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This Is How You're Going to Save the World

I'm the inventor of the Whirling Bliss Machine and the Heartfelt Energizer which work based on the same principles as orgonite..


A colorful popularly priced Orgone pyramid

What if energy healing could be far more dramatic than we ever imagined?

You're about to become a superhero. And it'll be easier than making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. In case you hadn't heard, the world has never been in more need of saving, so your timing is perfect.

What you're about to read is not your normal everyday kind of topic. How could it be? If normal solutions worked, the world's shutdown problem would have been fixed by now instead of growing worse by the day.

We will need to act fast, however, because we are on the verge of creating a world full of Venezuelas or some other country where people steal food just to survive. I just learned yesterday that in the US there are a million single mothers who work in restaurants, for example. Who is going to feed those mothers or their children if they have no job?

But how could we ever solve a monumental challenge of a million restaurant workers and their children plus the hundreds of millions of others around the world?

I'm an inventor which means I come up with products no one else has thought of inventing. In this case, you're going to be given the entire discovery!

An invention that could restore the world right now is obviously waaaay outside everyday thinking, right? Or at least one would imagine that to be the case. But it turns out that the most ingenious inventions can be super simple. It's certainly true in this case. It's just that no one had connected the dots before.

How does this discovery work?

The easiest way to describe this particular discovery would be to use the Hoover Dam as an example. The Colorado River creates no electrical energy to speak of on its own. But a mere 17 turbines at the Hoover Dam convert the river's force into enough electricity that millions can use their refrigerators and washing machines.

Those turbines are an example of the incredible power that comes from rotation. So that's what I have done with the orgonite pyramids and pucks that I have. From the very start the results have been nothing short of incredible.

The orgonite is held in place using two-sided wall hanger stick-ums. (The stick-ums works great, btw.)

When i set up the first turntable, I watched it for a minute or two because it felt kind of interesting. Then I walked to the other end of my place to use the bathroom. In the hallway, I noticed the first "Hall of Fame Healing Coincidence." An eleven-year limp was gone!

I'd had a broken back and then a subsequent fall left me with quite a limp that made walking uncomfortable or even painful. The limp has been gone for four months now probably 95% of the time. But that story isn't the biggest miracle.

An old friend of mine who lives a block away called me a couple hours later. She has severe OCD. When we would talk on the phone, a one-word interruption could throw her off balance emotionally. Even when I would chime in with words like "wow" or "yeah" it disturbed to her almost all the time it happened.

So you can imagine my shock when my tiny interruptions didn't bother her at all. This has also continued for four months. I could probably count on one hand when an interruption like that has bothered her since the original orgone laden record player was turned on.

I have six turntables playing night and day now.

Distance doesn't seem to matter either. A legally blind friend in his sixties who has had multiple organ transplants became aware of these creations. He lives 2,500 miles away. He tuned into the energy and proceeded to reorganize a room for eight hours, but he didn't feel tired when he got done!

It's so easy to set yours up

The best part might be how easy this is to do. All you need is some orgonite - you can get started with as few as two - any record player, and some two-sided wall hanger stick-ums! Let your imagination be your guide. If you don't have any orgonite yet, you could go to etsy.com. or Amazon. Read both the good and bad reviews to satisfy yourself regarding the energy in the orgonite you purchase.

Record players can be found at Walmart, Amazon, etc. The lowest priced ones are all you need. You'll want your record player to be able to play three speeds. because speed might be the most important factor for getting the greatest effect.

Let me leave you with one more amazing result. My neighbors across the street would argue and yell frequently ever since I moved in. Their home is 50 or more yards from here. I've only heard them yell one brief time in the last four months!

How do all these benefits end the shunning and the shutdowns?

The waves that orgonite produces when it is rotating gives people more energy and they feel more confident as a result. There is no room for fear when a person feels happy and confident.

Fear is the driver that has led to so many politicians making bad decisions like the ones they have made for the last 10 months. The energy you put out with your turntables will go to those pols along with everyone else.

The result is a twofer. The citizens will be feeling stronger and more energetic rather than run down, so they will press to be free. The politicians will feel much the same way, so they would be more likely to loosen the strings.

Usually when a person gets the flu, they feel run down first. It's as if being run down is a precondition to getting sick. So if everyone feels pumped up instead of rundown, maybe there will be far fewer cases.

How much difference would my little ol' record player add to the world's improvement?

Quite a lot! I've noticed that adding the slightest enhancements to my record players produces a BIG and very noticeable effect on my attitude. One time, I was feeling kind of down. Once the additions were made, there was an immediate 180 degree shift in how I felt.

There is a physiological explanation why this could happen. Some of our physiological activities require a saturation point in order for a biological function to take place. So for example, if the turntables that are operating now allows someone to be functioning at 90% of their saturation levels some of the time, they might not have a whole lot of energy at their disposal.

But your turntable adds to their function by adding a bit more and now they are at 100% or more. That person would feel a big difference in the way they feel. The shift is akin to a light switch. If the switch is up 90% of the way, more than likely the light won't turn on. But at 100%, you get the full light.

It's quite possible that there are a lot of people who are at 90% right now. So your basic addition could double or triple the number of people who feel noticeably energized. As more of this happens, orgonite could be come the #1 topic of conversation, instead of being on almost no one's radar right now.

There might be 20 locations where this is being done already based on the feedback I've received recently. One woman has six turntables running just like me, so we are off to a great beginning.

How long does it take for an orgonite record player to make a difference in someone's life?

The materials in orgonite have ultra mild electrical properties. But when they are whirling, that electricity is flowing at the speed of light. That means it could be coming back to you seven times a second from each orgonite piece on the turntable. This must be why I have repeatedly felt an immediate attitudinal shift so many times. When visitors come over, they often feel a big improvement in a dramatic way as well as right away.

Can we really bring world peace?

It'll be fun finding out. In the meantime your efforts could touch families all around and even at a great distance so that they hug instead of hit their children. We'll also never know how many former alcoholics or drug users we'll be helping to avoid a relapse. Likewise with thoughts of suicide, depression or anxiety.

We might be real close to causing a huge shift even in a matter of seconds because we just don't know how close we are to hitting those tipping points biologically. Plus each new set up truly magnifies the effects of all the turntables.

If you know how to use a pottery wheel or a router safely, this could be done using those devices as well. The high speeds from those tools could send out orders of magnitude more of the friendly waves.

P.S. What about the effects of cell towers and Smart Meters?

Those types of things produce pulsed waves. A pulsed wave is like a super fast miniature alarm clock that won't shut off - yeah it can be kind of irritating at a microscopic level. Rotating orgonite produces irregularly shaped waves like the sun or beautiful music does. They say orgonite also transmutes or transforms the pulsed waves so that they don't bother us.

This could be yet another reason to get yours completed right away. Has saving the world ever been easier? <3

Just one of many ways to set up your orgonite turntable

A popularly priced Orgonite pyramid

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