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Tips on How to Manage End-of-Year Fatigue.


Tips on how to manage end-of-year fatigue.

Are you feeling exhausted? Is your anxiety at an all-time high? Do you find yourself bored yet have a tremendous amount of work to get through? If your answer is yes to any of the questions I have asked, then there is a high chance that you are suffering from end-of-year fatigue. Listed above are some of the common symptoms one may have as this year comes to an end.

Before I dive more into this article, let us familiarize ourselves with more symptoms of end-of-year fatigue.

- Trouble sleeping.

- Tiredness.

- Short temper.

- Detachment from reality.

- Memory impairment.

- Zone out.

- Lack of motivation.

- Boredom.


You're not alone.

Before you think you're the only person experiencing this problem, you're not. I'm currently experiencing end-of-year fatigue and so is everyone else problem around me so you can take that breather and drink your water because you're not alone. This hectic year is coming to an end and we still have many adjustments taking time for us to get used to. Just two years ago, we were on lockdown working remotely from home. We were forced to adapt to a new way of living and working, all while our anxiety rocketed due to ongoing tragic events around us. Now, we've gone back to what we knew as normality before Covid-19 struck, and in South Africa, 2022 is the first year since March 2020 that citizens have gone back to no restrictions, back to the office, back to no face masks and so much more that we had already included in our lifestyle.

The constant change in our lives while expected to still have a life outside work or even school can be taxing, especially if you struggle to balance the two (work life & personal life). Being burnt out is just a result of accommodating all this change.

In a simple explanation, burnout is a physical, emotional, or spiritual exhaustion brought about by sustained stress without adequate adjustment. (

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We're still required to get up and show up each day because you know what? If we don’t show up for ourselves, who will?


I have gathered a handful of tips on how to manage year-end fatigue.

1. Eat more often.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, tiredness is a symptom of year-end fatigue. A quick hack to avoid tiredness is to eat more often. Eating the right food will boost your energy levels to get you through the day. Remember, light meals and healthy snacks are better than consuming heavy meals - twice a day.

2. Get proper sleep.

Irregular sleeping times are often a contributing factor to year-end fatigue. With stress throughout your busy day and when you get home, make sure you have a routine time for when you sleep and when you wake up. I recommend playing some ambient music as this relaxes and eases me into sleep mode.

3. Take 5-minute walks.

Hear me out. Whether you’re at the office or on campus, you can gather your work colleagues and take a 5-minute walk outside. While others go on their smoke break, you can have a quick walk. It’s a proven fact that sunlight uplifts your mood, increases your energy, and reduces stress. Sunlight will enable you to get through the day without it being unbearable.

4. Make time for yourself.

Making time for yourself improves your mental health and grounds you when life gets hectic. With your fatigue probably stemming from work stress, setting time for yourself could be your escape from this haywire thing we call life. Find a hobby or activity that relaxes you. Spending your partner’s money may give you that satisfaction you greatly need. P.S take this advice at your own risk.

There are so many more tips I could have mentioned in this article, longer than my girlfriend's thesis, but I’m a bit too tired. I’m doing the best I can to finish off this year strong and I know that you can too. Drink your water, get enough sleep, and eat your greens and you should make it to Christmas, at least I hope you do.

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