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Is It Holding Me Back?

Katie doesn’t have any experience with this topic—that’s why she’s opening up to all of you in hopes of learning more!

Photo: Shane Wynn

Photo: Shane Wynn

Today is going to be a rather short article because I very much feel like I'm still experiencing this thought on a daily basis.

I've been thinking a lot about yet another new perspective. Most times I think of responsibilities, jobs, and sometimes even people as things that are holding me back - holding me back from really chasing my dreams, and living a totally free life. But on the other hand, without each and every one of those things I wouldn't be rooted in anything, I would have no direction, and perhaps without those things, I might not have even be able to dream as largely as I can.

The image of a kite pops into my head. This soaring piece of work can dance, flip, glide, and look incredibly beautiful in the sky. But only because it's rooted in the hands of someone allowing it to do so. If it weren't, it would gust aimlessly across the sky leaving little to no trace of its existence.

There has recently been a lot of talk of 'legacy' in my personal life and my work life. I think when we have the wonderful ability to dream larger than life, we sometimes miss the mark on how to make those dreams come true. When I think about my dreams and what I want to accomplish in life, I know it involves steadiness, tension, and connection. The same components a kite needs in order to take flight. Without those things, yes, you will probably still catch a blast of wind, take flight and soar, but I fear without steadiness, tension, and connection, you will aimlessly gust through the sky and we won't get the chance to see your beauty.

I'm not saying that people can't change the world singlehandedly and whatnot. But I do believe people you can fly even higher and make even more change when you acknowledge the strong ties that hold you. Not keep you or drag you down, just simply hold you -- like when we simply hold a kite and watch it make magic. (Sorry Mom, I think I know what my next tattoo will be).

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