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Three Elements of Success

Shant is an experienced pastor who has trained and coached others to help them achieve their goals and become successful people.

Defining Success

When it comes to themes related to success, the most difficult component is the topic itself and its definition. I usually say that if you ask eight people to define success, you'll get ten different answers.

To be able to follow the path to success, we must first choose our definition, which will serve as a scale against which our efforts will be measured.

"The Bible says real success is being who God made you to be. It means you’re not trying to be somebody else or what your parents wanted you to be. You’ll only find real success when you spend your life as the person God created you to be" Rick Warren

Personally, I believe the definition above is worth considering, and it helps to connect success to the first element I'd want to share with you.

1- Find your purpose

Finding our purpose is, at its core, a spiritual exercise since it returns us to the simplicity of our being and assists us in discovering the reason for our existence. When I say that we should find our purpose, I don't just mean that we should know our dream or uncover our talents; I also mean that we should learn why we are here on Earth.

Without going through that process, our efforts would become meaningless after a while, and we will not feel satisfied since our productivity is not linked to a higher purpose and greater value.

The key to identifying your purpose is to ask questions and search for answers. I'd like to recommend the Bible as a helpful companion on your quest of discovery.

Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life. – Tom Thiss

2- Choose You Friends

"The research paper ‘Social Incentives in the Workplace’ it was found that those who worked alongside high-performing friends were more productive" Albert Costill

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I can't emphasize enough how vital your circle of relationships is to your success. Relationships can have an impact on the process of finding your purpose; in fact, some relationships may define your purpose for you if you don't handle them correctly.

The bible says:

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another (Pro 27:17)

Understanding the impact that relationships have on our lives is important. We can and should make the decision to choose our friends, which is one relationship dynamic. Of course, we must be approachable to others, but not at the cost of allowing our need for approval or companionship to abuse or dominate us.

Don't waste your life

Trying to satisfy everyone we know is a poor method for developing genuine friendships. According to the Bible:

A man with many friends may be harmed by them, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. (Pro 18:24)

This proverb treats relationships differently than how our Facebook friends list does—notice the two terms here, many and a friend. It is not having too many friends, or thinking of everyone we know as a friend and include them in our sphere of influence, but it is choosing to be selective and smart with a friend that lasts a lifetime.

Your Facebook Friends

3- Set your standards

The issue of standards is one of ethical reference and the criterion by which we judge what is right and wrong. Such factors will guide your career decisions as well as your day-to-day operational actions. In other words, how you handle those things will add up and strengthen your reputation, the very thing you need to attract success.

A good reputation is preferable to riches,and the approval of others is better than precious silver or gold. (Pro 22:1) VOICE

In this verse, we see the significance of reputation as a link to gaining the favor of others, which will influence your total rate and help you reach your goals. Many individuals mistake success for a race in which they must compete and outperform others, but true success occurs within the circle of healthy relationships, not in the arena of competition. For this reason, achieving goals and how you do so are equally crucial.

Area of improvement

Next step

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