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How to Cool Your Anger Down by Applying Simple Methods

Prashasti is a working IT professional, who in her free leisure time can be found writing or reading poems, stories, articles.

What Is Anger?

Let's first understand what anger is? Anger is an emotion similar to happiness or sadness. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting angry. One can get frustrated about some pity societal issues or a small argument with parents at home. Another person could feel annoyed because of his boss at work or the unmoving traffic on roads. But, the crucial point to take a look at is that how you deal with such situations? Do you often lose your calm? Do you get annoyed easily and shout at someone?

There is nothing to worry about here because a few tricks can make helpless situations better for you. So keeping all the curiosity aside, let's get started!

Tips to Keep Calm by Avoiding Your Anger

  1. Know yourself: Learn to know yourself better to understand the reason for a trigger to your frustration. Because if you know an upcoming situation can bring troubles, you can easily avoid it.
  2. Take a deep breath: Remember, whenever you get stuck in a terrible situation, take a deep breath. Breathing helps the flow of oxygen and thus opening your brain to calmness.
  3. Always remember to think before you speak: When a person is annoyed or furious, he doesn't care for the words coming out of his mouth. And that is the worst part of such circumstances. Because what's said once cannot be taken back. So take a moment alone to think about the matter and then speak.
  4. Learn to listen: You can avoid many problems if you withdraw from speaking first and listen to your counterpart. Serious issues or fights are solved in minutes by mere communication. Also, try to keep yourself in other's places. It will change perspectives for you.
  5. Try to be Happy: We all know life is one then why waste it by being angry at something or someone. Why not find happiness in each little thing around us. Wouldn't it make our life easier and simpler?
  6. Learn to forgive: Whenever you get into an unforeseen fight or argument because of your anger, say sorry. Admit your fault and learn to let it go. Doing this would bring utmost peace to your life.


Before you leave, I urge you to read the below poem. It concludes a conversation between a girl and her anger. This poem is close to my heart. I often go through it whenever I am about to lose my temper. I hope you like it too! Happy Reading!


Why do I lose it you,
I ask my anger every time,
Is it because I am short-tempered,
Or I give up on you so simply without even trying?
The anger comes back to me saying,
You are neither irritable nor grumpy,
However, you are sweet and calm,
But, you quickly rage like an alert, ringing such as an irritating alarm!
Upon this bitter-sweet gesture of his, I asked, what should I do?
Can you help me with some ways to pretty soon get rid of you?
Because with you holding a place by my side,
I hurt many where I just sat doing nothing and made them cry,
He said, there is no magic trick, but whenever you feel I am getting on top of you,
Remember the times with the person or object you had the most fun,
Take a deep breath, cherish those memories,
And think for a few minutes before you utter a single word!
I am here to destroy lives,
And there is no fun being with me,
If you want to lose everything you have,
Come closer, choose me and see,
The only way to keep away from me,
Is to think before you react,
Remember the words once out of a mouth,
You can never take them back,
So learn to put yourself in other's shoes,
Before throwing a judgment and speaking harsh words,
Because after all, they are your loved ones,
So don't make the situation sad or worse,
I promise I will be gone forever,
If you follow everything as I say,
Else we will have to play hide and seek forever,
And I will keenly wait for the moment to see you fall again as my prey!

© 2021 Prashasti B

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