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The Power to Self-Start

Hello, I am very passionate about self motivation. I am an avid reader of self help books. I also try to analyse things on my own.


The power to self-start

The Power to self-start

Everytime you feel defeated or fail to do any task we all have this ability to choose whether we will sit back and feel defeated or we will stand up and fight again with double intensity. See, nobody or no circumstances have the power to make us feel inferior but we have a choice to feel the way we want.


Tips to self start

  • Empower yourself with positive words :- Positive words or affirmations do wonder whenever you feel low of feel like giving up just try to say to yourself that "I am Very POWERFUL" , "I am Very STRONG" , "Every Situation Is In My Control " . Try to feel the same every time you repeat these affirmations in your mind.
  • Deep breathing :- Whenever you feel stressed out just Breathe deeply inhale and fill your lungs then hold it to the count of 1 to 10 then slowly exhale. Now you may wonder why deep breathing? Well, as you know that when we are stressed out our body shows the symptoms like headache, mood swings, anger and irritation etc. When we breathe our body relaxes and we do not react abruptly.
  • Listen to your favourite songs:- I know how it feels when mind create thousands of thoughts and doesn't stop thinking even though it is tired. The best way to stop the mind is to distract it with your favourite song. Trust me you will feel relaxed and you might have got the solution to your problem while listening to the song by then
  • Clean up the house:- This is another panacea when it comes to distract the mind of overthinking. I do it when my mind is racing against my will. I clean up every corners of my house it gives me great relief. I feel like 80% of my mind is free of thoughts.
  • Take a walk in park:- If you have park nearby then take a walk. It could be at any time of the day whether morning or evening if it is morning then look at the sun (not directly) and clouds, if it is evening then look at the moon and stars. Try to gaze at the moon and stars. These are my personal favourite things to do whenever I am in park. I feel like the rays coming from the sun and the moon are purifying my body and Soul. It gives me inner peace.

Moon gazing


These are my personal methods to self-start. Share your methods with me. We will together make this world a beautiful place and sustainable for our progeny.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2021 Moumita Bhadury

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