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Is It Therapy? or Just Word Games?

I recently went back to therapy, at 58 years of age, and concluded that it's nothing more than word games


Therapy Can be Great for Some..... if You're Willing to Put the work in to it

And not all of us want to work. Some of us just want to magically be fixed......but in the real world....

I have been in and out of therapy for most of my adult life. I recently decided to go back in to therapy.....and then I stopped. (again)

But this time I stopped for different reasons than the past. In the past I stopped because I never knew what I wanted to get out of it. I just knew things were not right and I just wanted to be fixed. That's the best way I can articulate it. I just could never specify what wasn't I stopped because I wasn't getting anything out of it... Of course I wasn't, I never knew what I wanted to get when I started.

This time I thought I wanted to know why I'd lived my life the way I have.....but I realized that I can psychoanalyze myself on that front

That's really not difficult

I Stopped Because I Could see Through the Word Games the Therapist Was Playing With me

I told her about someone who didn't know me well asking me if I was going to have something I wrote published. Like I was a professional writer. I said to her that I thought that was laughable; me being a professional anything. Because it's always felt so unreachable.

She then said; "Well you're a professional at yourself..." So, I said ; "we're all professionals at ourselves.....and what is that statement supposed to do for me anyway?......."

That was when I realized she wasn't for me

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And Maybe No Therapist can Help me....

Like I said; I already know the answers to the why's. I just need to figure out how to move forward.

I don't need a therapist for that. I'm the only one who can figure that out.

That's not only hard, it's scary ......because I'm scared of it all being up to me

It feels like too much responsibility for me

I know; that's really weird

I can barely be responsible for myself....and to think, my friend wanted me to foster a dog....oh that poor dog, if I had...

Maybe I'll just stagnate in this current place for a time.....then move on

I am just stunned that I ever thought I could get anything out of it (Therapy)

What I've FINALLY realized is that I am on my own

Maybe that's not such a bad thing....

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