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Tips to Be Happy


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Happiness is a concept that is not limited to success, fame, or fortune. It is about

how you feel toward yourself and your daily affairs. About what does make you


Tips to enhance your happiness

1). Getting involved in voluntary work and helping others makes you a happy,

productive human being within your community. Moreover, you gain

strengthened and deepened relationships.

2). Remember to list new objectives, adventures, and challenges to add a

different and happy taste to your life. Do not forget to persist, to reach them


3). Try to work out regularly. Physical exercise is very crucial in building a

healthy mental and psychological life, which will boost your happiness as well.


4). Avoid emptiness because it steals your existence and kills your time. Always be

active and curious to learn about new things.

5). Be accepting others' criticism with open arms. Be self-confident and satisfied

with what you have.

6). Take life at ease and always be as quiet and wise as you can while dealing with


7). Finally, Love yourself, give love, and spread it. It is real happiness .

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