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The questions I ask myself regularly to improve my life.


I have done one hundred and six eBooks, six books and thirty-eight online courses; accounts, business, self-care, and affiliate marketing

  1. 1. Have I taken responsibility for my life?

I do this regularly, take responsibility for my life; I am a person who never likes to depend on others. I am running a business. I like to have the help you can win in your company without aid. But you do not want to get help from someone who will try to take that over from you. So, my policy is to keep away from people like them. What will you do if your business partner tries to take over the business after using your weakness? We all have disadvantages, but some of us try to manipulate others' weaknesses and use that to our advantage. So now it is your responsibility to save you and your business from your business partner.

  1. 2. Am I doing what I love?

I love my internetwork. I will do it for many hours a day if I get the chance; I am writing this almost at the end of the day after working for 12 hours in one go because I did not have anyone to distract me. I have to tell you I had a happy day; there are some days like this for me. It makes me feel satisfied. It is a habit that can give you self-belief because you do things from your choice. Besides, when I make money from the work that I do makes me feel that I am doing the right thing as I need money to live.

  1. 3. Are my habits are good enough to give me a better life?

We must develop good habits; if not, we will face unhappiness in life. The good practices are eating good food, regular exercise, giving up negativity, and remembering the three essential things for your life: health, money, and relationships. So, you need to look after all three of them. If you lose health, you lose everything and as far as the money is concerned need to control your spending habit because that is the biggest bad habit most of us have in us. Further, if you do not want to live alone, you need to look after your relationships.

  1. 1. What is my life purpose?

I do not think that I helped others in the past, but now I have done so much work; most of it, I let it out free without charging anything for anyone. That means I share my knowledge with people worldwide, but I have not made much money that makes me sad, but one satisfaction people who read my articles must be learning many new things. Therefore, ensure that your life has a purpose and that involves helping others around you.

  1. 2. Do I work hard enough to achieve what I want in my life?

I am a very hardworking person, never waste a minute in a day apart from the sleeping time I write things like this, books, eBooks, and online courses from which I do not make much money, but it gives me a satisfaction that I am not wasting my time. You might think that you work hard, but you do not get the reward; remember, hard work will pay you one day.

  1. 3. Am I a positive thinker?

I have to say that I do not like that my negativity comes into my mind a lot, but I realize that and try my level best to forget about it still; it is not easy to get rid of that. But if you do not learn that negative thoughts can destroy you; therefore, you must get rid of them as soon as possible. Try things like this, surround yourself with like-minded people who can inspire in many things, and then practice meditation; if you believe in God, prayers are the best thing to keep you happy. That is what I do when I get negative thoughts.

  1. 4. How can I develop my Self-confidence?

Developing self-confidence is also crucial to achieving whatever you like in your life; if not, you cannot achieve what you want in life. Self-confidence pushes you to go forward and take over things that you can do helps to bring your potential out. Lack of self-confidence gives you a life of fear; then, you will never be able to come out of your comfort zone. The best way to develop self-confidence is to try to do things that you find challenging to do. Say, for example, you might have a fear of attending meetings with professionals, so make sure you make an effort to do that. And do not stop there; making it a habit of continuing with the things they do not like to do helps develop self-c confidence.

  1. 1. Will I Set goals to achieve my desire?

I am sure all of us become aware of our desire at some point; once you know your desire, make a plan as to how you will start to work on that, then another essential task you have got when carrying out that functions in your desire are to set your goals. Suppose you are new to start doing something on your own, set small goals that are crucial points to improve your confidence and enhance your desire to achieve that. If you set small goals, you will find it easy to accomplish that, and once that happens, move onto a little bigger plan and then keep moving to more significant achievements; you will realize that your confidence also grows. Some years ago, I could not write a letter even correctly; now, I am at the stage of writing 500 words in a half-hour, and I ensure that I write daily to keep up my good work as a writer.

  1. 2. Do I believe in myself?

Having self-belief is crucial; say you are starting a new project, and if you do not believe in yourself, you can do an excellent job to do a successful project and face a disaster. Whether you are naturally clever and creative in doing something or not, you have to start to believe in yourself first. If you do not believe in yourself, how do you expect others to believe in you? Therefore, self-belief in you is one of the most vital points to see success in your life.

  1. 3. Am I learning new things daily to see the change in myself?

I worked in the finance industry for a long time, and I lost my job in 2014 due to redundancy after I could not find a job due to some personal reasons. But at the night, I used to watch YouTube videos looking for some exciting things. So, I came across affiliating marketing from a YouTube course for a month my interest grew more and more. Then that made me change my carrier. From that onwards, I jumped into internet marketing and learned almost daily the new things that helped me to be here where I am today. So, develop a daily learning habit by reading books, watching videos that will change you for the better.

I ask the above questions and ensure that I answer correctly in carrying out my actions; it is not a question of writing to make me happy I follow this and do not miss any of the above to keep myself happy and feel fulfilled. Anyway, I am writing what I think to write for my life, and I hope people who read this will agree with me as well as these are very important for anyone to have a better life.


Final words

Self-improvement for all of us is essential as you become more confident that gives you the strength to handle things without fear. So, we have to find ways that suit each individual to improve ourselves to become happier, healthier and see success in our lives that leads us to have a better life. I use ten ways to improve my life daily that I have mentioned in this article hope that might help you too.

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