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The Science Behind the Law of Attraction

I'm someone who preaches the law of attraction and has been practicing it for the past 3 years consciously.


This article consists of a concept that can be classified into either pseudoscience or "Metaphysics" and it is advised to take each statement made in this article with a grain of salt, Taking the concept seriously is completely up to the reader's belief system.

Now once we have got that out of the way, I would like to say that, I am not telling you to take the statements quite seriously, if you have felt it somehow or if you can resonate with the kind of things that I am going to say, you can try to believe it, or not, it's up to you.

Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only


The Law of attraction is a concept that has come to light in the past few years. With the introduction of the book called "The Secret" and its successors, and some other movies revolving around the same concept, this law has taken a place or has a cult following itself in its way. The book claims that this law has been in existence since the dawn of time and is prevalent in just the same way as the law of gravity or Newton's law of motion is present in the universe.

At this stage there are two schools of thought, there is a side that says, that this concept is a complete waste of time and is completely based on pseudoscience which shouldn't be promoted, at the same time there is the other side that states, That this law, is not vague at all and can be defined by scientific explanation.
To a certain extent, the law of attraction can be explained in terms of science.

What Does the Law State?

Energy and Vibes.

Energy and Vibes.

According to the book, the law states that like attracts like. This means that if you are in a certain mood or have thoughts that can be positive or negative in feelings, you’re likely to attract the exact kind of situation in your experience as well. It claims that it is possible to attract the same kind of situations and scenarios in your life that you can visualize inside your mind and attach feelings to it whether it be negative or positive.

The kind of thoughts and emotions that you give out or emit consistently
is what you end up attracting regularly. It is also in a specific way related to "karma", which also has its philosophy in somewhat of the same way.

Personal Experiences:

Personal Experience

Personal Experience

There are a lot of instances where this law has worked for me (personally. About which I'll be sharing soon). It is not necessary that it works only for one person and doesn't work for the other, it is a law, it works for everyone. Our thoughts and emotions are creating the reality we live in every day, whether we do it consciously or unconsciously. Even an individual can relate to it just by connecting the dots about his/her life. There might be incidences in your life where you might have thought about something and that thing might have come to you in one form or the other, usually, we tend to forget about it but if we are conscious enough, we can identify those instances ( this is called awakening, and we will discuss that in the later articles)

The Scientific Explanation Behind It.

Before going on to the logical reasoning behind this philosophy, it will be better to state that there is no solid evidence and scientific backing to this theory and, it is only the way of explaining this concept on how this law might work. This theory/hypothesis is only to understand this law better and believe in it.

Putting all these disclaimers aside, have you ever wondered what is present inside an atom? for those of you wondering, please don't google search, it's protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Protons are positively charged particles, electrons are negatively charged particles and neutrons are neutral. They vibrate at a certain frequency to form these charges. These atoms are present everywhere, from your furniture to the roads to the cars, and each and everything present in this universe, even humans, the human cells are also composed of certain atoms which keep our cells in shape and structures intact. In simple words, it can be said that atoms are the building blocks of life. This also means that everything is vibrating at a certain frequency. from the table to the chair to even human beings.



To continue this topic further, light is both the particle and a waveform at the atomic level, that is why you can see the red light from a far-off distance, and sometimes you can also see light getting blocked by a certain object and sometimes it also passes through a slit. Voice is also a vibration at a certain frequency that helps us form words and expressions.

Vibrations and frequencies are embedded into our very core of the universe. It is said that Tesla once said that, to understand the universe, one must understand frequencies and vibrations.

This is where the understanding of the law of attraction also resides. When you think and feel about something and think that, that thing is already present in your life, you tend to vibrate in a certain frequency that programs your subconscious in a certain way that you somehow end up either doing those things and actions which bring you closer to your intended goals. And since it is a vibration at a certain frequency, it is said that it can also help you manifest things like cars, money, and even people.

The truth about how it happens is still a mystery but this is the best way to make some sense out of what this law states. There have been times and records where people have claimed to attract people, which makes sense if we talk in terms of frequencies and vibrations but manifesting things like cars and furniture are something that might need some more explaining to be done. manifesting certain situations like a vacation and some scenarios also makes sense as there is subconscious programming that is taking place in our minds and the vibrations also play a huge factor in it.

Some Unanswered Questions:



With this, we come to some of the unanswered questions which are legit and up to some point make the law of attraction get a bad name for itself. Things like, "if everything is a vibration and frequency, so how do people claim to manifest materialistic things?", what is the proof that we as humans are emitting frequencies?. It is questions like these that make the law of attraction a concept of metaphysics or a straight out "woo woo", but for the individuals who have experienced it (including me), it is a different story.


At the end of the day, it boils down to beliefs. These concepts can be used to justify the legitimacy of the subject, but it is only when you believe and experience it, it gets ingrained into you that it works for you. As usual, these subjects are open to scrutiny, and as well as there can be other ways to explain them in a much better way. Whatever it is, it has worked out for a lot of people and is in constant motion, the only difference, do you create your life consciously or unconsciously. Do you want to take the control of your life and make it how you want it to be or do you want to let it be on autopilot and let destiny do its job?

At the end of the day, it is highly recommended to try before you reject or discard something, so why not try it once, if it doesn't harm you. So till then ask (visualize), believe, be grateful for what you have and receive.

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