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The Psychological Benefits Of Exercise

I think that, Our daily life is becoming very tressful, then we have only one option remains that's "Do Exercise and relieve Tress".


In today's stressful life, mental problems are on the rise along with physical ailments. It is seen consistently in almost all ages. This can lead to fatigue, irritability, loss of appetite or overeating, insomnia or lack of sleep, unwillingness to work or study, depression and also trying suicid thought come in to mind. All of this seems to have invaded our minds. Therefore, regular exercise for everyone is the best solution for all these problems.

Regular exercise strengthens the external muscles and makes the internal organs more efficient. Improves digestion and blood circulation. It increases appetite, improves sleep and improves metabolism, increases the body's ability to absorb oxygen, and strengthens cells. Unnecessary impurities are eliminated from the body, excess fat is eliminated, obesity is reduced, the body becomes lighter and more balanced, feels energized, immunity is boosted and most importantly confidence is increased. If you do can some of the following exercises regularly, It can be a good effect on your physical and mental health.


▪︎Walking : Walking briskly for at least 45 minutes every day not only helps the body but also helps to reduce stress and maintain emotional balance. for everyday walking exercise, Walking wearing with headphones to the ears or walking barefoot on the green-grass or walking on the sand in the sea it can be more beneficial option for that.


▪︎Arthritis : As many joints as there are in your body from the neck to the toes, these exercises can be used to move the joints and keep them functional. This type of exercise helps to build confidence and a sense of security in the elderly.

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▪︎Sun salutation : Regular sun salutation at sunrise every morning gives relief from all diseases, premature death does not occur. Regular practice of it gives peace of mind, satisfaction and increases restraint. Sun salutation is a very good form of exercise to balance the body and mind as it stimulates various glands in the body.


▪︎Pranayama : Even if you get a little angry or scared, it affects your respiratory system first. The chest begins to throb, the limb tremble. This requires increased control over one's breathing. We can do this through pranayama.

A) Long breathing
b) Omkar pranayama
c) Anulom - Vilom
d) Kapalbhati
e) Bhramari pranayama

These simple types of pranayama increase the concentration of the mind better, relieve stress, increase balanced decision making, reduce anxiety.


▪︎Yogasana : Yogasana are the key to increase body flexibility, muscle control, efficiency of internal organs, concentration of mind, self-control, self-image, self-esteem, discipline, consistency, balance. This is due to the positive changes in the hormones in the brain due to regular practice of Yogasana. It automatically increases enthusiasm, energy, consciousness. Regular exercise enhances emotional intelligence, reduces depression, loneliness, suicidal tendencies, and improves overall quality of life. However, it is always better to practice Yogasanas and pranayama in the beginning by going to a yoga class or under the guidance of an expert.

In addition to the many physical benefits, exercise has many psychological benefits. Exercise relieve from depression, from relieve stress, enhances the ability to deal with negative factors, and combines emotions. If you understand the importance of exercise, then we should take time for it yourself. Even if it is not a daily but, in the beginning it should be done once a day, twice a week. Exercise can be of many types. If it is possible to go to a nearby gym, It is ok. Then you can go for walk, it is best to walk briskly in the vicinity for at least 45 minutes. Of course, it is better to take his scientific training first. Everyone's exercise can be different depending on their strengths, needs and age.

Congregation, if it is raining outside and you want to go outside, you cannot stop the rain. At such times we take an umbrella or raincoat, as well as when we feel any negative, challenging situation around us, we should make ourselves stronger with regular exercise, that is in our hands.

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