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The period of lockdown in Germany has been extended again

Crowds are growing at vaccination centers in Germany to get vaccinated

Crowds are growing at vaccination centers in Germany to get vaccinated

The duration of the ongoing lockdown in Germany has been extended due to rising coronavirus infections and mortality. Germany imposed a strict lockdown from December 16 to January 10 to reduce the infection. But a new decision has been made to extend the lockdown as the last three weeks have not reduced the infection. According to the new decision, the lockdown period will be extended till January 31.

On Tuesday, German Chancellor Angela Merkel held an online meeting with the chief ministers of 18 states. According to the new decision, more stringent rules will be issued on lockdown.

According to the Editorial Network Germany (RND), the current lockdown in Germany is not having much of an impact on infection transmission. Before Christmas, there were 5,844 corona patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Germany. Now the number of patients has increased by another 500. Corona mortality has also increased in the country.

German experts have argued for a tougher lockdown, saying the situation could spiral out of control if the ongoing lockdown is not tightened and prolonged.

Frank Ulrich Montgomery, chairman of the World Medical Association, told the Rhine Post that it was not yet time to say whether the lockdown would be stopped by the end of January.

"Many of us are still infected with the corona," Patrick Larsched, a medical officer in Berlin, told the German Press Agency. The lockdown could continue until the spring. "

Under new lockdown rules in Germany, food supermarkets, book, and drug stores, everything except doctors' chambers has been declared closed. People are advised to stay at home without emergency work. A curfew has been imposed in the affected areas from 12 noon to 8 am.

Regarding the new rules, Germany's Der Spiegel newspaper says that in districts where an average of 200 people per 100,000 are infected, travel outside their own area of ​​15 square kilometers has been banned.

The German chancellor and the chief ministers of the 18 states called on the people to abide by all the rules of lockdown. They also requested not to meet each other without urgent need.

In the 24 hours from Monday to Tuesday, 13,755 coronas have been identified in Germany. 358 people died at that time. With this, the total number of deaths due to corona infection in the country stands at 35,517.