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Things to Consider Before Setting up the Home Gym

Ritesh Mahindrakar is the Founder and Managing Director of Into Wellness; who resides in Pune, India.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, we all have realized and have started prioritizing health and fitness even more. Even if all of us must not be gym freaks, but we definitely miss our active lifestyle which we had before the pandemic; not having to spend most of the time indoors. We are now opting for brisk walks, running, or jogging however many of us would prefer a workout targeting every muscle group.

Setting up a home gym can be the best solution for this. However, understanding the benefits of a home gym along with knowing the things to be considered beforehand can make things easier.

Benefits of Having a Home Gym Set-up

Working out at home is not just a great way to stay active and fit but it also has many other benefits:

  • It is very convenient as it saves a lot of travel time
  • Many of us like our own space and privacy; the home gym is the best in such cases.
  • Your home gym belongs to you, so it can be accessed and used anytime at your convenience.
  • Maintaining hygiene has become extremely important since COVID-19; you can clean the gym equipment at your home and keep it sanitized at all times

Things to Consider Before Setting up a Home Gym

1. Equipment and Workout Needed for Your Health and/or Fitness Goals:

The selection of the equipment greatly depends upon your fitness goal and your health condition. If you wish to build the muscles you need a heavy-duty bio-mechanically accurate machine to compliment your workouts. If a particular muscle rehab workout is needed then you need to select strength training machines targeting those muscles.

On the other hand, Cardio equipment can be avoided by HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training). It is very important to understand what your body needs and what your health condition is before working out.

2. Available Area and Equipment Size

You need to plan the placement of your gym machines as per the size of the equipment, also considering the number of family members working out together. Here compact machines and multi-gyms are a perfect match. There are some great compact home gym equipment manufacturers in the Indian market, one such reliable manufacturer and supplier is Into Wellness.

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3. Quality and Versatility of the Equipment

Choosing better quality equipment over cheaper ones has many advantages such as their accuracy, durability, biomechanics, etc. Good quality machines with accurate designs help build the targeted muscles. While being durable, the home gym equipment should be easy to use, and if it’s portable then that’s an added advantage. The equipment should be aesthetically appealing and the design should inspire the user’s confidence.

4. Make Your Interiors Appropriate and Interesting

Planning the interiors of the gym by adding motivational posters, quotes, and other appealing interior props will help you keep focused and motivated to workout. Adding full-length mirrors can make your space look bigger and to get the feel of a commercial gym. Watching yourself work out will help you correct your form and will minimize the injuries.

5. Appropriate Flooring

If you perform high impact moves on a concrete basement or garage floor, you might end up having a lot of pain. So installing cushioned flooring to absorb some of the impacts can be a solution. Many home centers have plastic mats available like the ones used in commercial gyms at affordable prices.

6. Don’t Forget Your Music and Screen Set-up

Listening to music can make working out enjoyable. Adding Bluetooth speakers with your favorite music can pump up your mood. If you want to connect to your trainer online or watch youtube tutorials for working out then setting up a screen can be useful.

List of Home Gym Equipment

Super Bench

Multi Gym

Power Rack

Multi Functional Work Station

Squat Stand


Olympic Bars

Resistance Bars

A balanced mix of the above equipment will enable you to target every muscle group while working out and would in turn prove to be a worthy investment towards achieving your fitness goals.



Setting up a home gym could be tedious as well as rewarding at the same time. Nothing matches the joy of a fulfilling workout performed at our own pace and at the comfort of our home.

© 2020 Ritesh Mahindrakar

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