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Tips to Healthy Living – Eat, Sleep and Live Right!

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I totally agree when I hear people mention things like ‘we are what we eat. There is obviously some truth to this and if we were to think deeper into it, it is not hard to realize that most of us, to a certain, extend, have not been eating, sleeping and living right.


Managing Our Eating Speed to Boost our Body’s Adsorption the Nutrients

By eating right, I am referring to the types of food we consume and most importantly, our speed of consumption. I am sure most of us have seen people who can gobble down a big plate of food in less than 3 minutes which is at least 10 minutes faster than the typical speed and by ‘pushing down the food into our stomach without chewing up the food properly will cause the rate of food digestion to slow down considerably, not to mention the fact that as we grow older, our body will not have that sort of ‘engine power’ to breakdown the food for us, hence we all tend to put on weight as we age (assuming everything else remains constant including the amount of food that we consume) and those who literally ‘swallow’ their food will suffer a worse nightmare as they grow older. Chewing our food properly before swallowing will also allow our body to better absorb the nutrients that we consume and unless you are someone still young who has a good digestive body system, gobbling down your food will never do you any good.

Tips: Eating speed has been known to have a direct impact on obesity and if you are someone who has a digestive problem or is attempting to cut down some weight, try cutting down your eating speed by half for a couple of weeks and you should see some sort of improvements. If you usually finish up your food in 5 minutes, make it 10 now and one great way to achieve that is to get our meal partners who can be family members, friends, colleagues to provide you with some friendly reminders.


Achieving a Full Sleep Cycle is a Huge Challenge

As we grow older and have family commitments, it becomes harder for us to really get a good quality sleep. You can be sleeping for 10 hours a day but if you find yourself waking up many times in between, you will wake up feeling tired if this carries on for days or weeks. If you are suffering from a sleeping disorder, it is advisable to quickly seek professional advice from a doctor. If you have newborn babies at home, it would be good if you can discuss with your spouse to take care of the baby on an alternate day basis. Although I have not come across any scientific proof yet, I have always believed that have a good quality sleep will allow our subconscious mind to better repair our body and that may explain why we always wake up feeling totally refresh whenever we get to achieve a full sleeping cycle.

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Living Right – Treat Your Body Right and You Will Be Glad You Did So!

Living right is never easy. Apart from having a healthy and positive mindset, it is important to know how to manage our MIND! Yes, those piles of grey matter inside our heads. Do you know that people who practice anger management, having sufficient quality sleep and leading a healthy lifestyle (E.g. no drinking, smoking and drugs) tend to live happier and longer than those not doing so? Although the logic is simple but it is never easy to put such things into practice. And since this world is never perfect and not everyone is keen to live longer, there is a consistent volume of searches across the web from people searching for remedies and treatments for all sorts of ailments. Hence I sincerely hope this health site will help provide some benefits and recommendations to people in need of medical advice.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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