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Things That Make Us Happy

Things That make our mind cheerful


How we Can become A Happy Person

What do you need to be happy? Perhaps every person asks this question. According to a survey conducted by the hotel chain Two Trees, which was attended by more than 2,000 adults, the little things of ordinary life make us really happy.

You might be surprised to learn that most people are optimistic: more than half of adults say that their approach to life is like "half a glass", and that half of this 56% consider themselves very happy. And, more than a quarter of respondents said that pleasant little things always make them happy. Studies have found that a little surprise gives us more happiness, and 82% of respondents said that the best things in life are unexpected.


Of course, the fact that chocolate improves mood is not new to some people, mostly with a sweet tooth. However, all of us should pay special attention to this recommendation. While the physical health benefits of chocolate are mostly mixed and many studies have conflicting findings, there is indirect evidence that this sweet treat in small amounts can boost your mood - in part because of its unique aroma, and in part because It lowers blood pressure slightly.


This is an obvious tip that cannot be underestimated: listening to the music we enjoy stimulates the production of massive amounts of dopamine. It is a hormone that is produced in our brain as a reward. Do you tremble over the first notes of your favorite song? This phenomenon is technically known as "music trembling" and is a sure sign of an increase in dopamine.

Be kind to others

If you are not plotting against your enemies or friends, or trying to get revenge on someone, it is worth remembering about altruism to boost your mood. Humans are social animals, and making sure that other members of our community get the help they need to feel better.

Respect your work

If you are not yet working in your dream job, now is the moment to think about it. If we do this then we are very happy and it gives us money. Uncomplicated tasks will sooner or later avenge psychiatric illnesses or lack of success. The same goes for requests from others.

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Accept the inevitable and believe

In life Instead of worrying and worrying about everything all the time, accept that life is different and brings more than just gingerbread. Our job is to learn a lesson from this situation and accept ourselves. Rather than a trick, you will attract this trick, but by opening up to life, we can get unexpectedly enjoyable things.

Stop feeling guilty

Take the word "must" from your life. You do everything you want to do, not you are forced. If you feel guilty about something, forgive yourself. After all, you have already drawn your conclusions and moved on.

Increase sleep

Given the sheer number of things you have to do, it is a shame that we need about 7-8 hours of sleep per night. However, if you do not get enough sleep, your mental capacity drops. Lack of sleep leads to a breakdown in physical health, especially the immune system. In addition, there are many studies that prove that sleep is necessary to maintain our mental health. So don't forget to get enough sleep, dear readers, this is a natural way to increase your happiness level.

Watch nature documentary

The BBC recently debuted its incredibly good natural-world documentary, Planet Earth II, and its producers wanted to find out how happy people are when watching such films. For example, by teaming up with the University of California, Berkeley, they found that people all over the world experience lasting happiness from seeing a bear scratching its back in front of a baby iguana running away from a tree or snakes. Interestingly, people between the ages of 16 and 24 experience a huge increase in pleasure, pleasure and curiosity, along with feelings of stress, nervousness, drowsiness, and fatigue.

video Game

From retro to sophisticated modern masterpieces, video games are still regarded by a large number of tabloids and news networks as a crisis of humanity. In fact, there is immense evidence that video games do not make you any less sympathetic and at the same time improve memory, thinking and math skills. They reduce stress, boost mood, and even when the world is at the end of the game, your mood remains surprisingly positive.

Watching animals videos on the internet

The tsunami of happiness we get from watching videos of cute animals is vivid and can be analyzed clearly. When we see the emotions we experience, say, a baby panda is usually so great that many have a paradoxical desire to immediately embrace this beloved animal, and then anger, because it is impossible to actually do so is. This phenomenon is known as "lovable aggression". The mind is capable of stopping the avalanche filled with joy that we are overwhelmed by. This is a mechanism for regulating very strong feelings of happiness, and indicates that GIFs with cats are actually the fastest possible way to be happy.

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