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This One Habit Will Motivate You To Do Anything

Akash Panda is a blogger, entrepreneur, and writer. He is also a professional content writer who writes content for social media sites.

Why is it so difficult to maintain motivation? Why is it so difficult to find the drive to go to the gym, work hard, eat healthier, get up early, meditate, or read? Why is it so difficult to find the drive to accomplish what we know we should? Well, you're going to discover a motivational secret that no one else has informed you about.

As you were crossing the street, a vehicle appears out of nowhere and collides with you. You wake up in the hospital, and the doctor informs you that your essential organs have been injured, and you have three hours to survive. The doctor contacts your family and advises them to get to the hospital to say their goodbyes. You instantly begin to cry as you see your family enter the room. It aches your heart to think that you will never be able to embrace your mother again. And the prospect of never being able to laugh with her father again hurts her heart. The vision of your friends and relatives witnessing your unconscious body being put into the earth at your funeral crushes your heart.


As you hug your family one final time, the horrible truth of your impending death dawns on you. Everything around you begins to go black, and all you hear is the awful sound of stillness as you lie in the medical room.

As you lay there, you begin to sense a weird sensation deep within you; everything slows down, and you begin to feel a sense of serenity, peace, and oneness with the world around you. Even if you begin to hear the melody in the backdrop of your thoughts, there is something unique about it. It's music that seems like it's been with you your whole life, yet you've just recently discovered it. Memories begin to vanish from your head while the music plays. You recall the first time you laughed so hard that tears streamed down your face, and you recall being scared before your first kiss. After everything was finished, you recall how pleased and delighted you were. You remember coming home from school one day and seeing that gorgeous sunset that left you in a state of utter serenity and love, but then you begin to recall the moments in your life that were not filled with love or stillness.

You recall how easily you would become enraged about little matters, such as how the person in front of you would constantly move too slowly or how you would be cut off in traffic. Then you remember all the times you've battled with your loved ones about trivial matters that are unimportant in the larger scheme of things.

You regret not dropping out of school, even though you despised what you were studying, and you regret not quitting your work, even though you despised what you were doing. You now regret traveling around the globe and seeing all of the locations you've always wanted to visit. You wish you had spent more time staring up at the stars and recognizing how insignificant you are in this world. You regret not realizing you were seated on a little blue ball floating in endless space, among eight other flying spinning balls, all circling a massive ball of fire with the power to wipe out all life on the planet in the blink of an eye. When you exhale after a long breath, you regret not savoring that little moment of tranquility. You'd give practically everything in your bank account to wiggle your toes once more, or smile once more, or laugh once more, or weep once more; you'd give almost everything to experience the magnificent gift of life once more. Most individuals take their lives for granted.

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When we reach that later period of life, we have two options. One, we have a profound sense of calm and love when we reflect on everything since we did not take anything or anybody for granted. Or two, we look back and experience a profound sense of shallow grief because we never stopped to appreciate how amazing life is on our tiny blue planet. Take notice of how your body breaths for you without you even realizing it. Appreciate the fact that you can see the screen right now, or that you can hear my voice right now. Appreciate how you have the power to feel any feeling, whether positive or negative.

Realizing that your physical life here on earth is like a poetic song that will someday end is the genuine key of motivation. Poetry, music, and other forms of art evoke strong emotional responses in people because they embody the human experience in many ways. They both can evoke a wide variety of feelings in you, from grief to joy to terror, and they both can be beautiful as well as very, very dark. But most people want a sense of connection, whether it's with music, with each other, or just with the environment around them. We all want to feel connected, loved, and accepted deep inside. It's up to you, though, if you want to wait till the end of your life to feel this connection.

Because life will declare your senses and clean your thoughts in those final moments, forcing you to experience that sensation of connection. Alternatively, we may begin right now, right this second. And the habit that will push you to achieve anything is the quickest method to experience this connection. And it's simply being completely present at the moment, which means being completely absorbed in whatever you're doing at the time, whether you enjoy it or not.

Because when you actually understand, and we genuinely begin to appreciate the beauty of every moment of life, you will begin to live each minute as if it were your last; you will be thankful to have the chance to go to the gym, to go to school, or to work on your company. Because, at the end of the day, all we have is this very present instant. Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

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