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Therapies For Depression

Maruf speaks from his own experience. He loves to know about anything and express it through writing.


When you are in trouble or thinking about something, that thought destroys the normal functioning of the body. Disrupts the balance of hormones in the body. We ourselves make our life's needs so high in all areas that if we receive less than that, it becomes our mental exhaustion, and if it continues day after day, it turns into depression.

What is depression:

Anyone can fall into depression. However, not everyone has the same cause of depression. Just as people's lives are different, so is depression. Even if a person is sitting on the top of a building, depression can peek into his life. Again, one can spend the day in peace even after eating salty rice. So money has nothing to do with depression.

What causes depression to enter life?

Feeling humiliated

If a person is constantly insulted by another person, then he will suffer from depression when he gets an extreme trauma in his mind. It can be seen that people who are a little shy, whose self-esteem depends on others, always think less of themselves than everyone else, who suffer from low self-esteem are more prone to depression.


If a person likes a lot of people, likes noise, but for some reason he is forced to live alone later or if he is hurt by someone else's words, he feels helpless and the pain of loneliness becomes unbearable. And later that turned into depression. Or those who live alone day after day do not mix with anyone special and often suffer from depression as a helpless person in the world.

Hereditary causes

There are many people in some families who suffer from depression due to the burden of their lineage. They tend to get excited about everything. Even a simple word creates complex shapes without thinking in a simple way, resulting in constant pressure on the nerves. After a while, the depression settles in my mind. There are many families whose family suffers from depression.

If there is any big change in the present life

Human life does not always follow the same rules. There are many times in the course of time that the whole life turns around. At this point those who know how to handle themselves move forward much stronger but those who cannot handle this push go into depression. Suppose a person works in a big office and loses his job for some reason. During this time his previous life journey will change, the luxuries of his family will stop, his way of life will change, so if he can't hold himself tight at this time then it is only a matter of time before depression comes to his mind. So if there is a sudden big change in life, it is wise to accept it and move forward.

Symptoms of depression:

Depression, anger, sadness, feeling bad all the time, doubts, hesitation, boredom, severe loss or increase of hunger and sleep, unwillingness to talk to anyone, annoyance at words or light, sudden increase in body weight without planning Going or falling, headaches, feeling empty, lack of pleasure in anything or lack of concentration, feeling pain all over the body, hands, feet and abdomen, fatigue, tendency to distance oneself from everything.

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If you have any of these five or more symptoms for two weeks or more, you may need to seek expert advice. Because keeping all these problems for a long time means making the disease more complicated. That means minor depression can turn into major depression. Of course, depression should not be called a complex disease in any sense. Rather, it can be called a problem. It can be caused by physical and mental problems caused by depression.

Major depression

When the symptoms of depression are very prolonged or appear after a few days, it is called major depression. Major depression leads to suicidal tendencies.

Minor depression

Minor depression occurs at some point in life due to a tragic event or environment. The proximity of people close to this time is very much needed.

Atypical depression

It is a form of major depression. However, there may be a need for medication and psychological counseling. People should be talked to at this time. If you need to go to a pleasant environment, then depression will go away from your mind.


Depression is caused by a lack of vitamin D in the blood of depressed people. However, more research is needed on the relationship between vitamin D deficiency and depression.

Ways to get rid of depression:

The first step in getting rid of depression is treatment. And with more people in need. It will be very easy to get rid of depression if a loved one who understands, knows, and takes care of the mind gives him a little company. Also medicine, do not allow body weight gain, nutritious food, regular exercise should be done.

Getting rid of depression is not a problem, it is a problem of depression. When people are not happy with themselves, they leave the burden of their happiness in the hands of others, their well-being depends on others, then people suffer from depression. Because you can't control yourself. You get hurt when someone loves you less, you get sad when someone says you look bad, you feel guilty when someone goes ahead of you at work, it means you have nothing in your hands, you depend on life according to the wishes of others, then you suffer from depression more than once. Will. So if you want to get rid of depression, control your mind.


Abdullah Al Maruf (author) from Bangladesh on November 04, 2020:

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Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on October 28, 2020:

Interesting take on this subject. I am pretty sure that some types are literally incurable. It is just a matter of medications and learning to live with it.

Sidratul muntaha on October 28, 2020:

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