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Things You Need With a Fractured Knee by Someone That Had One

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My leg cast


So You Fractured Your Knee? This Article Will Help You To Be More Comfortable

Okay, first of all let me tell you that I've written this article from first hand experience of fracturing my own knee. As a mother of 4 living in a country where my immediate family are not around to help me out. I will say, it was a very frustrating experience for me to say the least. I had no fractured knee God or Goddess to come and wave their magic wand and save me. There was no one out there to come and tell me what I will need. No one to offer a lot of advice or help during my recovery period either. No home nurses, limited help and definitely no cooked meals other than take outs. Even those you have to rely on someone to take for you, as you will not be able to get to the door to collect them!

I spent the past 8 weeks in fractured knee hell. The time that I fractured my knee was also in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Home schooling was at large. Need I mention again the part in this article where I told you, I have 4 kids and reside in a country that's not where my immediate family live? This is not an exaggeration guys. It's the real deal on what you are going to need to help you survive this extremely frustrating period of time in your life.

Leg Crutches Will Save Your Life

So, you will be advised more than likely to not bear any weight on your fractured knee. Even if you're able to bear a little, you will not be wanting to put your foot on the floor. It will be ever so difficult to walk around without crutches. Make sure that you invest in these. The ones that I got were no where near as good as these. I saw a lot of people with them at the appointments I went to at the hospital. I just had a standard pair of old school crutches.

Actually, normal crutches rub the hell out of your ribs and your armpit area. If you are a lady, you will be wearing a bra too. The area where your bra is elasticated will be pressured to fit into your body with the crutches. Sadly, this will result in friction burns and your skin will come off. Not only will your skin come off, you will bleed too. For heavens sakes guys, invest in these as they are a hell of a lot easier and you need to crutch around.

Also, of course they are sold in pairs, but one of the things that I did learn along the way was that towards the end of the injury when I was able to bear a little weight. The time my leg cast was removed I could use one of the crutches to double up as a walking stick. It helped to support my weight as I adjusted back to no cast.

The crutches here are also foldable. There is nothing more annoying than a pair of crutches poking out that cannot be folded. Also, in cars when travelling crutches are very frustrating if they do not fold away.

A Cast Shoe To Protect You And Your Cast

Yes, they actually have cast shoes. Not very fashionable and it does not mean that you have to walk in your cast to have a cast shoe. What it does mean for all you germaphobes out there that you can effectively save your cast from being put on the floor when you are out. If you were to be so unfortunate to have to go to the toilet when you are in a mall or not in the vicinity of your home bathroom, then you will save your cast and you from germs. Yes, imagine all those minuscule micro germs floating around just waiting to give you coronavirus on top of your fracture!

It's safe to say that wherever you go, your cast goes. It's not like you can get into bed, remove it and replace it with a clean one the next morning. Your cast may get dirty on the floor, and well it has to jump into bed with you. A cast is a very germy thing when you think about it properly. Grab a cast shoe and you can remove that and prevent yourself from dragging around outside germs, inside your home.

Cute Cast Cover Socks

A cast is very large and bulky. Even if you have big socks, you will struggle to be able to slip on a sock over them. relying on others for help and asking them to do things for you all the time can frustrate both you , and them. I recall at the end of my injury people were starting to ignore me. They felt like I'd called them so many times for things I needed and wanted around the home. I was shouting out for collecting the shopping as the delivery man knocked the door. The gate to make sure that it was locked and the door as shut. It was my mostly my kids seeing to deliveries and I was scared that they would forget to close the door .

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A cast sock will keep your toes warm and snug. You do not need cold toes, believe me it will spoil what little sleep you do manage to get if you are resting. Let's face it ,you probably have realized by now that having a fractured knee is going to condemn you to some of the worst nights sleeps that you have ever had. Even with muscle relaxants to help, you will still have a severe sleep deficit. Most of your time will be hanging out on your back with your foot on a cushion. This is so difficult to sleep, and with a pair of toes that poke out it is worse.

I like that cast covers allow you to be able to go out in public and cover your cast. They protect it from getting any more dirty than need be. I also like that they help you to change your fashion goals. After all, it gets so boring wearing the same colored cast for so long.

WaterProof Cover For Showers

Oh yes, I cannot emphasize how much this baby will save your time and efforts. I was so frustrated with my leg cast. I usually take 3 showers a day. At the time I injured myself there were no deliveries to my country and I literally had to rely on bin bags, cling film and a lot of messing around. Many times the bin bag failed me. I was left with water getting inside my leg cast a lot. I also, developed a very sad method of having to use my hair dryer to dry my leg cast. This was not comfortable to say the least, also the stench was terrible.

When water gets inside your leg cast you're effectively making yourself smell like a walking cheese bomb. Think the smell of very extremely matured cheddar. This is the smell of a leg cast when it is wet and has been dried. Not only this, but it makes you very uncomfortable. As an adult should it reach the stage where you are able to get your leg cast replaced as you got it wet. It looks very immature and it's very annoying to say the least. You really do not want to be hanging around in hospitals during the middle of a worldwide pandemic for a leg cast change.

You Will Need A Wheelchair

Guys, if there's one thing that I could not have gotten my hands on any sooner. It would be a wheelchair. This thing will be such a lifesaver. It doesn't matter how much space you have inside your home. You will be able to sit in this and raise your leg. Also, whilst gaining back a little bit of independence. I developed a system where I would request for water bottles and snacks to be left downstairs on the table for me, so I would be able to zoom to them in my wheelchair.

I also had a small coffee table carried into the kitchen in order to enable me to sit in the wheelchair and cook. Wheelchairs can help to take the weight off your leg cast. It really may look simple when you see people wearing a cast. It really is not. I can recall thinking that the half full leg cast that I had was heavy. I actually thought that it was not made from fiber glass material. Little did I know that the second leg cast, my full leg cast would be so much heavier than the first. I'm also a large framed lady. I'm big boned, tall and also prior to my injury was building muscle. I weighed 74kg round about at the time of my injury.

Let's just say with the full leg cast on I'm sure if I had weighed myself it was more like 90 kg to pull myself around on crutches. The chair saved my life. It was so heavy to have something like that weighted around my leg. I felt like it was damaging my hip . My back was literally killing me all the time. I suffer from sciatica too so it was not a joke.

The wheelchair also prevented me from having to endure the added risk of contracting coronavirus when I was out and about in the malls and hospitals. Yes, they do provide wheelchairs in most malls and hospitals nowadays. The problem is though, that the wheelchairs have had other people in them. Let's just say those people will have sat down, touched the arm coverings , used the wheel things to spin around the wheels. If they had someone pushing them, then the handles from that are also coronavirus hangouts! A wheelchair could potentially save you from having to suffer any more than you already are doing. Perhaps I over think things, but trust me you cannot blame me for doing so. I really do not want to have had a fractured knee accompanied by good old covid19.

Alcohol Wipes

Now this will sound a little weird. It actually is not. Alcohol wipes will help you to be able to clean your injured foot, where it pokes out of the cast. You will also be able to use them to also wipe the cast down. Believe me you will be so sweaty in the cast. Then, throw on top of it the crutching around, the heat just from having you leg cooped up inside one. The times you go to the toilet the shower etc. you will sweat a lot. Alcohol wipes are like 2 in one solutions. They keep your leg cast clean, and they also keep your toes from stinking everyone out.

You may look good, you may have showered, but when you have fractured knee the one thing you cannot shower is the leg that has the leg cast on! Please, do not leave this stench to get too bad. Do yourself a favor, and invest in a bulk of alcohol wipes in order to ensure that your leg cast is smell free, clean, and well that your feet are not any stinker than they should be with a casted leg.


So there you have it guys. Items that you really should consider investing in when you have fractured your knee. I wish you the best of luck. Do remember however that it can only get better and you will get through it. Good luck!

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