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Tips to Boost your Immunity in this Pandemic Situation


The whole world is under the fear of COVID 19 disease. We are following almost the same routine to keep the disease away from us – washing our hands frequently, using sanitizer to sanitize our hands, food packets, furniture, door, keys, switches, and whatnot. We also wash and sanitize the products that come from outside with soap, water and sanitizers. Despite taking so much care, some people are becoming the victim of COVID 19 disease. But, if you make your body very strong from inside, you might avert the attack of corona virus that causes the COVID 19 disease. To make your body strong from inside you have to eat healthy foods and do some exercise daily. Mere intake of healthy food is not enough you have to do some regular free hand exercise and yoga so that these foods get absorbed in your body properly. This article will give you a few easy tips that will make your body strong.

Early morning is the best time for exercise. In case you do not get time, you can exercise at any time of the day, but of course not immediately after taking food. There are some easy exercises which not only boost the immunity system, it also burns fat and works as a mood lifter.


Walking and Hiking –

Walking and hiking is perhaps the best exercise to get all types of benefit. Regular brisk walking and hiking is an excellent method to burn your fat, to increase stamina and also to increase your immunity power. Hiking in a beautiful village path works as a mood lifter and it increases the oxygen level in your body. You can also walk after taking food. This practice helps to digest food and enhance the metabolic rate. But during the time of COVID, it is best to walk nearby and also remember to wear a mask!


Freehand Exercise –

Some freehand exercises at home keep you fresh and healthy. But exercise for a shorter time like 10-15 minutes. Exercising for a longer time at a stretch might make you weak.


Dancing –

Any type of dance with any type of music whether it is fast or slow, help to keep your body fit and boost your immunity. Dancing helps to remove stress from your mind and keeps you fresh. It also keeps your limbs active. Active body and fresh mind is an excellent combination to keep your body energized. The music beats uplift your mood and keeps you happy. When you are in a happy mood, different organs and hormones in your body work much better. You may find that there is no such link between dancing and a healthy body, but, there does lie a deeper link.


Exercise along with healthy food will keep you immuned. Citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit, orange, etc. are full of vitamin C. Vitamin C boosts your immunity. Protein-rich foods like chicken, eggs, liver, tofu, also boost your immunity. It has been found that the patients who have suffered from this new type of virus, recovered speedily when they were given a protein-rich diet. Drinking warm green tea or plain warm water helps to clear congestion and keeps your lungs clear. Stay away from cold food and drinks like fizzy drinks, ice creams, smoothies, etc.

Always wear a mask, when you go outside the house and also inside your home when you come in contact with a person visiting you. Also, carry a bottle of sanitizer when you are outside and sanitize your hands frequently.


Aditi Sasmal (author) from India on September 23, 2020:

Thank you ☺️

Charlene Gallant from Cape Town, South Africa on September 21, 2020:

We enjoy hiking and I especially love dancing as well. Yes, you are right, it takes exercise and healthy eating to combat the buldge as well as build immunity. Good read, thanks Aditi:)

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