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These Foods Keep The Body Warm In Winter

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It is cold all over the country. People are constantly fighting with the cold wind of winter. In this condition, you have to try everything to keep the body warm by yourself.

Wearing multiple warm clothes this winter, drinking hot coffee-tea, sitting in front of a fire or room heater, no matter how hard we try. However, among all these initiatives, we need to take a simple initiative.

And that is to eat food that helps to keep the body warm. Foods that contain fats, proteins, and carbohydrates take time to digest, creating body heat. Try to stay healthy by eating some of these foods regularly in winter.

Ground Vegetables:

1. Vegetables that grow under the ground, that is vegetables that have roots, require a lot of energy to digest. This causes a lot of heat in the body. That's why eat potatoes, carrots, radishes, turnips, beets to survive the winter. Onion is also very useful in this case.

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Almonds And Dates:

2. Different types of nuts, such as Chinese nuts, cashew nuts and pesto nuts and even dates are very useful food in winter. This is because these nuts and dates speed up the metabolic process and raise body temperature.


3. Apples, oranges and coconuts are very useful fruits in winter. This is because these fruits contain a lot of fibre, which takes time to digest, which increases body heat.

Eggs and chicken:

4. Eggs and chicken contain a lot of protein, calcium and iron which takes time to be digested and in the same way, the body gets heated.

Herbs And Spices:

5. Some known herbs and spices, such as garlic, ginger and chilli, generate heat in the body. So now try to keep any of the above foods on your food list every day to survive the onset of winter.


6. Honey is a unique ingredient to fight against cold, cough, flu etc. Although it is a sweet food, honey does not have the problem of extra calories. Also helps to keep the body warm.


7. In winter, the tendency to mix ghee with rice or bread on rice is quite popular. Ghee warms the body and protects the body from winter ailments. So spreading ghee on food or cooking food with ghee in winter will help to warm the body.

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