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Three Easy Tips you need to know in order for you to Improve your Self-Confidence

Jackelou Bernabe is a third year college student, taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English


The feelings of inferiority affect your security resulting in the insecurity you feel about yourself.

"Do you ever have self-confidence?"

or "What does it mean to like yourself?" These questions are related to self concept specifically in the self-confidence of a person. According to Nancy Van Pelt, if you have a healthy "self-like," it simply means that you have accepted yourself and you have raised your self-confidence. On the other hand, when you don't have self-confidence and feel inferior about yourself, it may affect you in a number of circumstances. You may feel extremely self-conscious and you don't feel good about yourself. Moreover, the feelings of inferiority affect your security resulting in the insecurity you feel about yourself. Everyone who has a lack of self-confidence should get through some of their struggles and there is constructive help on how to improve your self-confidence. Let's look at some ways to improve your self-confidence.

Embrace Self-acceptance

Self-acceptance is the door for a better living. Be aware of your strengths and achievements and create a plan on how to address your weaknesses. Embracing self-acceptance, and feeling alright about ourselves and others regardless of the existing situation is important in our mental health. When you develop self-acceptance, you are manifesting respect for yourself. The more you have respect for yourself, the more you learn to embrace who you are and feel proud to show your best qualities and capacities.

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Make your Achievements as an Inspiration

Think about your achievements in life, be comforted by them. It does not matter what these achievements are, if it's small or big, what really matters is that they are really important for you. Ponder about these achievements and see what they are meant for you. Create a list and to it, add all the things that you are proud of. The fact that you are focusing on positives will also help you to increase your level of self-confidence. Make yourself an array of achievements that can boost your self-confidence, things that make you happier and lovelier. Make them your inspiration to strive harder and pull out the best in you.

Choose Positive Experiences and People always

Positive experiences act as a tool to increase our self-confidence. And being with people who love us and accept us for who we are is helpful too. Surround yourself with positive influences and keep your distance to those who are constantly negative and will bring you down. Remember that being tied with critical people can engender a bitter effect on how we feel about ourselves and our self-confidence. Allow yourself to be surrounded by a good circle of friends. Make friends with people that can help you grow and develop self-confidence, friends that accept who truly you are and appreciate the things you are blessed with.

The consequences of having lack of self-confidence are evidence of being an inferior person in the many aspects of our life. If you are one of the people who is experiencing trouble with self-confidence, you need to go out of your comfort zone, you need to expose yourself to things that trigger your inferiority resulting in a lack of self-confidence. You need to embrace self-acceptance, be inspired by your achievements, and choose positive experiences and people. The feelings of inferiority of having lack of self-confidence will not ruin your purpose of living in this world; indeed, it will help you set big goals and will bring you to the mountain of opportunities and millions of doors towards success brought by tomorrows. Apply these three ways on how to improve your self-confidence and you will receive the goodness of life you wanted and you will learn how to develop self-confidence.


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