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The Secret to Longevity: Does Compassion Really Lower Blood Pressure?


If you are a merciful person then what is its advantage to you? Except you're happy to be kind to others? That may be true, but scientists and experts at a research center say that compassion can be much more beneficial to you and can increase your lifespan.

"It's not a joke," said Daniel Fessler, director of the Awareness Kindness Institute at the University of California, Berkeley. We are not sitting in a circle holding each other's hands and playing compassion, we are talking about psychology, biology, and positive social interactions.

The debate over compassion or sincerity in the United States has made headlines recently.

Last month, when former President Barack Obama paid tribute to Elijah Cummings, a senior Democratic leader, and civil rights activist, at his funeral, the former president spoke loudly of compassion and peace.

The former president said that "a strong personality (characteristics) also exists in that person which is being compassionate. Compassion and empathy are not weaknesses. There is nothing wrong with taking care of others. If you have honesty in you and you treat people with respect, it does not mean that you are inferior to others and indebted to them.

After Barack Obama, Alan DeGenerer made a similar point when he surprised some people by telling them how close he is to former President George W. Bush. "When I say we should be kind to each other, I don't mean you have to make peace with people who believe in kindness," said Alan DeGenerer. I say treat you all kindly. "

Mercy Day is being celebrated globally this week, so the question of what mercy is and what its significance is is not without reason.

Some experts have tried to answer these questions. According to these experts, this is a very serious matter, but life is a question of death.

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In his research, Daniel Fessler explores how we can awaken this passion in ourselves by seeing other people act with compassion. The purpose of his research was to find out who are the people who are seen as 'merciful skin' by others.

"It would not be fair to say that we are living in that era, which is empity from compassion," he said. Within the United States and around the rest of the world, we see growing tensions between people at the individual level because of different political ideologies or different religions.

Despite this, there is compassion in the world. Compassion means that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs should be reflected in the work you do for others, the work you do for the benefit of others. This kind of work is in itself an example of compassion. ‘

Cruelty, on the other hand, means beliefs that are unbearable to others, and that your work does not value the good of others.

This cruelty can be understood by people who have experienced trolling on social media, that is, when people follow you with a stick on social media.

According to Daniel Fessler, "the tradition of following others with a stick is nothing new, because when people can keep their names secret, they are more likely to be aggressive and to be sensitive to other people's feelings." And don't worry about their well-being. '

The founders of the Bedari Kindness Institute were fortunate to receive 20 million in funding from the Bedari Foundation. Jennifer Harris and Matthew Harris are the spirits of the Awareness Foundation.

The institute is housed in the University of California's Department of Science building and aims to help ordinary people and leaders who can instill compassion in others.

Mr. Harris says there was a need to investigate why compassion is so rare in the modern world and how we can bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

The research projects being worked on at the institute include the following topics:

  • Anthropologists are studying how compassion spreads among people.
  • Sociologists are researching how to attract people whose behavior is ruthless.
  • And psychologists are studying Examining how compassion can improve your mood and reduce stress.

The institute also trains students and people in need in the Los Angeles area on how to become 'mindful'.

Mr. Fessler says it is a well-known fact that "bad stress, a situation where you can't cope with your situation despite your best efforts, is not good for your health." On the contrary, good stress is stress when you have difficulty, but you find satisfaction in overcoming it, like climbing a mountain.

"It's worst for you to be around people who do not take care of you, and worse than that when they openly attack you. Truth be told, living among these people really shortens your life.

Conversely, if you find peace with people and you treat them with kindness, you come out of a hateful environment.

Even if you go to a restaurant and a girl or boy making coffee tea asks you with a smile how you are, it can have a positive effect on your health.

"Thinking about compassion, thinking about how you can be compassionate with others, also lowers your blood pressure. It also has health effects and gives you peace of mind.

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In addition to experts affiliated with the institute, Dr. Kelly Harding of Columbia University has also studied compassion, which he has published in book form under the title The Rabbit Effect.

Dr. Harding says that the spirit of compassion has "good effects on your body's immune system as well as on your blood pressure." It helps people live longer and better lives. This is a big surprise because there is plenty of compassion available and you can eat as much as you want (unlike any medicine) and it does not cause you to overdose. It's free. "


Explaining the title of his book, he said, "I read the story of the rabbit sometime in the '70s. In this story, a group of rabbits is living longer than other rabbits. Research shows that these rabbits were living a better life because their owner, the person who was researching the group, was more kind.

As a doctor, I was shocked to see these results. I think there is an immediate message in this story for us too. '

"Due to the compassion things can be changed and the people may find their way in the complex world"

But we have many ways to be kind to ourselves. For example, if you care about the feelings of others in your office, school, or home, empathizing with them, it will lead to better results. Technology may be improving in the world of medicine, but you can never replace human compassion with machines. The connection between your mental and physical health is very important.

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