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Tips To Improve Your Mental Health

Mental Health

It is very important to be mentally fit in our day-to-day life. Sometimes it is very difficult to
understand what is mental health. We are unable to express what is happening in our life.
Life seems to be unfair to us.
Everything seems to be challenging right?
The silly task seems to be difficult and we feel overburden.

1. Eat healthy

It is very necessary to eat healthy food. Nourishment of the body and brain is very
important. A proper diet plan helps to nourish your brain and body. Sometimes we get
angry frequently which can affect our professional and personal life. Maintaining a balanced
diet can help you improve your mental health.

2.Daily Exercise

Daily exercise is very important for a healthy brain. if your brain is healthy your body
automatically stays healthy or vice versa. Daily exercise does not mean to go to the gym,
running, etc. no just walk for 15 min daily anywhere on the terrace, play ground, road
anywhere just walk. Moring walk will be considered a plus point here. It will defiantly
improve your mental health.

3.Build Hobbies

By hobbies I mean that do what you love never stop doing things you love it can be
anything singing, dancing, reading, traveling, etc., give yourself some time spend some time
with you and with your hobbies it will refresh your mind and build a positive attitude
towards life. It will help you to stop thinking too much and focus on one thing. A person
usually overthinks when he has nothing to do.

4.Drink Sufficient

Don’t drink alcohol or any kind of harmful drinks which affects your brain and health.
Drinking is not a solution to your tension or failure .Instead of this you can drink sufficient
water, juices, etc. which will give your brain proper nourishment and give engery to your
Experts say that adults should drink 3 to 4 liters of water daily.


No one is perfect in this world everyone in this world has something to say which he/ she
may not express often which may affect their mental health.
Try to share your feelings with someone who understands you. Try to express what you
feel about life, things which you feel overburden to you.
Sometimes communicating with one relaxes your anxiety. Just expresses your pain there is
nothing to be shy about just speak out.
And the most important thing is to listen. Try to listen to what others want you to say.

You all are thinking that why I am saying this right?
Sometimes to hear someone’s thoughts helps us to overcome our suffering. Everyone has
some pain deep inside. So just listen and try to understand. it will help you to develop a
good relationship with ours and keep you mentally stable.

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Try to spend some time with your family. Enjoy their company just go for shopping, movie
or somewhere to travel. if you are not mentally healthy it will affect your family also.
So just make unplanned plans and enjoy the day. it will give you relief. Life is short just
enjoy the moments, forget about the future at that time and just enjoy.

7.Helping Others

Help others try to communicate, ask what is their problem to help them out. Take part in
social activates it will give inner peace. And Mental peace. Which helps you to build a good
understanding between you and people will change your way to see life. And this is the
turning point in your life.


15 minutes of meditation can enhance your day. It can be anything you can do yoga, chant
some mantras which will help you to relax your body your brain. Which will helps you to
overcome your anxiety, stress, etc.

9.Just Be Yourself ( Self Acceptance )

Just love yourself accept yourself, don’t change if it is not necessary. Don’t feel lonely.
Don’t keep yourself away from others. Don’t change yourself for others. sometimes changes
can be negative


If you feel that there is no improvement in our mental health. just call your consoler to tell
them what your problem is. They will help you out. But simply not doing anything will affect
you more and can spoil your life.
I hope this will help you out. My motive behind writing this blog is to add value to someone’s life.
Thank you.

© 2021 Vishal Kala


Farhan Saidi from Indonesia on April 23, 2021:

And forget anything bad in your mind for a while, you need to rest

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