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How Well are You Adjusting to the Pandemic?

I want to discuss how you feel about the new way of life and share how you feel about the adjustments. We can all get through this together.


The "Cooties"

We all know the world has changed. We have to walk around with masks on our faces. We have to stand apart and basically have the mindset that every one around us has the "cooties". Do you remember that growing up? Ewww.. you have the cooties, and running away? Now this is the kind of mindset that we are being told to have. It is very strange and something really hard to swallow.

Now a days we have to think before we show affection to our loved ones. We have to be scared to either pass on or contract this virus from our husbands/wives, kids, parents etc.

We have to shelter in place and well leave the outside world outside for the most part. This is what our world has come to. If you were not a germaphobe before, I bet you are slowing or quickly for that matter, are becoming one.

It is definitely sad and I cannot wait for the world to go back to normal, but in the meantime, we all have to make adjustments to make life as comfortable as possible while we wait for this Corona virus to be just a distant memory.

Adjusting During the Pandemic

There are many adjustments that we all are going through because of this pandemic. We are not socializing as much, we are not going out to eat or visiting family as much as we use to, and though the world did start to open up again, the virus has gotten so bad again, that they may have to shut everything down, once again.

In my opinion, we should have stayed in quarantine much longer then we did the first time. I always said, why are they opening everything up already? We are going to have to go through this again.

One thing we all need to actively do is stay sane while we are in isolation. Isolation is not something most humans are wired for. We are for the most part social beings, so keeping in touch via phone, video and chats is very important for our mental health. Having family activities may help as well. Maybe doing game nights, or movie nights where you talk and laugh and enjoy each others company may reduce the stress and anxiety of being in quarantine.

If feels like we have to try to keep in touch with the real world, when we cant "touch" the real world. It is difficult and I understand why so many people are stressed and depressed. The only thing we can do is look to future and hope that this all comes to an end soon.

The medical experts seem to be working really hard to find a vaccine for this virus, and that is wonderful news, but I fear if they distribute this too soon, they will not have enough data to ensure that these vaccines are safe for most people. There is just so much to think about and so much to adjust to. It can be hard to decide what the right thing to do is and it can be hard to make the necessary adjustments to feel safe, happy and secure. Finding support from your loved ones is important.

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A Major Adjustment - Working from Home

Back in the day, I always wanted to find a job where I could work from home. I never found anything that would allow me to fully support myself, work at home jobs, though existed, were not considered the norm.

When this pandemic broke out my company along with lots of other companies decided to make their employees remote. It is a big transition and not as easy as you think. There are computer systems, and programs, and fax machines and copiers. So many things that make it hard to move everyone to remote positions. But keeping some in office staffers and some remote employees is not always the most cost effective way of doing it, because owners have to pay rent if they keep some employees in location. So a lot of companies worked through these issues and have gone fully remote.

I am not going to lie, I miss going into the office. When you go into the office you have people interaction and a place to go other than the next room. It is convenient to roll out of bed and place my butt in the chair with my TV and fridge right here, but I feel like I am in a cave. I literally feel like I have not gone out in years some times. My trips to the supermarket for food is like a big deal and very exciting now. I forget to get up and walk around and literally sit in front of my computer hours at a time. Home use to be a place that I really looked forward to being after a long day at work. We take for granted how much the little things mean until we find ourselves with unexpected change.

You most likely have basic office supplies your company has provided you, but you still need other products to keep you comfortable. I actually found some great office products which I have reviewed here.

Must haves for a home office:

  • A good headset with a speaker to hear clearly during my meeting and calls.
  • A good Desk is important because that is where you will spend most of your time.
  • A comfortable Chair is definitely key to feeling well and keeping your body healthy.
  • A good mouse is essential because if you type a lot you know how badly your wrist can hurt. I enjoy the ergonomic mouse because it puts a lot less stress on your wrist. I reviewed a great one here.

Working Status


Still Thankful

Though it is not ideal being stuck at home 90% of the time, I am still very thankful that I was one of the lucky ones to still be employed and to have had the opportunity to move from the office to home. There really are some pro's to working from home, like saving money on gas and food. Travel time is zero, convenience and saving money on clothing and makeup.

I really do try to look at the bright side and see the good in things. I think that we will all get through this and eventually be able to move on with our lives. Maybe once this is all over we will appreciate the little hugs and kisses we all once took for granted. The simple gesture of a pat on the back or a handshake will mean so much to us then it did before. I am thankful for all the wonderful people who risked their lives to help others and they deserve much more praise and reimbursement then they have received.

I would like to end by saying that I hope that what ever you are going through, you realize that this is temporary. Though it may be longer then you like, this too shall pass. Stay happy, safe and healthy!!

© 2020 Jennifer Bates

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