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Thoughts On A New Provincewide Lockdown: Let This Be Enough

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Mixed Emotions Amid This Incoming Lockdown

Here we are in Ontario, Canada, realizing that come 12:01 am on Christmas Eve Day, we will be in lockdown.

While the exact details of the lockdown are yet to be officially announced, what seems certain is that all areas except the northern parts of the province will be in lockdown for 28 days, with the northern area being in lockdown for 14. It's likely to be announced that elementary school students will be learning online for at least a week - until January 11 - with high school students hopefully returning to the classroom come January 21. Stores will have restricted numbers and fitness centres will be shuttered, and we will likely be returning to the ever-popular COVID haircut, at least for the short term.

Tensions have risen to the point where I'm now more concerned about the ongoing mental health of many individuals. Don't get me wrong; I understand the tension and in fact feel that to an extent myself. We are starting to look at everyone with a bit of suspicion with every sniffle, throat clearing and sneeze, not to mention questioning every move people choose to make. In part, I question why people feel the need to comment about what others are choosing to do. It is, I suppose, human nature to judge. However, each of us have different lives to lead and different circumstances to negotiate. What works for one of us may not work for all of us, and that's fine.

It has, however, come to the point where we now have to find it within ourselves to stop denigrating each other for our individual beliefs regarding COVID life and just do what we have to in order to ease the pressure on our health care workers and our hospitals for the time being. When things open up again, hopefully sooner rather than later, we will hopefully all be more cautious about the social distancing, the parties, and everything else.

We'll hopefully start wearing our masks above our noses and under our chins as we're intended to do. We'll hopefully sanitize more frequently, and stop touching everything we can. We'll also hopefully quit gathering in huge groups when things open back up again.

I invite you to consider this: the Spanish flu epidemic lasted about two or so years. We are only 9 months into this here in North America. We now have a vaccine, and while I'm not saying there aren't some issues with it, it's a vaccine that will ultimately help alleviate the pressures that our society is currently facing because of COVID-19 so we can get back to the business of living again, sooner rather than later.

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Am I thrilled this lockdown is happening again? Not on your life. I don't do well when things shut down and now, I have to figure out different ways to exercise and educate my students in an online forum once again and keep them engaged on that platform. Not all students do well on an e-learning platform, just as all adults don't excel in an e-learning platform. We need kids back in the classroom as soon as possible, and we need to keep the economy moving forward. We can't do that if we have to keep locking down.

So how's about this? Those of you who have been feeling like you don't need to follow appropriate COVID-19 protocols and have been attending huge gatherings and get-togethers, stop it, at least for the time being. We all know that being in large groups is not helpful as far as the spread of COVID-19 goes, and we know that unnecessary travel doesn't help either. So STOP.

Not only is the health care system waiting for us to get our collective acts together, so is the economy. We will have to keep cautious, to be sure - this is a new virus and we have to do what we can to manage it. Pretending it doesn't exist obviously hasn't worked, so why don't we try a prudent course of action, such as wearing the protective equipment - masks and gloves - that public health has recommended and ensuring we follow all other protocols?

Wouldn't that be nice? Maybe then the lockdown will lift sooner, rather than later, and we can officially move on, responsibly.

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