is the type of terrain I use the most. I can do both power and strength, or endurance.

The hardest place to tire drag is going to be a road, or an asphalt surface. This creates the most resistance when dragging a tire.

- Once you've chosen your terrain, its time to start dragging!

- Position the harness onto yourself in a comfortable manner, not too tight, not too loose.

- As always, keep your chin up, your back straight to keep your airways open and allow oxygen to circulate through your body, you'll need it.

- MUSH! Either run or walk with the tire attached, from this point on its just on your dedication and how you want to do things. Always ensure you drink enough water and make sure not to overdo it, or go too far. Remember, if you drag for 30 minutes 1 direction, you have to drag the tire back 30 minutes to where you started.

Side note ; When I drag for endurance and strength in my legs, I plan on dragging for quite some time. I always equip myself with a hydration pack, so my hands are feel, this adds a little weight to your body, coupled with the resistance of the tire. It's a nice little additive to the exercise, and you'll always be kept hydrated!


How to pick the appropriate tire?

Proceed to your nearest junk yard, and buy a tire of a decent weight comparable to your body. Do not go TOO BIG (Please, No monster truck tires.) but do not go too small, because remember, you are to drag it to condition, tone and lose weight, and you need to be able to actually drag it in order to do so. I am 230lbs, and I drag a tire that you would expect to find on a normal sized ford explorer, expedition, or F-150 truck. So approximately 18-20 inches in diameter. This is a perfect tire size for myself, because I can go for longer distances and BUILD stamina with it, rather than just move it for a couple hundred yards and be exhausted like I would with a tire that had just come from the Gravedigger Monster truck. (If I would even be able to move it.. lol!)

Bottom line on picking your tire, is the bigger you are, the bigger the tire should be.

Side note; IF you are running with the tire, go a little smaller than what you would use if you plan on just walking. (Smaller for Stamina, Larger for Strength)


Coupled with a good diet plan. Tire dragging can be one of the best exercises you will possible have ever done. Not only is it different, and it tones those hard to get areas. It allows you to increase your stamina and strengthen your legs with a low impact exercise other than running. Not only does it look cool to see someone in a harness, dragging a huge tire behind them. Tire dragging will train and tone your body from the core, which means abdominal muscles, and give you a slimmer, stronger and more chiseled body!

So get ready for the summer or any event, and start dragging that tire today! You'll love it!

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Billiard on September 14, 2016:

Go to any tire store and tell them what it will used for,they will give it to you free or next to nothing.This exercise will hand your but to you,low impact but great work out.So many ways to use and drag a tire,embrace the challenge .Train like there is no tomorrow. Billiard.

keith on August 28, 2016:

The tires from an F-150 are actually about 29-30 inches in diameter, not 18-20 inches.

Rick Grimes on March 30, 2015:

I've always wanted to try tire training, i've just never had a place to do it, or a tire at that! I think i'll have to look for a more hardcore gym in my area to finally give it a go.

Thanks for the article :)

Ty (author) from Las Vegas on August 20, 2014:

@Peace - This is a hard core strength training exercise that also promotes weight loss due to heavily strenuous cardio and strength activities. I am not promoting the fact that everyone needs to look like a model, this is just an exercise for people who wan't to get strong legs, increase their cardio levels, as well as increase metabolic rates and help to lose weight. It sound sounds silly to some, sure, but try it and you will realize how much of a work out it is, it is very, very hard when it is performed in its most extreme level.

Peace on August 15, 2014:

What a ridiculous idea! To go shopping for a tyre that your not going to use on your car but instead are going to drag around the park, neighbourhood or across the beach is plain daft. Who has that kind of money to waste, especially with so many other exercise options available?

Sorry to disappoint you but the majority of us are not out to become super humans or look like some all action hero, we just want to look good and feel good. And I can't see that dragging an old tyre around the park (assuming I could get it there in the first place) will achieve either of those aims, in fact I reckon it will probably achieve just the opposite plus put me at risk of serious injury.

Ty (author) from Las Vegas on June 17, 2014:

Amazon or Ebay is a pretty good place to start! I personally use this one, its very comfortable and sturdy.

caridad on June 17, 2014:

Where can I buy a harness?

Ty (author) from Las Vegas on August 26, 2013:

Hey Kwai thanks a lot! Definitely give it a try man, works wonders!

Kawika Chann from Northwest, Hawaii, Anykine place on August 26, 2013:

Nice job Mack, I've never tried this but plan on doing it soon. Up/awesome/follow. Peace. Kawi.

Ty (author) from Las Vegas on August 13, 2013:

The harness I personally use is right under the first picture in the article, it is very comfortable and is designed like a champ. The tire I drag is from the front end of a Semi, and I drag it on the road, so a larger and heavier tire on a surface with a LOT of resistance. It still holds up like it was brand new. So I HIGHLY recommend that harness in particular.

Mazlan A from Malaysia on August 13, 2013:

I saw this on one of the 'Biggest Loser' episode and didn't think much if it until now. Sounds like a great idea and will give it a shot. But first have to find a good harness.

Ty (author) from Las Vegas on July 19, 2013:

No worries MsDora! It really is beneficial! Thanks for reading, sorry it was such a 'Drag'! lol :]

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on July 19, 2013:

Wow! This is my new lesson for today. Who knew that an old tire could be so useful? Thanks for the information.

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