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Tinnitus and Ménière's - You can reduce noise and effects by using safe natural remedies.

The inner ear

The inner ear

Difficulty hearing over the internal noise

Difficulty hearing over the internal noise

Ear candling - a natural method of improving hearing.

Ear candling - a natural method of improving hearing.

Residue drawn from the ear by candling

Residue drawn from the ear by candling

Tinnitus is a ringing or loud noise in the ear with no apparent cause. There can be many and varied possibilities ranging from exposure to loud noises to head trauma. It is very difficult to cure as it seems sufferers all hear different things at different intensities and the best that can be achieved is to reduce the irritation.

Treatments vary from “White noise generators”, through acupuncture to dietary changes.

Essential oils have been found to offer a reduction or relief in irritation for many years now.

The oils to use would be Cypress, Lavender, Helichrysum and Juniper blended into sweet almond oil and applied to the lobes of the ears, and neck. DO NOT PUT INTO THE EAR ITSELF.

This can take some months to become effective and you can substitute one or more of the oils for Lemon or Rose to good effect.

Vitamin B12 – Great success has been achieved by taking a high dose of B12 (2000mcg per day). This is probably higher than the recommended daily dose but B12 has no reported side effects, but you must ensure you use a high quality source (try Solgar). It has a neurological function and patients with tinnitus and noise induced hearing loss were found to have low levels in the body. The body uses this vitamin to make myelin which is a protein sheath that covers nerve fibres.

Ginkgo Biloba – This Chinese herb boosts the circulation and in combination with a low fat, low cholesterol diet had an excellent effect. This combination was used in a trial of 33 patients and brought about a complete recovery in 12 of them. It does take a while to work and you should be patient for at least a month.

Often sufferers are low in magnesium and a supplement of 1000mg daily can help reduce the ringing noise.

Overuse of aspirin and lack of Zinc can increase the problem and anti-stress or yoga/relaxation classes can help.

Ménière's disease is similar to above but sufferers experience vertigo, loss of hearing and low pitched noise which can switch from ear to ear. They also suffer from migraines more frequently. There are cases where the symptoms come and go and even disappear completely never to return.

Conventional medicine tends to use antihistamines and anti-viral drugs to some effect and surgical procedures are available which can reduce the vertigo but others can often result in total loss of hearing.

The same anti-stress treatments of minerals, essential oils, yoga, reiki and relaxation classes used in Tinnitus can help enormously. Additionally reflexology applied at the appropriate points can reduce an attack together with a treatment of acupressure and three or four sessions of acupuncture has been found in some cases to cure Ménière’s completely.

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Certain foods or additives are known to aggravate the symptoms of Meniere’s and Aspartame (sugar substitute) and MSG (monosodium glutamate) should be avoided as should excess salt.

Staying with Meniérè's disease, for the moment, there is a rare condition(around 1 in 25) known as sudden "drop-attacks", which cause the patient to fall to the ground without warning and while fully conscious. Its official name is the otolithic crisis of Tumarkin and the attacks only last for a few seconds, but because of their unpredictability and severity they can be quite devastating.

There are many other reasons for drop attacks other than Meniere's disease, but those that are due can be diagnosed with an audiogram and ENG. There are a variety of other tests also

Due to the difficulty in diagnosis the only orthodox treatment is surgery or medication to destroy labyrinth, however, rather than these drastic solutions, there are natural remedies mentioned above.

If you have no success with any of the above then a consolation with an Ayurvedic practitioner may be beneficial. They believe that tinnitus is a vata disorder. (Vata is one of three doshas, or body/mental types.)

A treatment often used for ear problems is candling. In this a hollow beeswax candle is inserted just into the ear and allowed to burn. Amongst other effects it creates a vacuum which will draw out any obstruction or excess wax which can be seen after the treatment.

Finally a TENS device (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) reduced tinnitus in 60% of Ménière's disease patients in a study of tinnitus sufferers. These machines are quite freely available but make sure you read and fully understand the instructions or alternatively have 2 weekly sessions at a suitable clinic.


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Peter Geekie (author) from Sittingbourne on June 21, 2012:

Dear Melovy,

I'm so sorry that you have tinnitus it's an absolutely horrible affliction. I wrote the article based on work I did to help my wife who suffers from Ménière's.

Kind regards Peter

Yvonne Spence from UK on June 20, 2012:

I have had tinnitus for years and wrote a hub about ways to cope. I am delighted to find this, and will bookmark it so that I can try your suggestions and link to it from my hub.

I didn't know about low levels of B12, but have recently bought nutritional yeast that is high in it, so perhaps it will help.

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